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"leonard matt levitt" Discussed on GayBarchives Podcast

"There was actually entrapment of gay sailors and the early part of the twentieth century In newport rhode island we go through the second world war and then. This is one of the things that i think is very interesting. Because during the second world war the us army and the us military was very busy fighting wars and they weren't able to discharge as many people as they wanted to Four homosexuality so they just gave them these blue discharges they didn't actually court marshaled. But here you have from our archives a document from the joint chiefs of staff in one thousand nine hundred forty nine now that the country is not at war anymore laying out the three principal grounds that you could actually district dishonorably discharged somebody from the army or from any of of the branches of the service this went to the secretary of the army the navy and the airforce and the three categories was if it was if there was a sexual relationship that was forced class to was if it was consensual and the most importantly to understand was class three and class three was simply if you were suspected of not being a heterosexual you could be discharged for that entire for for for that idea that somebody had a view shortly after this This came into place in nineteen forty nine as i said in shortly after that president. Dwight eisenhower issued an executive order which he said homosexuals could not serve an any part of us military because they could be blackmailed. Of course the only reason why they would be. Blackmailed is because the government said it was a bad thing for somebody to have shame about so they created the problem and then punish people for the problem that they created things happened of course in the nineteen fifties and of course it was wonderful that organizations like the mattachine society and the daughters politis grew up and and really a big pivotal point was nineteen. Seventy five when you had leonard matt levitt who had received a purple heart and he came out as gay he. The government said to you we will not do. We will not discharge you. You can have your benefits and your va benefits and all that stuff. But you have to publicly say you'll never have sex with a man again. And he refused to do it. He was discharged and he ended up. Suing the government to get benefits back. They settled out a court. We don't know how much that was. Unfortunately he died of aids in the nineteen eighties. Jimmy carter was somebody who had some support for gays in the but of course things really didn't change until bill clinton in nineteen ninety two when he ran on on the platform that gays would-be allowed into the us military. He ran on that. Many get gave people thought that was going to happen. It was one of the first issues he took up in january of nineteen ninety-three and here. You see a usa today full page ad in usa today..

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