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"leonard garcia" Discussed on Big Brown Breakdown

"This is also good news. Amanda news and joanna cannery. Tam december eleventh city. And as you can tell a menounos is a very heavy favourite. oh yeah. so she's a minus eight hundred. My fancy myself a betting man. I bet on the dodgers and i bet on brunson over until you know i think brenton was plus one seventy five one one forty five. I just liked those odds men. Nothing its till. I just hated that matchup for and this was just a quick one. Jake paul he tweeted. He's updated status retired boxer and then he's back. I'm coming out of time A sealed conor mcgregor move and these are the guidelines for the tattoo of time page of connors book. There are dhahran tattoo guidelines three by two inches. That lease can't get it covered. Will you could fight even get covered permit yet. The tattooed most post must post social media has to be visible shorts and shirt on a c. App on your calf or some shit or your arm. Maybe your knee elbow knee. I don't know what he's gonna do. I mean you could do the woodley fight again. I'm not like foaming at the mouth for Mas would wanna fight. His brother and muslim also wants to fight. Nick if nick does well is next fight. Take my money. Yeah and these are the payouts officials for the j. Paul first time with me so this is flat fee nine nine including and we'll have whatever instead of giving byes. Yeah but i fucked told sheltie. This can be the biggest. Jake paul fight. You know that there is dependent. What would lease split. His other pay per view wouldn't walk with seven to ten mil. Tanya and woodley did say that he i don't know where he got the info from but the pay the pay per view buys were semi that fifth-biggest pay-per-view but in all all pay-per-view by the fifth biggest history. Yeah i heard it's did really really well. And if you're would lear your been asking and that's all you want. I mean you off so you want to win. But the we know why you're doing of course zang ueli moving to arizona to train with harry pseudo and some other people down there interesting. Yeah because our issue is in grappling. I mean still the so key. Korean zombie and the older per tricky pip would rather be good for yup. I still think rose gets it done. Hopefully their team doesn't blame on getting booed. Come on back to real quick algebra was on the show and then he said he has he still has some like nerve damage issues that he's dealing with so he's not he said he's still fighting but then peter appear you're on put this out. This bitch will fight. He's i'm trying to repair the nerve damage in my arm. It's better but say it's where it was before it'd be lying. Yeah so we'll see if she pinched nerve. Jen how you doing. I don't know not that great really. Yeah could you. Could you fight period with it. I couldn't even. I couldn't push up one yard short right now. Is that where you met your nerve up pushing those little short developed way later and i want to. Oh so much. Urgent care on wednesday dude lead singer guy who do at work i know i know but they said everything's normal but then they didn't give me an mariah so i don't know if it's something else but i'll be fine okay. Syria niebuhr as on. Now my my legs back on basically about the they said it was sprained a spring tour before. Okay all right moving on. Let's not wear the knee brace over the jeans anymore. I told you. I was getting a rash. Walk three hours always. Don't go. Steve can okay. So the kfc president says he's in talks with diego sanchez and he goes actually training for gifts now. How do you train for that. But then he says so. Diego actually wanted to fight. Joey beltran which sounds crazy crazy. Yeah but then he but The president said he wants leonard garcia. Or someone like ooh that'd be fun as before be trading partners at jackson's to. Oh damn sean brady members foot up all jacked up. Yeah he's a bad memory. Jama he's come back to fund michael a in november. I always i root for both those guys. Yeah and sean is beast to fourteen super super timepiece to already dime piece contenders back on the night. You know much better. Contender says the knowlton fighter. I mean just go. Fight or do tennis series is so much better. Oh speaking of a contender series Laura ankle so she was like the first. I guess ever in ufc history to do an actual commentator role. That's per permanent for contender series. What do you mean to rotate the others. Like one other woman. In the uc one boeing to one time so this is be like an actual female commentator. Oh this is just the start for laura sanco too so you're gonna see on content astray. She's gonna crush that started. Did it first episode. And it was great. She that's what i'm saying crush that and then you see on paper vs guarantee it fights pay per views. She's the she's like the the threshold for if you're female reporter she's the one you wanna follow and then Is that homeboy on there. To now this is an old one from invicta. Oh i was going to say. They brought him back. I love him. He's great jimmy smith but your laura sanco's she's the standard man. She's a obese about goddamn time they give her some respect. Share work you know. Give them more work. I guess he shattered her out. Barbie barbie twitter handle with the flex barbie barbie daschle barbie doll that so it's empowerment for women. You know what i'm saying. Little girls have to act you. Follow this barbie gotta have a gazillion really. I'm thinking i mean. I don't know i have a little boys barbie. Nobody has kids in. Oh fuck you never mind two hundred nine thousand that's still that's still a good good amount Yeah.

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