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"leonard gap" Discussed on Scientific Sense

"I just want to. So this top logical materials they super conduct. that's absolutely s Haakon. Yes. So so They they superconducting it's doing that in room temperature. So that said, the top launch materials aren't what we call superconductors intrinsically necessarily not not all of them. They're. They're just conductors. Okay. Just get some sort of superconducting ring ride. It right said they didn't conducting ring around. Okay. Now, you can some of them are, do you happen to be superconductors superconductors need? The. Superconductors and a superconducting top logical system is useful for a difference of continent computing schemes. For examples. The whole nother area we're also looking at. A lot of coupling superconductors the top logical systems in my lab. But know that they're the conducting surfaces are just conducted their metallic conducting. Nothing in the differences that a metallic system. There's a there's A. Like I said the superconductor is A. Quantum Mechanical Ground State Your Energy gap to becoming a superconductor and you don't have these top logical system. That it's not a superconducting energy gap between the top lodge Leonard Gap for conducting line right right I. Don't know if there's any connection I just want to ask you. So you know this quality computing arena one of the things that that seems to be interesting is this member stor. Rates. So I I wondered if any applications that you have looked at for members in this arena. I've a particular looked at memories some. People are looking at these as as for neural networks and things I thought is not. Right. Yes. So they you know the the issue in artificial intelligence that almost all of it is driven by software today. And you know you're going to hit some kind of constraint on the software side. So so one one idea is to actually have hardware. So he does something that can memorize and compute at the same same location just like. just like a neuron in the brain. And so so I don't know there might be some applications he has. My my understanding of a member stir is this is that or or of these neural networks they're they're basically trying to be produced the behavior of neurons. Are things that that fire in short pulses right and that have had memories of each other right if one fires another fire for example, and they knew that the length duration of each other's firing and it was a very specific. Behavior of neurons, like I said the quick pulses that have relationships to each other. You can mimic with certain type types of devices, right. So if you create something that has a blip like that, that's that can be turned on and off in very specific way with the voltage in that can connect to another one of these devices than you can mimic neuron and members are basically can be used like this mimic neurons..

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