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"leon spinks muhammad ali" Discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience

"Corrales steel fight Oh and when he gets in the corner, he'd been knocked down For like how many times kept spitting out his mouthpiece, and they took away a point or something he goes into his corner, and I remember as his manager. Whatever you call, a guy is in the corner and go trailer. He goes. You better fucking. Get inside now. I don't even know what that means i. he said that and then this fucking Charlie Murphy wrestled told me about that fight. He's bill. You got to see this fight eagles I woke up my whole family. He was a wild and he actually Charlie. He was such a funny guy and he hurt his foot. That's how much he was into it like when he came back after getting knocked down in knocked out the other guy, I always forget crowds steal. A. Is The guy. Won that fight right well? They fought more than once a believe. Dio Corrales, he's the and he died on a motorcycle exactly. Yeah terrible. Underrated fight when I back this back when I had timing to watch, this shit was Vanda holyfield verse Michael Dokes Own. A great that great fight Holyfield so many great fights! Back our a warrior is. Coming back. Do you know that I. WanNa see that he's training. Mike Mike Tyson's training both training. In their fifties. Yeah here! It is Michael Dokes. Yeah. It was I mean it's just amazing. How much longevity Holyfield had and Holyfield started as a cruiserweight I remember when he beat Dwight Muhammad colleague for the cruiserweight title. And then gained all this weight. I meant when he was cruiserweight in the eighties when I was lifting and I was young, and all that Shit I was like that's that's the body I want. That's what I'm going for of course I couldn't get it, but I was like that's the shape by. Stupid I look by fucking looked like that. You look amazing going on stage telling jokes just something to cover up a little bit. What Poncho. Like, going out with a big square law cozy wheels Y-. How legit! Yeah you flip it over and you to. Take it out. Yeah, Oh my God this is round into people standing up I mean this shit was just, did you? Watch dokes. Oh right hand. That's it they stop it. That was interesting. Richard Steele was the same guy that stopped Julio. Cesar Chavez and Melgen Taylor with two seconds left to go in the final round. When. Melba Taylor was up on the fight, and who those traumas dropped him Melgen. Taylor got up and Richard C was like. Are you. Are you ready to go on? Muscle in his trip, easy whatever the fuck that? Traps, I have a my whole fucking body. As desimone whole if it was a specimen. What's interesting about Holyfield to? He was like the first guy that ever really put weight on successfully like he had this this crazy strength conditioning program that he did to go up to heavyweight where you know, he's fairly thin. When he was a cruiserweight and started lifting weights lifting weights back, then most people thought lifting weights was terrible for you. There was a lot that was a big thing in basketball. Don't lift weights. It's GonNa. Fuck up your shot. They thought you were going to send the ball past the well. You know what it is, it's from being stiff and sore. When you're stiff and sore, it does fuck you up. It's fucks you up with Boxing Fox's everything thing, but it's a matter of doing it correctly so that you you body recovers enough so that when you actually fight, you're not stiff and sore, but you have all that extra, so this is great by the way Kambas fights cigars cigar. Stuff. Yes love it right. Yeah. Yeah, though that that era of boxing man those the golden era when we were kids. My God. You know ABC Wide World of Sports. Get up and watch the fights. Watching the Leon spinks Muhammad Ali they they showed it on TV must have been a replay. I remember watching that and just kept thinking Mohammed Ali was gonna come back. It was the one that he lost. Yeah against Leon. spinks. I also remember the the the Mike Tyson. Michael Spinks, fight and I remember the pizza didn't even get there. And my buddy was all excited. Dad ordered the fight and they had just finished their basement. And we went downstairs and we was sitting there to watch. It was over in like ninety seconds, and just my my buddy got off the couch news on all fours like an inch, from the TV, just screaming, what the fuck. WHAT THE FUCK! Because we didn't understand it wasn't the education mainstream education of what a body blow did to you. Unless. Somebody got hit in the head and that mouthpiece slime. We didn't understand because at last shoddy was a hook to the body, and you didn't understand like literally. Their internal organs is slam to the other side of their ribcage. You didn't understand that that was happening here it is here's the whole fight. Yeah, this was an amazing amazing moment. Because spinks was another guy who went up from light heavyweight beat Larry Holmes, and then became the heavyweight champion. Then is fighting, Tyson? spinks jinx because we just wanted. We flew room for Tyson but we wanted to see a fight. spinks out a good right hand, but he just you could see he's. He's paralyzed here I. Mean he's fighting a guy that just so much bigger than him and he's getting smashed. Mike Tyson was just such a force of nature the time. Yeah, spinks just really had no business fighting legitimate heavyweights. He fought Larry. Holmes and Larry was past his prime. and. Larry by season. But repeated bad and I. Don't think it was the time homes fought Ali. Yes, and he was looking over at the ref like what the fuck and you're gonNA. Bad people to the to the end of Larry. Holmes didn't appreciate him because that they. They loved Ali so much. See hurt him with his right hand here and then he's and on them. I remember seeing this video of Muhammad Ali promoting here it is. Boom Body Shot. down. SPINS GETS UP. Refugees eight count. He says I'm fine. I thought he went down on that with the. Body Shop, and then he gets hit with a right hand. Right here. Tyson steps being there it is that was Oh July see I forgot about the yeah. He's just like fuck this man. fucking bodies like fuck this to. Realize the fucking balls. It takes to fucking walk you. Do you did it? Jesus Christ? Mean those guys you walk into an arena shirtless scary. That's fucking amazing. What's really scary? Like you think about it for weeks and weeks up to it obviously I never did it at this level, but at that level when the whole world is watching, and you know that this is just an enormous moment and you just. Got Waylaid by one of the greatest heavyweights of all time and flattened. Crazy I was watching the. Fun To watch because he annoyed so many people because he was so cocky and he is such a weird style. Is that that Prince? Not all my God. It's fun to watch, so he was amazing. You Know Tyson, had syphilis or something like that and that fight? No, that was a Boston Douglas. Did he the clap or something? I think it was this right? There was a funny one. Yeah the when Buster Douglas you just didn't train very hard for it. Just really was just dominating everybody in. Just took it for granted and bust. He's still almost one still dropped buster and to this day like if you watch that fight when busters down, it's more than ten seconds. Yeah, but the thing was. He didn't go to the corner fast enough. I thought. He picked up the count I thought he would have got up I. Don't know. I remember where I was when I watch that I remember all of that should I was at my buddy. Mitch's House we. On his fucking square TV and I was like you know because you cheer for the underdog and he was all bummed out. God I WanNa see Mike Lose, and I was just like I didn't realize what. I had lost as a sports fan. You losing greatness, not he's not great, but you know what I mean..

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