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"leisha sirenko" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

"The quarterfinals and in my daily predictions everywhere I could possibly back him. I was backing davidovich for kina. That's a bad loss. I think telling Greek sport the Dutchman. He's had a lot of really kind of heartbreaking losses on the clay this season. A memory lost 7 5 in the third to CFO and Esther really lost a final set tiebreak to her action in Madrid. He lost a three setter to Felix auger Ali asim. I think after 7 for the match in Rome, and he just hasn't been able to build on that Monte Carlo final where he was fantastic that tournament and look, it's a heart pick. I love his tennis. I love his pet adoption agency. I love his odd socks. I just think he's great. And I think it's a shame he's out because he's a fun time. It's a good result that for Alexander's who beat Sebastian oftener today very comfortably because he was the he was the really dodgy potential opponent in his quarter. So good result for him. Other notable results today, what did we have? I think we've just had a win for leyla Fernández. Over Christina devic late on long lens. I think that one. That's my prediction for the day one. And Sloane Stephens was a winner today. That was my pleasure. Yeah, so the end of that, actually. And that was the match proceeding Isner. I literally just thought I'll pop into the long run to have a look, but I was so taken by the position of where you watch. I thought, I ended up being there for the next hour and a half. But Stevens was thrilled with that win. Actually, I mean, she came, she came through a difficult time in that match. And you know, she's had a really difficult time generally on the court. She's had no wins of note. And you could tell she was chuffed a bit, and just searching, you know, searching for some form. I was impressed with how she fought after losing the first set. He never quite know with Stevens if she's not fancying it. And her opponent qualifier duel nee Meyer, another one who just stormed through qualifying barely barely losing a game, Stevens can just sort of go, don't fancy this. Yeah. And she didn't today. She was prepared to go to the dark places and I'm impressed with that tennis. As I always say, is the better for a dialed in Sloane Stephens. However, that might be where my predicting of Sloane Stephens success ends. I feel like this is a charity. You need to know where to cut your losses and run. Explain Stevens. Just turn the lights on as if it's chucking out time at the pub. I mean, I think it quite literally is checking out. I think all of the, all of the matches have finished. Yes, the app tells me there is currently low, no live match. Which means we have to wait until tomorrow schedule, which looks like this. We start on the Philippe chatrier court with the world number one eager schwinn tech against leisha sirenko, then it's Diane parry who David was Googling earlier today. Earmarking a potential upset. He's decided against him. I decided against it after some very selfless advice from that. I see why you were going there because Barbara kuche, the defending champion, hasn't played a match. On clay this season, she's she's there to be upset surely. I'm just not a sure Diane parry is the one despite Diane Perry's recent we're never medicine English. Did not pick up any she's very good David and he said she recently beat Madison English. And nobody knew what to do with that. Then we have Rafael Nadal. This 13 time champion kicking off his campaign against Jordan Thompson and the first night session slots tomorrow goes to the men's world number one Novak Djokovic against yoshihito nishioka, kicking things off on Suzanne long then tomorrow at 11 a.m. is Amanda anisimova against Naomi Osaka. That match shouldn't be there, should it? No. I don't think it should be at that time of day. I'm not sure which match it should displace on the shatter air court. Well, Kathy and I were talking about that earlier and I thought Catherine put it very, very well. And I'll let her explain it, but the way I see it is you've got three days to pay the first round and there's two possible days that for sarcasm over could be on because each half of the draw is over two days. And yes, she's playing on the same side of the draw as English film tech, but real quick she cover. Rafa Nadal and that Djokovic here on those days as well. But you don't need to schedule all those matches necessarily on the same day. You know, you could you could get a soccer on chat tray as well as anissa mova. You say, right? That is the best first round match we have. Which it certainly is. It's a priority that that has to be on chatrier. And you work from there. You work backwards from there, because without question in those conversations, they're working back from a place of Djokovic and Dao both have to go on. I hope that they also put on tech in that in that category, but yeah, for me, in that conversation in the same bracket should be, and it's over in Osaka has to go on saturated, work back from that point. And I understand the point that a number of people that have made to us, which is undoubtedly a factor which is that Japanese TV that pay a lot of money for these tournaments they are very invested in tennis will have requested that slot the 11 a.m. slot. Because that's 6 p.m. in that 6 p.m. Japanese time. But American TV will have requested as latest lot as.

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