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‘Light At The End Of The Tunnel’: Boston Travel & Hospitality Industries Hopeful For 2021

WBZ Morning News

01:26 min | 1 year ago

‘Light At The End Of The Tunnel’: Boston Travel & Hospitality Industries Hopeful For 2021

"It's been a long and lonely year for many, and now there are some signs of a return to normal or some sense of normalcy. People they are itching to get away. WBZ TV s Paul Burton has more on that story. A Z State eases Copan 19 restrictions that more people are venturing out of their homes from dining to flying. Light of the end of the coronavirus tunnel seems closer than ever, a different story from a year ago at this time, which hurt the travel and hospitality industry dramatically I have been inundated. People are really want something to look forward to, and they just want to leave their home and go somewhere. Rhonda Gilbert is a travel advisor for travel Lester These days, she's fielding a lot of calls. People want to go to the Caribbean, I would say is very popular right now. U S PARKS Arizona, Hawaii Lenox Hotel in Boston is also getting busier. It's the life of the end of the tunnel right? People are starting feel more comfortable. The good news is for I think there's a lot of staycations people coming in the city walking around. They spent last year updating their safety measures. Now guests can enter the building and check in without punching a button. Which really trying to get you from the fund. You know the arrival of the front door to your room with seamlessly without touching anything, Gilbert says. The more people become vaccinated, the more likely they are to travel, take vacations and Dan in restaurants, both hotels and travel agencies. We're seeing an increase in traffic after a very slow year

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