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"lenny clark" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

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"lenny clark" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"Yeah, yeah. Oh man. Say the way you said it. He's not a major these are midget tours. They're poses for Trump. Yeah, he was just big. He was the guy. I'm really flattered and it's great that you love it like that. You ask me how my style. I mean, I just wrote jokes. I went to the comedy club to it. Open mic and then I thought, I'm going to come back in two weeks. So I wrote things in that two weeks and for some reason they came out like little jokes. Yeah. And then I just said, you know, and this is how I talk. So accidentally, that type of joke was always merged and it was just there was no, it was no plan. I'll do it like this, and then I'll do this. And it was in Boston. There was no show business in Boston. So there was nobody to say, you got to talk louder and you got to make cell stories. We were all left our own. And we just very distinct comedians and Dennis Larry and bobcat golf poundstone and Kevin meany and Steve Sweeney and Lenny Clark and when I got Bill Burr, who was his New England. Yes. I mean, I loved him. He's brilliant guy. For sure. Stephen, how'd you get involved with half baked when you famously played the guy on the couch? It was a talk show on at midnight to one in the morning. I think bob cost was the host. And then one time, Dave Chappelle was the guest host, and I was his guest. So when the show was over, I said, yeah, we should be in a movie together, and he said, oh, I'm making a movie right now. Do you want to be in it? I stayed. Yeah, all right. That's how it happened. 'cause bob Constance went on vacation. I was later. And you're The Voice of the DJ in reservoir. Tarantino just reach out to you? No, what happened was. There's all these flukes. I made a short film called the appointments of Dennis Jennings and directed by dean Paris Sally menke. She edited the movie. And then a few years later, she was editing reservoir dogs and she was talking to him. They had the concept of the guy on the radio, but they didn't have the voice. And she's just said, how about Stephen right? 'cause I was friends with her for a few years. And he said, oh, yeah, I like that. See how all these accidents? out, and I'm so thrilled that you were out here in Los Angeles on your book tour. Again, everybody check out Harold. Get it, you can pre order it right now. And the books come out, Harold comes out on May 16th. A pleasure. Thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. Absolutely. Thank you. Thank you. Absolutely. I'm glad that TJ got to meet somebody who's work. He was ripping off as a child. I definitely stole out your jokes and I thank you for it. And I'm thrilled that I was able to add on to that was your favorite show. Tremendous tremendous. I mean, there's different types of batteries that grandpa could be or if your father could be. Thank you for having me. Thank you very much. Absolutely. Everybody check out Harold may 16th and get it right now.

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"lenny clark" Discussed on The Jimmy Tingle Show

"Hey everybody, this is Jimmy tingle. Welcome to the Jimmy tingle show appropriately named, I think. This is our first episode of our video show in podcast and I couldn't be happy today to introduce my first guest. My friend Colin Quinn and I go way back. We go back to the 1980s in the comedy clubs in Boston and in New York. I got to meet him way back in the day. He was a big influence to me. A good friend and we've been friends ever since going back, whatever that is. 35 years, 40 years, whatever it is. But he's done a lot of great things you may know him from weekend update on Saturday Night Live. He's been in a ton of movies and he's been pursuing the one person show format for the last, I don't know, 20, 25 years or so, and he's done a ton of them, and they're all great. And I want to talk to him about that because he's in Boston. This Thursday night, doing his show at the Wilbur theater. So please welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen, the one the only from New York City, mister Colin Quinn. Yes. Hi, Jimmy. We first met, I saw Jimmy tingle. They go, you gotta watch this guy, Jimmy tingle. And I was up here at Boston in one of these clubs. And he goes on stage and he goes, folks. I'm the pink wonder. One minute later, he goes, the czar of one of town. Look at him, he has like ten nicknames that he gave himself. He kept his head, and he goes, folks. Spike tingle. It was a hilarious act, but it was she was very unique. I knew from the beginning I said, this guy's really great. He's really great. A man of many nicknames. Yes, he gave himself like 8 big names during that. Well, Colin, you know, when I was trying to get booked at the ding Ho. Barry Clemens. I was about daytime bartender and open mic perform. I said, Barry, why don't you book me? He goes, Jimmy. I can't tell Steven Wright and Lenny Clark and Paula pound so not to come in on Saturday night because we're going to book tingle. He goes, you got to start your own room, start your own room, you can book it, you can host it, you'll get all sorts of practice. So I found that room in Watertown mocks pub and Watertown. I think it was Barry nicknamed me the czar of Watertown because you didn't get into Watertown Massachusetts unless you went through me.

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"lenny clark" Discussed on The Three Questions with Andy Richter

"Feel like i if i have a night off on the loser if i have new year's eve off i'm a loser i'm not in the business anymore and so it it. That's just like an old thing of when you start doing europe and mike if you have every night filled then you feel good. Yeah you feel good and bad. I mean obviously since cova de pandemic i do feel a little differently about like gonna dash often run out again. I probably won't be doing that as much i do. Cherish and i've spent the whole year home with my son and it's been awesome. I don't want to run out all the time. Yeah it's nice that you got to have that out straight. Thank you democ. It gives us an at taketh away. Now you how do you start. Wha- writing for you didn't write for conan. I you wrote for a couple of other shows. I write Tough crowd was my first writing. Colin quinn yeah. Yeah yeah and was that did you. Did he hire you from the clubs or did you submit a packet to producers or fact. Yeah packet. I met him. We did a show for comedy central at gitmo. Now you can't find it by the way. It's been taken off the air and burned but like lenny clark was on it. It was it was a fun show. Yeah we just didn't know we were entertaining. Torture is at the time. But you weren't entertaining the troops not the actual prisoners.

cova de mike europe Colin quinn lenny clark
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"lenny clark" Discussed on WRKO AM680

"Your family. Congratulations to your whole staff. What an amazing place. I mean, you and I talk all the time. Steve and It's funny if you live anywhere in New England. You mentioned Prince Pizza. They know exactly what you're talking about. Everybody has been to your place. So God, thank you so much. And thank you to your family for so many years of just unbelievable experiences. So what's going on for the big anniversary of you bill in a big celebration with A little regular customers, Longtime customers long time employees. You've got a lot of employees in with us over over 25 years, some friends and Have a little have a little bite to eat. And, you know, acknowledged some wonderful people that helped us get through this past year. Especially and, um then we're gonna have Lenny Clark's gonna rip it up with The Sweeney and Tony V and know our usual cast of characters of giggles. And so and we've got a beautiful day. So I'm really looking forward to this. This is gonna be a lot of fun. Well, you say this past year and I've got to ask you. What's it been like? How's it been for you guys down to Prince Pizza? Take us back to one of the first hip. Gotta gotta laugh a little bit. I was picking my wife and my daughter up at the airport. They're just coming off a cruise ship, and I was worried that they're gonna be quarantine. They they made it home. And then soon as we get home, you know the government wouldn't come on and said all the restaurants were gonna close. So I went went to catch. Want to cut my breath. I said, Well, okay, let's figure out what we can do that it's still relevant and our wholesale business picked up. We still had. Pizza, which people wanted. We had take out on delivery, so we were able to survive for entire staff intact for the for the entire year, and it says things opened up. Well, you know, we put a tent up last year and things relaxed. We were. We were right there pivoting and every moment fortunately in the right direction, I really get a lot of credit to my Steve hold. That's all. We got to go to commercial break. But stay right where you are, because I want you to talk more about the tent and you've had some comedy shows there. Ah, and so hold on. It's food for thought and talking to Steve over it. Prince Pizza celebrating a 60 year on anniversary. We'll take a break. We'll be right back. I'm Madison Rogers with a quick check of the stories trending right now on WBC news radio 10 30 After being forced dockside for the first time in 143 years, swan boats her back paddling around the pond in the public garden today. First in line was this guy from Chicago figured that there was gonna be a lot of pent up demand in pageants. Family has owned the swan boats since 18 77. We've heard from.

New England Lenny Clark Madison Rogers 143 years Steve Chicago 18 77 last year First 60 year Tony V today WBC over 25 years Sweeney first time Prince Pizza past year first hip one
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"lenny clark" Discussed on MinddogTV Your Mind's Best Friend

"I was done. I understand that. I get that man cove Taught me that about a about my position right now without go about going out performing music. It's like When when we finally we will locked down for several months and then they find said you could do you know. We're opening up to restaurant gigs. And things like that and they're like. I don't need that anymore. I'm happy not doing it. I think i've you know. I've filled my fix of that. You know exactly. And that's when there was about six months. When i sat on with nothing to do and then fred willard wide. Mary called me up and she said what are you doing is on nano. She said you ought to join carroll. Moore's writer's workshop. It's called a pat on the back workshop and it was like a light went on in my head and i went. Yes i started the next day and it was the best thing i ever did because i learned a different graft about writing and criticizing or other writers in seeing what was good cold on saying what was good in other writers. What was bad in other writers and i stayed at all my plays. I have seven plays all of that were written in that in that workshop. While so you were playwright before you started writing books like i mean. It was. Stand up television playwright books. How did you make the transition from stand-up to writing for television was as somebody who saw. So you doing I know you mentioned you. Are you worked for normal. Norman lear at some point and i know you worked for fox. Tv can't candid camera type of show. That was on that had had you make that transition well nigh admi agents knew i happy on the road so they said you wanna try writing so the first writing gigs. They sent me out in the. They said we want you to go meet over to mardi frogs. And i said for why is just go. I said what's Go so i went on the show in a car. Kleinschmidt and ronny graham. Where the right of the head writers and we're talking and he's a want to see. My video tape showed him a videotape for my television. Stand up in god. You're funding is a banks. They said I said somebody. Please tell me what show this is. Carl said it's the brady bunch variety hour and just as he said that a little tiny nap fluid in front of my face. And i went like this and carl thought i was doing the three stooges data the delivers. Oh my god. I had the best times writing that third worst television show in the history of television. Roussel lunch terry hard We all we. Everybody on the staff was stone everybody. I'm showing the book again while we while we chat So it just occurs to me though you all net a lot. Yeah he's so funny because that's exactly what happened on the bucket current book out. I had it wrong. Actually i i was thinking. Take my prostate. Please was the most current book. The most current book is a memoir. Nobody i know that the that's not the calm got it wrong again. point of pines the most current book. Let me show that yes. I i'm not very Good with details like day. Go there you go a horrible childhood in a happy place now. I thought because. I don't know where i got this idea from that you watch. We've last before whether you were a new york guy long island guy something stupid. I'll tell you why you thought that way but because my childhood was so awful that when i got into show business i wanted to forget about where i came from and so when i was on television and they would ask me from i would say was from new york Okay i thought. I was gonna say i thought i am. Maybe be way off now that everybody's dead back there. I'm from boston right. What what is it about boston because you there are a hundred thousand really great comic act. That came out of at boston. What the hell is it about boston. It makes boston. There are also a thousand schools. There you know. There's a thousand colleges in boston. So you have a community of young people artists and so you have the audiences the young audiences and you have the young performers course now. All the boston comics hundred ninety years old. But that's i would either. But when i was in boston there is no comedy right. It was just tragedy As a matter of fact. I still can't find anything for me as a matter of fact. I was on the road with melissa manchester. And we were doing like the eastern seaboard coast in one of them was in framingham. Mass and i was looking. I was so looking forward. Now this this is a true story. The juicer. I was so looking forward to us to doing this because my hometown my family will come with. Friends will come no came not a single person not one. I'm standing on stage of looking at the audience. And i'm thinking is just like a bunch of old young people you know they're fat they don't have any style and then i was. I guess i must've said something like that. I got a heckler and the audience. And so i was going back and forth dagger having a great time twenty years later. I'm at a party at larry. quetzal on what's his first name. John larry gets out. Oh yeah and lenny. Clark is there any comes up to me. Hey do you remember me. Hackel jan framingham. Lenny clock is one of my all time favorites. He's up on On that list. And when i think of boston i am so. He's a great guy. he's really a great guy. I heard a story about him where somebody is hysterical. Somebody was heckling him from the audience and it ended up on a fight. He avenue fight with a guy while he's doing his act and continued doing his at while he was having a fist. Fight with this..

ronny graham Mary lenny Clark Carl Kleinschmidt new york Hackel jan framingham twenty years later John larry one boston framingham Moore seven plays long island quetzal fred willard wide mardi frogs carroll