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"lethal cada" Discussed on For Your Reference

"There's there's also a trivia that I just WANNA mention Before I forget before I forget the Trivia the counterfeit bills that they used in the second movie said in dog we trust and during the shooting. Some extras walked off with that. And they use it in Las Vegas or no. The situation was out of control that the production was briefly. Shut down when the FBI went to the department to do an investigation. That's some good girls pay some attention. Wow yeah out of tried that as well and I will play my Darnay like who is this sexy man. I'm the one the Knox who I am. Why do you do that? Well having hot diggity dog but all everything. Everything was special about this. Yes there are moments that if your cynical and you're sitting there you could predict the storyline but it is enough to have emotional investment. If you allow yourself it's not about the bloody storyline. Get off your body offices but I feel like the story is quite good quite good but it's not about it a low no Russia fighting breath. Rav you coming on me at least not yet anyway. It's not it really. Is it the dynamism between Lee and Kada alone is worth us on that chair for ninety minutes and when Lethal Cada died? Oh so sweet. Oh so lovely so many good moments in this movie. Yeah I especially really enjoyed the first one. I didn't really careful the exuberant sort of production. I didn't care that they will flying off the Eiffel Tower. Like the dynamic everything that made magical the first film. I didn't need any sort of extravagant off to that not to say that the rest of them were bad. But I really enjoyed the first one with with you know with more Hans trying to get into the poor you know or dipping into the port you get earthy for his own mind you get a little bit more flavor so that's happened in this and understandably so because it got so much money vast movie and they're like you're GonNa do better you all so understandable. It's just the way the businesses and you know just got a Ri- that motu right and before we rent a movie dirty movie for nine ninety five. Let's expensive movies as is other rate of renting back in the early two thousands. Yeah I think that's quite in there in a hotel will follow like sense now. Something very outside a hotel slipping a CD under Nikita Bounds of was show. They guy no contact. We love you guys that that is my band aid for at all. let's finish off in a segment. We call for your friend. I'll reference Shanghai noon. Oh I know I know what you people saying L. Sparing No. It's not fun. It's lot hearted. It's not boring. It's fine go. Jackie Chan doing his best in the Western world. You Know Cowboys. And all you need one to jockeying you've got oh and Wilson who's kind of adorable though much to say about him but he's likable. I think this is your coach mate. Lucy Liu and Walton. Gog is do. I need to say well once in Gaza Shanghai. We're watching it. I've not watched may of course watched it for half what succession. What about you I will reference Drunken Mazda? Ooh The film series If you WANNA DABBLE IF YOU WANNA detail in I guess you can start off with forbidding kingdom as well it's got check Chan in it and gently. They fight each other. I'm pretty sure I'm still right. I don't remember who won by. He didn't win. That would be a sham but drunk and Mazda definitely. Oh yeah you gotTA GIVE OUT FOOD STAPLE FOR SURE? It's a lot of movies of borrowed from it. Sorry I'm stilling thunder here. Yeah ooh like Lee. Even though it was more Bruce Lee but Lee with his drunken master in Naruto and I didn't find an organic way to say it. I don't really care to imagine what celebrities look like naked but I kinda WanNa know what. Jackie Chan looks like naked to should be something there Human Chris Tucker running naked through the streets actually was real. 'cause I couldn't close down the set so they that's another fun fact for you is a thank you so much Sticking around we take your conned around who Walton. Gugans it up to Hannah's another week in the foyer reference household friends. Love is Come and fight me. Jackie Chan everything chuck. Norris who you'd be Bruce Lee. You've really turned her when his talk. John Zarrella Dot. I'll meet you in the car park Bro. You know where our you see you on twitter and instagram. We are for your f-fund educator writer Sediba a low of Oya reference podcast. No you can. I think we found out drunken master a new radio. Fyi report goes will do what we're GONNA do it and we're going to do now all right. You can rot us. David lower called. I've got the Chris Tucker bog at AIDS affect it's infectious. Walk Chris Tucker starring parasite. I don't think those are the peaches one. Can you know? He can't come us for how good week and we'll see you later who..

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