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"leme lee" Discussed on MinddogTV Your Mind's Best Friend

"To mybookie DOT COM and use the Promo Code. Mind dog again I appreciate you patronizing sponsors it's it's what keeps the show running as they say, Adam, Lippi is the writer and director of the CIA a movie with for which the trailer you just watch is called. Wait wait don't kill me and It has its second virtual release starting tomorrow night Adams with US Napalese Open your ears and opening minds and how can we help me welcome Adam back into the show. My Lips aren't working too well, tonight, Adam, how's it go I? How You Doing Matt Thank You I? It's a shame won't be on tomorrow night to was open could be your Tony Randall or your refill been. Just show up. With anybody can know my Arthur treater. Some actually the guy who's on tomorrow night described his roommate as a move across between merv Griffin and Jesse Ventura. So if a MERV Griffin and you have to be Arthur treat you. Most people don't even get that referee they giving it the Tony Ren Randall or. I don't know. And you know what? I actually told Robbie risks that one of my greatest fears was turned into Regis Philbin. Because we're in I remember watching Regis Philbin he had Emerson Lake and Palmer on and his first question to them was so play the rock and roll. And I. Just got chills over and I don't ever WanNa be that old guy will interviewing musicians who had just thinking man this guy so Know what he's talking about and Ravi said, well, it's too late manually I am. So that was really a humiliating. So the movie comes out tomorrow night. Now tell me tell people how to say the name of this. leme Lee is looks like A. Is Something Emily Lampe the original Linley was one of the original owners of Universal Studios Pictures. and. Then then I. Think they got into film this exhibition in the fifties or sixties, and it's where they play all of the. Movies that are They're trying to get nominated for Oscars. So they they generally rent out theater there for a week as with the qualifying. That's most you know they make very good with independent filmmaker so most independent films or Oscar, hopefuls get get a week there So that was it was a nice thought. I mean I. Didn't have to pay to do it obviously that. Most places like they have to do what's called four walling and they rent out the theater and pay for the tickets and then sell the tickets just to qualify for Oscars. Now, technically, this year my film is eligible for Oscars, when it normally wouldn't be oh. Cool. An. Expecting. Because they've changed the rules to say that now they're accepting leg streaming this year. So it will they have Rookus Taqwa. Why we I, it's it's premiering technically tomorrow I'm not sure if it's midnight or visit noon or whatever it is I guess I'll find out later but I just had I was running on facebook Gavin thought was not going to run until tomorrow but there was already said a positive before we started a 'cause because it was like well, it's still available. So I'M NOT GONNA I'm not GonNa Waste the views on the at before before it actually starts to run right I was just at the website is tickets will be available soon probably tomorrow right I. Think he gave me some bad info. The other night I'm just questioning maybe not maybe you're right. But we're talking about this and and you said it benefited at it affected your film in a good way because you wouldn't have had these releases if theaters were open but I remember now I'm absolutely sure of the Steve Byrne who was on this.

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