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"leonardo poonch" Discussed on ESPN FC

"To another of the SETI foursome podcast. I mean, a resume as I'm joined by hundred on Dini and Gabriella Marcatti. Now, I wish we can start this cost, and you know, awesome fashion by discussing Breen such is come out of Setia over the past week. But sadly, we have to start with a horrible topic of conversation which centers around wise, they can the nineteen year old you've intas striker who has been in incredible scoring fashion at the moment, you know, scoring one in his lost four matches for both Italy. And of course, you Ventas, but sadly when you con Kennedy in sad Denia, Ken the nineteen year old suffered racist abuse. And rather than have his team made to Leonardo Poonch e defending him in fighting for him and standing beside him. He decided to come out with comments in which he said. It was fifty fifty and Tamaz they Ken should shoulder. Fifty percent of the blame towards the racist abuse that he received in the stadium. Obviously that is sparked huge outrage as it should have Bucci has since tried to clarify his comments in a way that still doesn't really offer much of an apology. But either way Ken continues to move forward. He did have the support of blast between the and of course, Joe Joe Killeen and you've enters did indeed win that match. But that is secondary to this discussion. Your. I think you've you've you've given a synopsis of the facts there. I don't know where to start with this one. We start with the timelines. With a little more to the facts. I think. It's inside. It's very easy to go. This down. Very quickly as possible jewelry. Cow this stuff that we know stuff that we soom expel we really don't know toys event dissipating away if this arena against. Cady twenty minutes in was generally the first of a controversial incident involving moisture can where he gets booked for diving in the box, pretty obvious dive. He gets a lot of abuse from the home fans, not necessarily racist abuse in the main. But from what from what's been said by people who are familiar.

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