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"leroy shannon" Discussed on ESPN FC

"Long. We've been saying this Bill. When you look at the names and the bucket jazzy while this team's good, but just don't seem to deliver. It's interesting. Tina also favor because they're the same boat. Did you shame to deliver? So again, I'm not gonna back again. Just don't. Because if you look at the lineup you see the other teams, but I'm putting any money on nor I'm not is your money. My money is on the field. If you told me to take the field Argentina Brazil, I'm Shatt shat. rainy. I just feel between those two they have the ability to shoot themselves. And then as the fee. That's all right. Alley's gone, too. You just reminded plenty of content from us over on YouTube page including extra time. A lotta speculation right? With feature LeRoy, sunny by Munich, obviously a possible destination you Honus this assay you have to be a bit skeptical. It is unlikely that it will work. It's about sums then in saying, meanwhile, this, I the plan the side, whether he can imagine coming to bind. The play is the most important factor, apparently, LeRoy has not yet decided to inch is leaving the talks to us. I think he is an exciting player RAF. How's this going to end? As a rule of from is never good news. When bind start talking about transfers the fact that has room to even name checking homage leading go. No, she the negotiations. Almost sounds as if he's setting him up as the guy who gonna get is going to get the blame if this doesn't work out. So I think we have to take this almost us at face value, if they say they're skeptical of day, said and not sure what the play the play really wants it. Expresses frustrations, and the lack of conviction on the other side to force us through when you talk about big money. It's not just city. It's also the players wages player who, of course, hasn't renewed his contract at city so far, presumably, at least in some pot for the same reason, so it doesn't look good for buying at the moment of, is the bottom line Steven, if you're LeRoy signing when you do. Thank you. Mean I'm not quite sure what he has to do to get in the city site. Even when the hub injuries he is still on the bench. You know, think of the end of the season when read Maris gets, and before, so I think you should go this guy has to play, and I think seven millions of fallen as well. Are fully. I mean for me every time I see LeRoy Shannon come off the bench for it for much as a city. I think it changes on. Given that you see that does get an opportunity on yet. Still, he somehow doesn't feature in pep Guardiola starting plans at the very least suggests that you we don't depending on city, give the club that the kind of money that is spent our new, there question marks about financial fair, play you just feed that, that doesn't get any better, the time, a club like by Munich and the expected changes that they are going to be undergoing intimidate getting back to where they rightly belong, you want to be the front of that queue route how telling over the policy days, we'll pass you weeks. Ericsson come out is ease unhappy, maybe look into move as obviously as well. We've had absolutely nothing from LeRoy Sanit..

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