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"lenny bruce leonid" Discussed on Slate's The Gist

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"lenny bruce leonid" Discussed on Slate's The Gist

"Not to credit the motivations of a mass killer or a would be bomber. It seems really wrong to say that are extremely angry president has an emboldened and enabled and empowered extremely angry reactions, but I do believe if you say that then how can you avoid saying? Well, black lives matter in some of its rhetoric in some way, inspired those killers in New York and Dallas to kill some policemen. How could you not say, you know, that guy who shot Steve Scalise who was a big Bernie backer? I mean, Bernie bears some of the blame. I'm not prepared to go there. If our president were different we may well have less targeting of these targets, but maybe not we have had lunatics and extremists acting insanely violently in the name of everyone from Jesus to Mohammed to the Beatles. And I wouldn't blame any of them. We can properly condemn extreme. And inaccurate statements from whoever makes them without saying it necessarily put the idea of a bomb in anyone's head or Debbie Wasserman Schultz return envelope in anyone's hand. That's it for today show that just was produced by peer BMA may Daniel Schrader who combined for sixteen hours sleep, fourteen Pierre in two for Daniel Raphael, senior producer of slate podcast. She gets her REM sleep, which means she goes to bed by reciting backwards everyone in that one song. So it's Lester bangs Lenny Bruce Leonid, Brezhnev, Leonard Bernstein, the gist. Here's my personal version. Boy, bridges, Lonzo ball, Leo Scalia. Larry Bird, Peru, Peru and thanks for listening.

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