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"lewis moya" Discussed on Past Gas

"Carlos made a habit of winning inaugural rallies, and this was not by chance. His teammates credited signed success to his intense preparation and his insistence on testing and getting the most out of his cars in difficult conditions. Signs got third place again in 1997, finishing behind McEnany and mccray, despite winning again in Indonesia and acropolis. Man, this dude just rocks acropolis every time. He rocks acropolis. He loves Greece. He loves, is that Zeke. If there's one thing we're good at on this podcast, it's boiling down entire cultures into one dish. Side dish. Yeah. I need to travel more. I mean, the only exposure I have to Greek food is like when we order Mediterranean and that's not even like exclusively Greek. Yeah. It's Mediterranean. It's a region out of country. I'm ignorant, and I'm sorry. My sister went to Mykonos. I'd love to go to Mykonos. I'd love to go to Santorini and see all those. Oh, yeah. You know, white houses, I thought that was Mykonos. I think it's a theme with Greece is to, you know, blue and white, like the flag. That's right. It looks awesome. I'd love to see the coliseum. That's in Rome. I know. I'd love to see the acropolis. I'd love to drift a car around it. I'd love to see the Parthenon. Look, if you're a past gas listener from Greece, email us, tell us what kind of cool cars you have and where we should go if we ever travel there. We'd love to hear. Dude, we're going to go to the Parthenon, which is, I guess, near acropolis, or a temple on the Athenian acropolis. Yeah, so. That's the big one on the top of the mountain that you see in every picture. That's so sick. Sorry for that side. Now, the highlight of 1997 for signs might have been winning the race of champions, the only motor sport event featuring drivers from Formula One, WRC, IndyCar and NASCAR going head to head in identical cars. Once you know it, signs beat mccray in the final round. Race of champions is pretty cool. We might have to do something about that. Yeah, we should. Let us know if you want to hear an episode on that. Signs went back to Toyota in 1998, where he drove the corolla world rally car to victory in his first race, back at the Monte Carlo rally. He went on to win the New Zealand rally and was only two points behind the leader Tommy mackinnon headed into the final event, the rally of Great Britain. This time, victory seemed certain for signs when McEnany was retired on the first day, signs only had to finish fourth or better to win his third championship. Signs was in fourth place an imposition to secure the championship when his corolla's engine gave out only 300 meters from the finish line. Oh no. The engine blew a hole in it, the car wouldn't start. Luis moya threw his helmet through the car's rear window in what would unfortunately become an iconic moment of moya and signs his career. The loss was almost surreal in how heartbreaking it was for the pair. Moya recalls quote, I remember a football player from the Barcelona team, a good friend of mine. He said, I can't imagine. I'm trying to hit the last penalty in a football match in the World Cup and I miss it. I said, no, no, no. Imagine that the ball explodes. We didn't miss it. Signs still doesn't talk much about the event, recalling it mostly as a learning experience. I mean, 300 meters couldn't you just run out and push it? Maybe. That'd be my heart would explode. The letdown from 1998 bled into the following year where signs finished just 5th overall with no wins. Toyota won the manufacturer's title, but dropped out of WRC the following year to focus more on Formula One. Signs was forced to find a new home yet again, so he went to one he was familiar with, returning to Ford for the third time in teaming up once again with Colin McRae. These guys just can't get enough of each other. No. Signs one that inaugural Cyprus rally, which was thrown together in just four months to replace the China rally. Signs relentless preparation paid off again as he led the race from start to finish on what would have been a new level playing field for everyone. Sims finished third in points that season driving the Ford focus RS WRC. This is a sick car. 2001 wasn't signs best season. He didn't score a single victory, but remained competitive enough to finish 6 overall, only 11 points behind that year's champion. Subaru's Richard burns, Richard burns, Richard burns rally. Dick burns. Still a dick burns. Science finished third in 2002, one point ahead of McRae before Ford decided to reduce the contracts of their two drivers to focus on improving their cars. Signs and McRae left for citron in 2003, but this time signs co driver Lewis moya left him due to a disagreement over a contract. The two would remain friends because their Spanish said moya. I'm more of an open person. I'm more of an open person. I speak more than Carlos and I think that's why the relationship was so good. For 15 years, we lived in a cubic meter together. Of course we had some moments that were difficult. Of course there were big silences. But we always got back together. And science said, I have very much enjoyed being partners. I probably pissing off so many Spaniards right now. Spain's number one automotive history podcast. Past gas. No, I'm. Nevertheless, signs push forward and drove the last two seasons of his rally career with his new co driver, Mark Marty. Signs one yet another inaugural rally in turkey. This dude just can not be stopped at least for the first race. Solidifying his reputation as the winner of new events. This is also the citron Zara's first win on gravel, sorry if I butchered that name, proving it was a car for all surfaces. It's spelled XS ARA Zara. That makes sense to me. Yeah. Science mccray and Sebastian Loeb drove Citroen to a manufacturer's title in 2003 in Citroen's first full season in the WRC. And that would go on to be kind of a dynasty itself with Loeb, right? Yeah, Sebastian Loeb, freaking monster in this car. In 2004, Carlos won his 26th and final WRC victory at rally Argentina. This was a WRC record at the time. It was a left, but it was one of the best, said signs. I'm sorry to be that guy that relates everything to racing simulators, but Argentina is probably one of the hardest courses in dirt rally. The course itself is like a super narrow dirt road that goes through a bunch of volcanic rock. Yeah. It's like, if they had a rally on Venus or something, it looks like that. It's insane, dude. And it's really cool because the crowd is all perched up on top of the rocks. But man, to win that. So even finish that is a feat in itself. Yeah, I would imagine that volcanic rock when it gets wet is probably really slippery. Yeah. Well, looking at it, I'm sure it's some of its volcanic. Yeah. Yeah, so. Well, that's right on the line of fire. What do they call it? Oh..

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