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"lew suarez" Discussed on ESPN FC

"So that'd be cleaned. It really believe. Luna was going to be draw the possession. There's no way I can see that. This is a big boss is still one of the favorites. Win the Champions League. Don't get through this game. But they long is good. No. There's no start though, this new real. Well, I suppose the one team playing home are Manchester, right? PSU have plans to combat. They made a statement owed traveled. This no one is sticking out like a soul foam going to freeze but had an incredible amount it possession. But sometimes it's difficult. When teams make it how and it was what you messy, and it was those playground dribbles, and it was like three and four players chasing. And sometimes pop off those was, but when they pop off to jolt, the scuffed these cross just fighting felt just didn't happen. Of course, Lew Suarez yet is foam. And it's interesting to coming off the bench did nothing. I didn't have a good game either the amount of money they've invested splice. They've had no when near route since. There's no magic warn for players that are as good as Bacelona from plays for messing Cianci's. You know, if you're going to get twenty five goal became you. Go away from home in bud. You do something. Right. So it's just done to this particular sane nobody stepping up. I just don't see how it continues with talent. They have panic don't panic guy in three absolutely whether when the champions thing. I won't go that far. We. Getting ahead. Just saying you under the bus. I'm not quite sure what's coming up next. I'm just filling. Go on. Time have shown to join us as we on some you'll tweets and Stevie tells the story of throwing a real in the lake. This remind the new season is almost upon us all starts in the first weekend of March DC United against Lancia nights. And and I don't even. AM say again sporting KC buffets gains valuable on ESPN. Meanwhile, tomorrow more champions, the game's not let's technology eventers Shokhin taking on mount just the city opened pray. Maybe they might be goal, and at least one of those matches for Matric again, you've a all the same foresaw. They let you feel that used to be in this competition or even lingers well against Yukon on and a little bit is because that's sort of in between they don't know whether they're an attacking team defendant team. Well, the cultural this global undersea may and they're going to be a defending team. So I actually think that we'll take draw at home so throw against you went to and then they'll they'll take their chances against you went away from home because it's what they feel most comfortable. It's it's in their blood to be that team. It's not it's not in the blurred Korea tried to take on people that doesn't happen. No. By the way. If you're expecting the. To go through to score a goal. Good luck. That's not happening. So I think he's going to score a goal. So price is gonna come from the oh, go ding, header or a Jimenez header or something like that. It won't be because they're going to build out of the back and they're gonna play. Well, it's not who they are going to get dogs of abuse Oviously taking and he's going to sleep tonight over tossing and an all night worrying about he's still short. Yes. Of course. Yes. That's what he does. And he's Korea. What are the things come right into this game weeks ago? It was what was the pregnant for Kilinochchi..

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