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"leslie julio" Discussed on Hollywood Babble-On

"Pronounce you did pronounce it right safe. Right on man. Thank you. I know fucking props. Did you look it up or something? You just take a shot. He said in his Email imprint imprint sees pronounce safe. Thank you for. Help. Liz and Andrew Stotz. We know Liz is here Andro come on man. Gave a very modest. I'm here to. Liz, the wanna talk for both of us. My husband really thirteen years, Andrew, and that's why you're so quiet. Coming to see you on the twenty eighth fans. If you're both for a long time, excited to see you. We've had some health scares over the years most recently, Andrew being hospitalized twice for pneumonia this year, breathe better fucker. This is not talking. Yeah, realize this experience was terrifying to me. He is my world and I love him so much. Can sexy Kevin, tell him how to stay healthier so we can grow old together. It would mean so much to me sexy Kevin, could you please tell Andro how to stay out of the hospital, how to stay healthy. Oh, true. You just got to have a healthy guy. You got to eat. What you got to eat is Bizet's footsie. That's my. Now give her yours. Well, done, sir. And Leslie Julio you in the house Julio. The whole, fuck me the, oh, down by the security. Dang, jank. Jank jank jank agenda, Julio and Julia. And or is that Julia? Probably right. Julia. Hey, it's an easy mistake, one, fuck, and Julio one, Julia. It's easy to get those two mixed. Adam is my saying that correctly. And lorraina. Lorraina. Yeah. Not Lorena Bobbitt though. Right? That ruler. I was thinking Lorena Bobbitt when I hear the Raina she cut up guys peanuts member. I remember now Julio and Julia is an excellent fucking title of a movie and or a cheap knockoff wine. Julio and Julia Gallo. My name is Julio and I'll be attending the show with my friends, Julia Adam and the Raina we've been trying to attend for wild, but couldn't work it out for one reason or another. We'll try fucking harder next time. Fuck your first world problems. Right? We finally made it after all this time to celebrate my twenty fifth birthday. I was wondering you, David Bowie could sing me a happy birthday. Well, of course Julio of course he could do. That's what he does now. David. To you. To you. Glad y'all bright teen the day. But day to you. What's so glad that you. Thank you. Chick peas. Difference between the chickpeas garbanzo beam? No, I've never paid garbanzo to be non me. Did you. Trying to go vegan here..

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