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"leo leo allen" Discussed on WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

10:25 min | 8 months ago

"leo leo allen" Discussed on WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

"The road. which is the best place to get them? You have twice on the road because he mean big I wake up I get bit by them. I can see the marks like I I can tell them. It's like women more than men Tasty now and I get I get the three the three bites in a row and I wake cup just like covered in welts and it'll be like and it's like my hotel room twice. It was my hotel room. It's the blaze best place for it to happen though because you can like you tell the hotel you man you gave me these bedbugs. You could put all your stuff in their giant dryers. You can put your luggage in the giant dryers. You Dry it enough. There kills them all the heavy to another room. You're good instead of taking back home right but it was route. I mean man they bit. Let me those three in a row like right across my bald spot like just to rub it in. It was like it was a horrible both those times so you didn't take apartment. I didn't take your apartment. You try to sell me. Several several people have tried to sell me on a story and I'm just not. I prefer Brooklyn. Leo Leo Allen ended up living there for years so yeah yeah I don't even if he still lives there he might all I know. Is that the you know. I just held on to that place and eventually the guy on the building sold the building and the new guy came up to Leo. Instead of you you mark in Lagos. Now he's not here all right. You're the guy now and that was actually You're the guy now. It's so funny so funny but like fuck. Yeah man I mean eventually you gotta let go. You didn't like historian. Well I just I just felt everyone's like it's fifty minutes in. You're in New York. Yeah you're on the upper east side. That's not exactly what I'm trying to go. I'm trying to get to downtown town. So why not get it. But you're not in the upper east side midtown like he'd go over on the end in the end up where you can just say Dr. I'm saying the first stop off the L. is first avenue in Fort. Okay right once again like fifty whatever you don't get all the great weird ethnic food. Well that's I mean. I think the food is just surrounded by you. Know who seat him I can story. It's like a multicultural. Paradise of Weird. Shopping hours yeah. Well I still have like. It's very Puerto Rican and Dominican right where I live in Brooklyn Right now so I get all kinds of different people. I mean the also thing is like when when your New York and really working standup. It's really just like I don't hang out in my neighborhood. I'm out every day and night. You're you're just wandering around a little bit during the day and then you're out to two in the morning morning and you got to figure out whether you're gonNA take a cab or take a train exactly so it's easier to be closer to sure when you go to New York you say that. That's when everything sort of shifted in in terms of your perception of what you can do with comedy and you know the way people act and uh I mean how long were you in the bay or doing what made you move. I moved from the bay. 'cause I felt like I I was I was done with their and I always thought it was a small town. I grew up in La. So I'm used to being in big cities sure wasn't that enough outlets really yeah Yeah I mean eventually. You're just doing all this time cannons times I go. Yeah there's the punchline whoever's little room how many times can you do roosters. Yeah J. J. what's the other one that weird one was like sort of a sports sports bar. You know. Big Time T- Tommy's. Yeah but yeah there's not money there now. There's actually a lot of local shows but this was a different time. There was like you know certain. Turn on stage. I'm married as much like in whose time to go. I went to La. Because that's where I went home to L. A. and it was fine and it was good but I decided I needed to get some heat and went to New York so went to new ORC. I got the heat. I got a half hour special. I did an album for comedy central records and then I stayed and maybe that was a mistake to stay there after. I got the heat that I want to. I don't no you are not a punch. It's a good place to perform when I was before all rooms really. I mean Luna happened when I was there but still it's like I still think that you're figuring out how to perform I'm at the seller is like a huge victory. Yeah right of passage totally and it it. It really is a great room and it's also something that I really. It's a hard room but when you master it. It's a great room. That's funny because you go up the store and I'm just hanging out the store and I'm like this is a tough room and people after every comic twenty people get up and leave and that's the stage time I'm fighting for. This is ridiculous. It's a four hour show and make sure they put me on. You'll be four ten okay third or fourth out there you go but but it was a hard room to. It was hard to figure out though as well sure. Yeah but you don't. It's it's different now. It's like it's this thing it's like it's a thing to do when you go to New York now the Rob Reid late no no. It wasn't always that it was just that you know it wasn't that wasn't the reason. It was just sort of a and I think a lot of New York that you can't and you can't be indulgent like you can't be in San Francisco. I mean you can't noodle around there I mean you've got to be as efficient and you punch lines have got to land. Yes you you can't like I mean I spent two years in San Francisco kind of noodling really. Well I mean I. The way I work is improvised so like if I can just get up there and start running through shit until it sticks. It's great you know. Whereas in New York you'd better have someplace to land in San Francisco? They'll indulge you. You don't have to have a landing pad really i. GUESS THAT'S I. That's funny because of what I was gonNA say within generally internalize the Lesson York. Because what I really love about you and like you and like patent and you like the vanguard of original comedies like got get these clot club chops that you bring an all. That's why we started in clubs. I mean that's why I mean. Both him and I started in clubs as the difference difference between people who started a few years later. All of us. That did all comedy or whatever the fuck it wasn't New York were club Comex. Yeah I mean I have the sensibility. But I'm saying that in you get to a certain place with you who you are. You can take risks onstage. I just felt that when I got when I left New York and went to San Francisco that that it was a little you could be a little more indulgent. You know I guess I'm saying I don't I really hate the indulgence like I used to think. I just like tighter jokester and now a really fingle. It's a level these comics are like I feel like there's entitlement to you and it's not funny. Why am I listening to you but the I you know I I was trying? I was always pretty funny when I was indulging. That's what I'm saying only You know how to put it in there how you build it. But I'm saying like I think of you was the exact opposite of us like somehow like you really disguise the jokes and they're coming but they're coming at you pretty fucking frequent right and your even using using little turns of phrase to get through like exposition or narrative. That are still funny within that part right well I guess the bigger point. I guess I'm trying to make is that. It's it's hard to build build long form material in New York. Yes yes that's true whereas in in San Francisco it was fairly you know they. Would I hear you a dude I tried I had to do I did. The story for this is not happening which ended up being like sixteen or seventeen minutes long in New York and it was like kill and me too. Because like you're you're you're like four minutes in and you're like God and it's not working laugh got booed off stage at the fat pussy cat. I'm opening opening my heart and they're like be funny and I'm like this is not. It's going to be funny but it's also that's exactly the difference. Yeah like in terms of vulnerability you know San San Francisco. They'll carry you. You're like what are you gonNA cry. Exactly exactly yeah. It was it. It was it was really hard to work that out to just in general because the other thing of New York because there's all the storytelling shows and you go to those so I do. I do different than stand up man exactly so i. I tried to stand up rooms. They're like why are you making a sad and I go to the storytelling rooms. Like why are you making a laugh. And they were both mad at me. Like why is there a Dick joke in the middle of your being. Funny Yeah the EH Eh. This joke so the emotion. That'll yeah exactly. I mean like I also did it through a very like jokey but still storytelling way. What was it about about that was a member that was about This So after I have like all these misadventures with women after the Brazilian girl and for a while I was dating this. This met a gutter punk in Portland. It's only lived in a squatter cut. She was in and out of the squatting thing and it was about a rash rush like he sends biggest thinking of a specific girl. And you wondering remember seeing in New York into the end they saw. Aw Skin problems in a grimy nece yeah I mean I think in Portland. It's a little more of a lifestyle somewhat clean. But she was a mess. An amazing winging it was It was real mess. Yeah and So Yeah I did it about that. It was A. That's a whole that's the whole story. I mean her and and all that stuff and how long were you with her Maybe a year or two. It was a pretty heartbreaking. She had a really bad alcohol and drug problems and it was And I had a bad her problem and I walk away from her. Yeah that's that's a classic situation. Yeah it's called CODEPENDENCY. Yeah yes in this story go. Did you try to get help for that. What do you mean myself for her? No for yeah for knowing that you can't control somebody else in that you have to detach attach somehow because there's nothing you can do necessarily that's going to change them and and eventually you just get exhausted yes well. I mean strangely enough even though I look like the kind of person who's going to therapy since I was twelve I only started seeing a therapist about two years ago. Yeah in New York and it's fucking helped. A lot really took you that long I am in. I wasn't going and my last girlfriend. The one that just happened. Yes the one. That's how long. How long have we four years with her? Yeah that one was. That's yeah she was she. Alright what do you mean. It wasn't a gutter punk kid. She what do you mean wishy. Alright what are you know. It wasn't it wasn't the same problems with her. But I had my own problems I think with her. It was like shooting myself in the foot foot because I really didn't I was really scared of fucking it up. I thought she was so good friends. I guess you kind of wasn't also over time. But she wasn't good. I mean the way she's been since the break-up has been kind appalling and she also changed over the course of the four years as we both did when we met we bought. I thought we both.

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