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"leverett landrieu" Discussed on The World Nomads Podcast

"Strict budget of fifty one dollars a day person which can be challenging times, but think invite like we've both wet really, really hard. You know, the time is anyone else to get enough money in bottom line is whipped pretty minimalists. We always have been with heavy with this. A couple of lactation out. Schultz news, wait, we travel with the carry on backpack. Also I came so good a Cape, it Kahlo sip a lot. It's the why Fullwood if especially if you're doing these many countries, we might two cups having a little bit again with Iran couple years ago that was just lighting. The most amazing experience. What was the rising about catch suggests that you've got to live in the homes of of locals the absolutely. And I guess because Iran has we also too long till you you visit in everything kinda happens behind closed doors because you cannot go out as novas. They still drinking. So the young people tend to young and old tend to meet all in a in the homes in the have little in laboratory Leverett Landrieu yet. Hope Lange rooms puts music on. So we started dating cassettes. Not really. There's no places you can dance. Yeah, it was incredible because we could. We got to know people in the more we, we play spin the bottle. We didn't even know what to not ask is that I don't want insult anyone. I really don't know. Like. Two point. You don't have that in the guy who got what you should not ask insane, the volume. Then I remember h we was registered in got age. I don't mind answering any questions, but other than I remember you asked the the other girl for team all. Did you ever kiss the girl and then I'll giggle practicing. So for nominal and in one of the guys, I'm not getting like fifteen of us. He asks his friend if you had to be with a guy like which one would you choose year? And he says, like on, you know, so. And so what his name was innocent from other is so open minded that was also a Nick because all of the places that they eat in the food was phenomenal. Right? Schmolly amazing, nine meds incredibly inspiring. Your own Newton, credible eventua-, and you guys are on a journey of a lifetime mom. And at the time of recording rights in modern Cyprus will have linked to the blog in shy nights. They can fully Ginny by the why Morocco. It's a relatively safe place for women to travel. It's headed bed reputation, but he's not too bad now, I'm well same sex relationships illegal for locals. If you're traveling as the same sex couple LGBTQ Morocco. You can't be punished by law, but take it easy done if anybody too much Tempe to over the top page scraped. Indeed. Now, photo enrichment adventures was founded by travel photographer. Autho an international guard Ralph Alaska. He runs cultural to is focusing on photography. Is that right? I teach travel photography and I call them cultural tours with a focus on photography. So photography is a part of the trip. These aren't photo workshops, which by definition is pretty much twelve hours a day photography all the time. And so our trips are about half day scheduled half day free time and photography's a part of it before we started chatting, decide that anyone that goes to Morocco in Texas Fidai seems to get it right. Is it visually stunning or away looking at, you know, Fudd is with a few tricks. No. I mean, it's a, it's a gorgeous place. You know, it's it's kinda hard to take a bad shot there, but obviously everyone does even myself. But to me, it's in any destination. It's about being out at the right time of day. So getting that better light Morocco has wonderful light. I say my number one tip is. Is just get out early and Patrick signs who's a photographer says, if you don't like getting out early, then be a writer. I love that one so that I use that often, and I think it's very true. Yeah, and look sign, many backdrops in Morocco to you really spoilt for choice. Now, it's a wonderful country for variety and what I look for in a country one or destination when I'm putting together my trips is variety and Morocco has that in spades..

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