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"leslie mcclure leslie" Discussed on WABE 90.1 FM

"Start to heal Yeah I absolutely feel that I'm able to start healing It feels like such a slow process but I feel I have more resources This program helps me kind of find that and how to find myself and even in the hard times because there will always be hard times in the future and everyone's lives Yeah Mark Schmidt and I'm going to bring you back in here to end I wonder if you could tell us what you think at stake We just heard Katherine's story there A lot of people are talking about how nurses and doctors are so burnt out that they can't even come to work Well burnout and what we're talking about here are two different things Burnout is a manifestation of what we're talking about It's an effect of what we're talking about But the burnout we're talking about are the moral injury that we're talking about rather is a spirit one It's a wounded a soul And once this thing gets over and the operational tempo drops that is going to allow to allow these rules to come up to the surface And if there is a way to be able to affirm to be able to say you're not alone But what you're going to have at the end if we don't address these things is a healthcare system that's going to be in a hell of this because we're working with walking wounded it's going to reach a breaking point Mark symbol funding is a chaplain at rush university medical center in Chicago and nurse Catherine king Has joined us as well Thank you so much for both of your time I wish you all the best Have a good day The city of San Francisco is relaxing mask requirements even as the state of California is keeping its indoor mask mandate for at least to know the two weeks Starting today in San Francisco if you're fully vaccinated and boosted you don't have to wear a mask anymore in certain places such as the office in the classroom or at the gym Let's bring in KQED health reporter Leslie McClure Leslie what does the change to the mask mandate mean for the people's San Francisco Well I think this allows a lot more movement than people can go to the office and take their masks off They can go to the gym They can go to church Students can return indoor to college classes and take their masks off as basically applies to places where there's a stable group of vaccinated people This was cut the rule that was in place before the amaran surge so back in December you will though this time have to show proof of a booster shot to go maskless And if you're unvaccinated you actually can enter these spaces but you do need to get a negative test and wear a mask If you're unvaccinated Okay so as you said part of the reason for the change is that San Francisco has a high vaccination rate 82% There has also been economic pressure we know from businesses and individuals who have won at the city to loosen the reins and lose the masks But it's thought the decision to drop the mask mandate in offices and classrooms could also be a carrot to get people to come back into the office What does it mean I wonder for you personally Leslie is somebody who works in an office in San Francisco I'll go back to work Yeah I talked to our producer our morning edition producer this morning and I said how many people are at the office today And he said well I'm still the only one So I don't think people are going back in droves today that I think over the next couple of weeks will probably see a trickle start going back in and as soon as this acron really tapers off which is expected in the next couple of weeks you know we're seeing cases drop pretty fast right now I think people will both be motivated by this relaxation in the mask mandate and also because they'll feel safe enough to do so So we'll see a lot more traffic downtown I will be going to the office again which I was before the amaran surge And I think that will be begin to become more popular across the board in the Bay Area In the San Francisco area And just to be clear you've been working as everybody else at KQED It's just they're not in the office except for that one One producer morning edition So a question that always comes up when rules change is enforcement And as you said some people are going to be able to lose them masks Some will have to keep the masks on So who is going to tell people when they do have to wear the mask Yeah so basically businesses are responsible to make sure that this is happening But there is in the order there is an enforcement clause in there that the share for the police department could be brought in if there are reports that businesses are not following this order So if that happens if a business is not complying then they could be forced to vacate the premises or even close until the Department of Health allows them to reopen But I don't expect that in San Francisco we didn't see that before And I didn't expect that going forward But maybe because there's this new nuance with unvaccinated folks potentially we could see it going forward Okay And very briefly California's statewide mask mandate is in place for another two weeks at least how likely is that they going to hold given that the forecast for COVID are in the next few weeks I think the case rates are dropping fast enough that that could happen but I don't think it's quite a guarantee just yet Probably either.

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