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"lena mccary" Discussed on MMA Roasted

"For more AJ McKee. You know, I don't even think it social media. I think if like Justin Bieber, I think that UFC would put Justin Bieber in. If he went to Bellator and it was fucking amazing and they were like, throw, it would be somebody that I have to sell so many fucking tickets that they were like, like, the UFC had to get CM Punk because CM Punk was gonna go to Bellator. And they were looking at it like, come on, this guy's got how many people and how would that they were probably like going, we don't want to lose this guy at Bellator. So you're saying that you have seen probably isn't even trying to get AJ McKee. I think they are, I think at this point they are, they're probably letting them run out in 5 his 5 fight contract or 6 fight contract. I used to speak to some of you to know that some of the guys and they were like, oh, we want this guy we want that guy, but yeah, I think a lot of it is name value. Like Kayla Harrison is the best one 55 pounder in the world. I mean, nobody can even dispute it. No one's come close. The problem is, is that she's got no one to fight. So what are they going to do? They're going to put her in there and they're going to have to bump a bunch of 45 pounds up. And they're going to go, great. She just beat a bunch of, you know, kind of like what cyborg, like they were like, everyone's like cyborgs. They were like, fuck it. We'll get cyborg. And then cyborg get knocked out by Nunez, they were pretty fucking happy. I'm pretty sure that happened. Because it really were like, oh shit, is she really the best? Our girls. It seems. I think a couple of things. I just don't no matter how likely it seems. I don't think Justin Bieber is going to be a great fighter. So we don't have to worry about that, but I think like when you're talking about co promote with guys, that would be like me and Elon Musk going in together on a rocket company. You know what I mean? Like, what does the FC need Bellator for? But I think if they lose table Harrison or AJ the key, I think, like, at least half of their 17 fans are going to stop watching. That's it for us. We'll just watch UFC and they're going to really kill their rate. But what does the police fight nickname, you know? No, what is this fighting? Does he even have one? I think it's the mercenary. That's because when I just say that because I'm getting like Betty tips the guys when you're betting on fights, always pick the guy with the most original nickname, so I think Pitbull will probably take this one. But yeah, now fantastic betting advice. Vadim nemkov is also fighting coriander. This should be a good fight, Cory Anderson was also used to be in the UFC. He knocked out Ryan Bader, he knocked out some other guy named dolls, I'm not even going to think. He beat Melvin manhoef, he lost a young blue COVID. He knocked out Johnny Walker. He's fighting nemkov nemkov was this is for the title. Now I'm close to good fighter. He beat Phil Davis twice, although it was close. He knocked out Ryan Bader. He beat kabo, beat Lena mccary. This should be a good fight. This is for the title. Light heavyweight for the title. I think it's for a $1 million. I don't know where they're going. When you read off, but when you read off a Bellator's fight, like who they beat, they beat another guy that's involved for now. The same guys over and over again like all in Bellator. Aaron Pico is also fighting. Tim Johnson, I love Tim Johnson. He was the guy that was the Uber driver slash. He worked at a strip club as a bouncer. He knocked out mitrione. Well, those are the fighting credentials they're looking for. Anybody that's been a strip club bouncer and then thought, you know what, I'm going to go drive my Uber for another three hours. That's the stamina you're looking for. Your question is work ethic. He also owns a farm. He's fighting litton to sell. He got knocked out by fate or his last fight in Russia. That pissed me off. And Kyle crushed her. He's fighting. He's a really good fighter. So yeah, so rakim Cleveland is fighting parallel fortune. So yeah, those are some good some good fights in Bellator and the UFC this week. Bala Muhammad is fighting Vicente Luque. This should be a good fight. Luke is a monster. He could just be a chiesa. He knocked out Tyron Woodley. In my dark, you're not that Randy Brown, rude boy. He beat Niko price. He lost the Steven Thompson in 2019. He beat Mike Perry, he knocked out Bala Muhammad, but that was in 2016. Bala Muhammad is on a wooden streak. He beat Stephen Thompson, pay him 30, 26, he beat Damien Maya. He lost a Leon Edwards by I poke. He beat Diego Lima. Who is this fight? I'm hoping Bala Muhammad. Greg. I think it is below Muhammad. I mean, the Sunday Luke is obviously very tough guy, but Bilal is kind of a monster. I really like him. I like him to win this fight, but that's the only reason. Don Frye. I don't want to have a clue. You're talking about partners. So I didn't recognize the names that you called out through. And then mccorkle, I honestly, when I picture them, I picture the same guy in my mind, so I don't know which one's which. Like when I hear those two names, I'm like, yeah, it's that you're going to, I don't know, I picture the same guy, but see my last time I saw both of them fight, they both did awesome. So I think it's a toss up. All right, Miguel baeza. He was Colby's training partner. He was looking like a monster and they lost a chaos. Williams last Friday lost the Ponzi anemia. He beat Matt Brown, he's fighting Andre fialho, who is on a four fight losing streak. Lost a man, Mikael Pereira, Antonio Santos, lost he lost a bunch of guys in the PFL. So I think it's trying to give an easier fight. I think he wins this fight. Also, Devin Clark is fighting William knight, William nice to miss weight by 30 pounds last fight. And then I lost he's fighting, he beat Alonso made a field. He's fighting Devin Clark, who always begins winning the fight, and then sometimes loses for some reason. He put gases out. I hope he wins. Panty Kansas. She's the girl who's the EMT. She's a hottie. She won one fight against by butt balm. She actually sat on Jesse Jess's face and just kept fucking putting her butt in her. It was kind of hot actually. She was fighting the landsberg who goes by with 12% after where he showed her that move. Hey, did you guys see, by the way, did you see Bruce buffer? Tell TRE Maya to back up before the fight started like he was in there running the show. No, I didn't see that. You can see that dude. Rewatch the fight. He comes up, shamia was getting too close for a Bruce puppet comes out like sternly. He tells him to get back to his cage, and I was like, dude, who are you tell the fire to go back to this corner? So she was fighting the elbow queen. Lena landsberg. Not related to Nick Newell, who's the elbow king..

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