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"Welcome to the super girl, super cast a part of the comparable network of podcasts. I'm Tricia Mattson. And I'm David Shaw, and I'm Deanna Chapman, and we are going to be discussing season, four episode twenty one of supergirl red dawn of leave the penultimate episode. David, can you give us the recap Alec Stewart's? Remembering cars at entity after falling asleep Netflixing with Kelly car isn't captured long before red attacks her, but Kara escapes, the show redefines triangulate defined reds home Alex's mum calls and is now reds hostage. Supergirl fights, red and gets killed. Luckily, supergirl leeches, the forest plants to reanimate herself. Also, Alex, remember supergirl is Lena buys a prison so she can burrow Lillian to extract our now, from James after poisons and truths Lillian agrees to help Jimmy. But for now. They'll just pump him up with more hornell Lena and James look for lex while following Ben Ben finds out that he's just Lexus pawn, and then kills Otis before. James Lena can get answers brainy dreamer and John look for missing aliens. They look gambit their way into being captured unfortunately brains torture reboots into an emotionless state. He sends dreamer John off to get transmitted to who knows where. Oh, and lex is apparently killed red and fought off the cabins. A lot happened to yes, quite a lot happen. I was not expecting them to introduce a new super villain at this point. Brainy becoming brainiac five. It's a good question as to what that's going to be because they could make him a bad guy for one more episode, and then they help them or they can make having him, get better part of next season, or they can have him be the big Batty for next season. Lots of options. I think that is one thing that they might leave us off with a cliffhanger for it in the next episode because there are so many other things that they have to wrap up. I feel like with the season and with one episode left, you know, based on everything that happened in this episode they still have a lot to do superhero needs to recover red daughters out for the count right now. And I don't really know how they are going to pack everything into a finale. Without leaving a few things as loose ends to pick up in season five which will have a lot to do to because of what events leading up to. I was going to say that noth- very much got sorted out in this episode. But that's not really true. For the most part, all the changes is Alex remembering who super is so that loose end is now finally done, but then they have this thing's starting in the penultimate, episode of brainy becoming bringing five and just adding one more loose end to sorta in the last episode. But then I remember at the very end of the episode, they do clear off an enormous amount of plots, if they actually are saying, rids been killed, and all the cabins have been defeated and all of that is gone, which I was going are you really wrapping up that quickly? Yeah. I was shocked that they did. Well, I don't know if red is really dead or not. But it does seem that the. Crasner invasion which we were all wondering how they could handle in, you know, just the last couple of episodes. So they did it off scream. Entirely offscreen that really cheap way of doing it. Yes. And yes, it's very hard apparently to keep a super girl dead. Who knows what red state actually, as I certainly hope she's not dead. That would be so sad to take that character and dual that work with her and just have killed off screen, I find it very hard to believe that they would throw away all that character building like that. All the unresolved loose threads, slick Mickael and, you know, the basic realization that to that red parents still has to make that, you know, when she when she came to life saying the word Alex, she was not talking about, lex Luther she was talking about our Alex danvers. Yes. So that would be extremely disappointing if that were it, although I guess, maybe she could be in cold storage, and we wouldn't see her again until next season sometime. Well, if she's not dead. She certainly knows that she was betrayed now. Yeah. One would hope that would be more obvious to her. Yeah. Even if lex didn't tell her what was going on even if he had her somewhere watching. She knows that the crows Nian invasion, was all just a big setup for lex to make himself a hero. It's unclear to me of him making himself, a hero that way really does much good in the public's eye. Does that really make lex? Now, a good guy. This plan is just weak. Well, the thing is, if there had been a bigger buildup for the custody, invasion and Americans were worried about being invaded and stuff that would be more effective for whoever ends the invasion to become a hero. But for it to be the same news bite that, by the way, this little country with invading us. Oh, by the way, lex Luther lead. Notorious criminal mastermind saved us. I don't think it's going to have the same impact in the American, I it's not the fear that everyone's been fearing all season right? I feel like the general public would have to consist of a lot of eve Tesna cours for them to really believe that lex is a good guy. Well to be fair, the general public does probably contain a lot of eve test markers these days. True. So many all of them. So we walk through the episode a little bit. Yeah. Let's do that to Alex is telling Kelly that she dreamed of her sister who was adopted and she says it's weird the last time she felt like this. She was being questioned at the DEA. So Alex, if we're going chronologically do you want to go scene by scene? We don't need to go that level of detail. I think it is. Nice seeing the teen car and Alex again, I think these two actors do a really good job with the two characters. It is a believable thing that we're seeing we saw them in the past episode before, and we're seeing them again now but we know is the past because they're carrying on an ipod. So they've made it very clear. I think they did a fair job of chatting and yet being the same characters. So that was a setup for later memories. But going next we pick up the thread with. Oh, yeah. The president Ted reporter Curragh danvers black bagged, and she is taken to some room and an agent is questioning her and she's saying you can't do this. This is America. And besides kept copies, despite telling the president that I didn't keep any Cuffy's. But it does her no good. Because the. They say that they scrubbed the cat coast. Servers hope that means they just took those files out and didn't entirely crash all of cat co you never know. But. Never know. Anyway. Corre breaks loose, and then read daughter in a brunette wig for some reason, opens up a briefcase full of kryptonite and Correia is down for the count the Buna it wig. I liked I still quite like the acting for red. I still think using kryptonite is a bit questionable when it affects both of them. If perhaps not equally bad weapon of choice at the same time, though, what else is she going to use then you should send someone else? Crippen. Yeah. I wonder if Lexus aware that this is going on, because you'd think that looks would have figured out some other way to do that. I think Lek center. Okay. I was just wondering, because red daughter has so much unresolved stuff with supergirl. And she does I quite liked the reverse on the villain monologue where Cora is trying to emphasize that they share blood and jeans. And a red daughter says I see this is the part will you say, we are not so different. You and I. So I, I liked her balancing that back onto our that was fun. Anyway. She rejects cores assertion that Lexus evil. Licks just did what he had to do to protect the world and reducer, you know, why don't you just kill me since Kara Henrik daughter says, I want you to admit that you were wrong and America is corrupt, and then Kara has her hero moment, where yes, she's sitting there with a lump of glowing green kryptonite in her left, but she says she's been learning how to you know, she's been minist- with kryptonite for fifteen years, and, you know, so she is able to overcome this send away. I'm pretty sure we've seen every single occurrence that cars actually had to fit after tonight. It's not been that many. It's not like people walk around the town kryptonite on their backs all this high on making your feel week. I don't know. I like the scene. It is a good hero moment. And it does make some sense. The car at least has some experience sort of fighting off the effects of kryptonite it still works. And she doesn't try to do a lot just tries to escape and that's fine. Right. I approved of her just escaping on regrouping. So she goes to John Jones says that, you know, lex wants me dead to Alex's endanger. So have to tell her about my secret identity after all, John, John says you can't I closed off the neural pathways and she's already healed from that. And you know, telling her, we'll just traumatize earlier. And maybe give us flip personality, blah, blah, blah was this scene needed at all? It wasn't actually had the thought when he said, maybe if she dreams it a remembers it on her own, and I was thinking, hey, this would be a really cool way to go back to dreamer using dream powers instead of channeling it into neural whips or whatever, because, you know, maybe dreamer could help Alex. With her dreams and help her remember stuff somehow. But no, they completely dropped that and didn't do anything with it. I would say that was probably the most unnecessary scene in this episode. And you know there weren't too many unnecessary seen. So that's not necessarily a big knock on this episode because I actually enjoyed this quite a bit. But it was just like wait. We just see Alex starting to figure things out, you know, like, do we need to be told this? It almost feels like a continuity air. They're telling us about this after they've already introduced it happening as we've already seen that. It's okay later on. We're gonna get to more continuity auditees in this episode. I quit like this episode a lot more than the last episode agreed. But the ordering of some of the activities seem a little strange going to another unnecessary scene, where Lena hood bought in prison, as you say. Great, great public private prison. Partnerships. See, so that she could get Lena to surrogate Liliam to fix James and maybe been Lockwood to for her. We didn't really need this in that. I'm sure Lena. Could've whipped it up. Whipped up the cure herself. And I'm very frustrated that they said that lex could do it, but Lena couldn't for some mental block reason, or something like that. But I did enjoy as always the interplay between Lillian and Lena, Lena puts a truth seeker Ilian thing on her so that she has to tell the truth, and Lillian finally admits that she loves Lena. Meanwhile, Lena who is not taken a truth seeker. Anything tells Lillian that she's injected her with a neuro toxin, and unless she does will enough to get the antidote. She'll die. Oh. And at the end of Lillian says, oh, I know you didn't really give me a neuro toxin and Lena's Trink this, you'd better drink this. She gave her the neuro toxin. So even though I don't like d you know, lowering Lena's capabilities, she should have been able to fix this on our own even though that I still just enjoyed having Lena back for a guest appearance. I mean having Lillian back, having Lillian back was worth, even though I do agree with you. That having Lena fail at this is kind of necessary. My favorite line was leeann screaming out couldn't you just waterboard. Me like a normal person. Normal. I like the fact the show is going to have Lillian love her. Even if it is, her somewhat warped view of love. Yeah, exactly. She might actually mean it, but it might not mean the same thing for normal people if she thinks normal people waterboard. People. My challenge with the scene is going back to the ordering of it. Because at this point is there actually any evidence that the Har Nell is bad for James. I'm not entirely sure. I mean he's been having flashbacks but he'll in pain, but that could just as well. Just be from the mental trauma that he's head. I got the impression that after the mind palace work he had kind of stabilized with our Nell, and they hadn't decided until this episode that Ono Harno is actually going to probably eat Ben James up, and they're going to have to extract them, but I don't know if they actually give the impression about that earlier before it was, like, maybe James is going to be powered ongoing, and I was like, well, okay, maybe they'll have to rule that back. I think they did a better job of showing how it was affecting Ben negatively than they did with James, and I don't know if that's just because, you know, James is a bigger guy. So maybe it didn't hit him the same way at hit Ben. But yeah, it's one of those things where it's like, do you really know what you're doing with any of this stuff, Welby known Lillian should James got some kind of refined? Version of the Heron hill, and Ben just straight up original fuel formula or whatever. But just seems strange to me that there was this assumption of needing to do it. And at the end of the episode, we get that, yes. Something is going to be needed..

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