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"lennox media" Discussed on Software Engineering Daily

Software Engineering Daily

02:36 min | 1 year ago

"lennox media" Discussed on Software Engineering Daily

"For being a sponsor, the co founder of digital ocean. Moisy Eretz KE was one of the first people I interviewed and his interview is really inspirational for me. So I've always thought of digital ocean as a pretty inspir-. Company. So thank you digital ocean. Hugh, Akon you are a Lennox core. Commissioner welcome to software engineering daily. Thank you. I wanna talk to you today about operating system. Kernels. Let's start by just explaining what is the role of an operating system. Kernel operating system is you have a piece of hardwood laptop, for example, in everything that a human needs to do on that operating system provides dry woods and unquote cardinal. You have memory in the laptop and how do you initialized the empty? How do you set up the hardware? How do you get the dry woods, different pieces of hardware to state working? For example, audio on the laptop awed you screen all of that is what operating system going to do foot you. It's essentially making the. Hardware. Usable footer you to do for the user to do what they need to do with that piece of Harvard. You've spent a lot of time on the testing process for the lenox Colonel when you're talking about these different elements of an operating system like media playing for example, how do you test something like that? That is a good question. I do contribute to Lennox media subsystem. And so how do we tell you how you have a dry with apart? Obviously the media drivers. And then you use various user space up legations in terms of to do the testing the different levels of testing. We do like, for example. We would just to do does it boot. For one thing the sofa slow of testing and operating system does the cuddle would come up to us a prompt. Can you log in can you start up legations rows of since? Oh on so say, you are talking about a particular media. Would you have a USB stick that does digital TV your and log TV and so on so he he connect not as a dozen pilot up with that..

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