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"leslie wilkie" Discussed on PT Pintcast - Physical Therapy

"But so where are you going to post? Are you gonNA put them on Youtube? Where going to put them on facebook? Are you going to put them on instagram on link then? We're GONNA. Put them because you need space to put them there. And then so I would just literally start with that and the only hesitation. I haven't talked about this. Stuff is or showing videos. Is that if I hadn't seen these before, I started I would've started because it looks like last too complicated I can't figure that out. Really I approached it from such a position of ignorance. Well, we're. Let's flip that with that. You approach it from curiosity and desire. Want could be able to do this better. Go, I'm here. I don't even know where I wanna be I wanNA. Be Better than here. Right? Yeah, so. When I started, so you don't have to have that intent of that plan just. Do it just shoot something. The very first video I shot. I stood I stood in this corner. Right here and I put my little camera over there and I put my makeup on I still there and I said hi, I'm the doctor Leslie Wilkie, and then I just and I, wrote my script or Batur and I hung it up there so I could see it, and then I put that on and then. The cocaine that's done. That was cool, so the next one I did I literally took my laptop on on A. Like A. Like a music stand right, hook it outside and just talk to it. And, that worked. As, it was just an and others. I use my iphone. And then I got kind of fun and I got this little green screen going on back there, so that I could and I could dump that into. My my, because then the next thing. You'RE GONNA. If you. If you're doing more than just using your iphone you want to take that next step. It's using a green screen, but then you're gonNA have to invest in. Some kind of editing software. And Furlough for for most Max already come with I'm movie. Betsy. You've already have it. I you screen flow, which is a Mac format and then cantate Ios or those folks with with.

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