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Square Lets Baseball Fans Order Snacks from Their Seats

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04:07 min | 3 years ago

Square Lets Baseball Fans Order Snacks from Their Seats

"This episode of business wars daily is brought to you by central online from Pitney Bowes. They make it easy to save time and money. No matter what you ship or male. You can try it free for thirty days and get a free ten pounds scale. But only by visiting PB dot com slash b w daily. From wondering, I'm David Brown and this business wars daily on this Monday, April eight well, just call it Murphy's law. You're sitting in your seat at the baseball game. The sun is beating down and nothing is happening time for a beer and a snack. Right. So you clamber over your seat mates and make your way to a concession stand. Only to get stuck in a long line. Then you hear it a huge roar from the crowd. Figures your team would get a home run while you're gone. Well, here's a way to shorten your time away from the game square the credit card swiping at has teamed up with the Washington nationals baseball team and the Levy restaurant group to let you order a meal and drink from your seat. You'll downloaded app called caviar from which you can order Chinese food biscuits or Rahman from a few of the nationals concession stands. Notably. No frankfurters baseball teams don't like to compete with their wondering hotdog vendors, you see when your food is ready. You'll get an alert and still have to go pick it up. But at least you'll skip the long line roving hotdog hawkers will also be able to take orders with square terminals allowing you to pay them without cash. The Washington nationals rolled out the new system on their opening day against the New York Mets. The nationals are hardly the first to try to make ordering game day meals a little easier. The Philadelphia Phillies rolled out a similar at bay services long ago as twenty ten but with spotty wifi. It didn't. At work. Very well that's been a problem in many areas as many vendors test out mobile ordering last summer the Phillies. Tested, a text based system fans. Watching a game could use their iphone camera to Scana QR code on the seat back in front of them up would Papa menu a beer and water on apple business. Chat, which comes standard in newer. I phones tap on your choices pay with Apple Pay and wallah vendor delivers your drink. The system was only available in certain sections as the Philadelphia Inquirer reported an idea literally out of left field. More arenas are trying at that smartphone system now, but in some places, if he wireless signals remain in obstacle, some surveys have shown that when wireless ordering is available at sporting events fans down considerably more food and drink, which is one good reason. Why carriers will eventually upright sports arenas to five? G? The next generation of wireless networks once five Jesus place. It shouldn't matter whether. You're in left field or behind home plate when you decide to order that extra large coke in the third inning. Sounds like a home run to me. From this is business wars daily. Hey, if you think we're hitting home runs, would you take a minute and give us a five star rating on your favorite podcast app. Thanks bunch. I'm David Brown back with you tomorrow. This episode of business was daily is brought to you by Centro online from Pitney Bowes Centro online makes it easy to save time and money, no matter what you ship or male, plus you can print shipping, labels and stamps, right? From your desk with San pro software. You can compare rates between shipping carriers and gain access to special USPS savings. You can try it free for thirty days and get a free ten pounds scale, but only by visiting PB dot com slash BW daily. That's PB dot com slash BW daily.

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