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"They have to have a mindset here that when you get in the offensive zone, spend some more time in that area. But when you have the opportunity, you've got to get bodies and park to the Net. And boy it just When you look at the gold look at the goals that they scored against Detroit, and they had five even strength goals in that last game, and you sit here and say, Well, Jeepers, we're going to the net and throw in the park to the Met. There's rebounds there. We're doing what we need to do. And all of a sudden it it it went right out the window. So you got attacked the middle of the ice tonight against Nashville, and I don't know why they've had such lack of success and scoring against national. Yeah, the Ah good team. They basically rolled with four defenseman. They didn't really play there. Third pairing. In the game last night, And when you've got Yoshi and Alison that comb and Fabbro out there, you got to make it tough on them. You gotta make them defend a lot more and use up some energy and their own into the ice, so they don't have the energy and the offensive side of it because those big fork back there Nashville expect them to play a lot of ice time tonight. But if it's an easy amount of ice time because they're not working hard, not battling. That's bad for the Blackhawks for those six goals on Sunday against Detroit, came below the dots. And between the circles building better by design is sponsored by architect of Chicago and creating thousands of gathering spaces for Chicago and families. And on yesterday's pretty game we heard from Brandon Hagel, who continues earning his time in the lineup and how he made his NHL debut on March 11th the final game before the pause. Hagel had to wait until last week, but he's been in the lineup since. Now, Nicholas Bohdan, who is Adam Beau Qu'est. Fellow 2018 1st Round pick gets his second chance tonight. Ready after waiting and putting together one of the more impressive training camps that kept him on the taxi squad. Yeah, I don't think it was a lost opportunity for me. You know, I just came and I played one game and I think I did well, so I was really happy about that. And just here. It's just about getting better every day, you know. I want to show that out of my place here with what everyone continue to be better, You know, gapping up, killing, placing the DEA's own making some place and I think all of those stuff. They just it just gone with confidence, so I just need to build build up my confidence, continue to build it up, and I think it's just gonna be good for me. Well, he instilled some confidence in the coaching staff with the way he worked in the off season since he put on about 80 £10 still not a big defenseman. He won't be all his. You know, Bread and butter is going to come with his stick work in his footwork and reading plays and he gets another opportunity here tonight, And I know Jeremy Carlson very complimentary. I think he was tempted earlier on to insert Bohdan into the lineup. The opportunity here comes tonight. What have you seen from him and training camp compared to previous camps. I think there's a different confidence level and an awareness of how you have to play in the NHL. When you first come in you. You really have no idea. You have no clue. What it takes to play in the NHL. And that comes over coming into training camp, Seeing how guys like Duncan Keith on the blue line, Brent Seabrook, the veteran players prepare themselves and how hard they have to work Tonto shin themselves to play at at this level, and that's something that for the younger players, they just don't understand. They think they work out hard, but they don't understand how hard they actually Have to commit to what you do in the off season, and it sounds like Bohdan did that this offseason. He put on some weight. He said that he feels better that way. And I think Justin awareness of how the game is played at this level. Is something that that he can build on from the lessons that he's learned when he's been in camp when he's been in the all of the groups with it with the veteran players, So you know, we'll see what happens tonight. Looks like Jeremy Colton is gonna roll seven defenseman I thought last night when you had some guys on the blue line struggling Um, that it was tougher for Sheldon Brooke Banked who runs the defense and Jeremy College in to find guys who were ready to go out there who were playing at a level that you needed to have. So actually much time was they spent in their own zone last night. Yeah, so I think that by going with seven defenseman, you know, he's basically telling a lot of people in the line up on the on the blue line there that if you don't play well and you're not performing, you're not going to see the ice because we've got an extra guy in the lineup for that reason, all right, Thanks for the knowledge, Troy let you go. Ready for the call with John and stop the are Thanks for the swag. Thanks for the swag is How funny is that way? Didn't talk before this, So, Yeah, we're the Bobbsey triplets, I guess coming up. Next we go behind the bench with head coach to hear me, Callison. I will create opportunities in transition, or, you know, we get a puck back in the offensive zone. You're close to the net, and you're ready to create a chance. Like all Taki is sponsored by Bud Light. There's a Bud light there. Vandal Sports book You look Leon Citgo Feeling good plumbers..

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