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The Great Gildersleeve 48-11-03 (302) Engagement

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The Great Gildersleeve 48-11-03 (302) Engagement

"The Kraft Foods Company Presents Herald Perry as the Great Gildersleeve. You vote for. The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you by the Kraft Foods company makers parque margarine millions of women all over America. Serve Parque because it tastes so good why parque tastes like it should cost twice as much. Market to catch him. Again home again try. You lacking. My. He A. R. K. A.. Y. Parque margarine made by CRAFF. A week ago, something very important happened in the life of the Great Gildersleeve. He became engaged to his charming next door neighbor that align fairchild. Let's go back to the morning after. He accepted his proposal. The happy bridegroom to be is just arising from his cow. Engaged see. Well I did it for the baby's sake. Can adopt unless. I get married. Didn't have to rush into it though. Suppose. The parents come back and take the baby away. I'd be married for life. That's a long time. Say nobody knows about it yet. We could keep on engagement secret awhile spent. The parents should come back be. Yes, lie obviously. Where's my other shoe? Why! Morning Line. Now, you certainly came over early. Loverboy loverboy. Couldn't wait to see your little bride to be. Could you know I couldn't. Your sweet. Well if Reid to be I mean. I've been thinking syllabi where I lay awake all last night making plan for marriage. I can just see how cute little towels hanging on the rack together. He and she What's The matter Ula pay? Just haven't had my orange juice. Well just been busy as a bee making. Table engagement engagement party. Wait a minute. Do we have to have one of those? Course. That's where we're going to tell the whole ride world good news. Align, Oh promise me. Headline. I just got a wonderful idea. How about keeping on secret. Real just for a little while. Morton Gillislee. You're not trying to get out of this I'll you. Know. s thought it'd be nice to keep the secret. That's all you haven't told anybody, have you? Sanchez, one little Taban to a relative dance. I don't think we should tell anybody else I. don't see why. Well it's more romantic that way. To me a secret like this is precious to share, but if you want to tell every time, you can Harry, go ahead. Track Law your little darling I didn't realize that such a romantic heartbeats underneath that grave issue. I do believe your. After all Romeo and Juliet kept their love a secret. Yeah, that's. Why they kept secret. And both committed suicide. Well. We wouldn't have to go quite that far. Well I'd better be going in line. Don't forget, it's the secret. All friendly. Seeing that allowed. Yes Leroy. Been Own, just thought I'd take an early morning. Walk up an appetite. Matt you young man, nothing Uncle Romeo. Yes. Congratulations more walks. I understand, you miss. Their child became engaged last night. This fairchild, she just phone God. She certainly kept it a secret. Couldn't even wait I got home well. She said you wouldn't mind if she just told the family. Uncle more I think it's the best thing that ever happened this child awfully sweet. She'll make a wonderful wife and now the baby. You'll have a mother. Yes, but for the time being I've asked fetch I'll keep on gauging the secret to matter getting cold feet. So little respect Leroy now, thank you not to jump to conclusions. We're keeping this to ourselves for romantic reasons. Leroy! You understand. We just won't let it go beyond this roof. Good Morning Birdie. Three Happiness Marmot. Watch wonderful. Batch Getting Bay. My goodness Birdie did I. Tell you to yet that? She told me just now over the back Fan Paul. Broadcast it over the radio. All, she told me not tell anybody. He was a secret some secret, isn't it? Thrilling Brady is sure is a nightmare like you should be mad with guilty. Thank you very, but this is a secret, so we're not gonNA talk about. Are we not? Talk about it good. But I know you're to be happy. This batch I'll go make a wonderful white Alberti. We said we had severed. Good now that settled. THINGS PRETTY SOON! You'll be mad. BROODY Why yes? He ran a good race for the party finally caught up with you. I don't want any breakfast. Why did add line have to tell the family about this? How? Long's it doesn't go any further I. Guess it'll be alright. A lot of work to do today. I'll just bury myself in the water reports. Morning Bessie. Together me and congratulations. I didn't know you dispatch out to be very happy she tells you to. She said she didn't make us mind since I was your secretary. Of course not I don't mind. The might as well tell everybody send out a notice to all subscribers. Garrison away you walk. To, work, again betsy. This is supposed to be secret oh. Let's don't tell us. Who just keep it between you and me and the Lamppost lamppost. To figure of speech messy. Let's forget all about this and get down work. I'll get it. Some of you want department commissioner goes leave speaking. This is a police department chief gate speaking. Hello, what do you want I'm very happy for you commissioner. What are you talking about? Come on now. You know or paramus muted someday Line told you to well. She said since I'm one of your closest friends. Oh. Sure hadn't take it from me commissioner. You'll never regret the now. Look. Marriage is a great institution S, but don't want to live in an institution fall fall fall. Very funny only kidding commissioner, taking from an old married man marriage is okay. It's a give and take proposition. You'll give your wife Taylor. Chief of you'll just stop those coney junk Mr Gildersleeve sincerely I wanted to wish you both up festival man thank commissioner. May All your troubles. Be Little Ones Haw. Goodbye. Heaven's sakes. Keep, the secret to secrets at line hasn't told many people only Leroy mize rebirth, chief gates, and you. I wonder who else knows about. Judge. Found Day. Another one may I be the first to congratulate you I? Get in line you the ten. Headline said it'd be all right cal me since I'm. Sure the more the Merrier, well guilty Dan Hubert finally hit you with one of his little arrows. Of course I don't see how I could miss you make such a big target. I'm just going to ignore that too old goat and gay miss. Fairchild said I'd be invited to an engagement party before allow. She did I told her that we were going to wait a while. Well, you have to learn Gal, that a woman usually has the last word add lines at her last word whereas my hat. Headline I'd like to talk to you. Had the busiest. I know that. I thought we agreed this morning to keep buying gave him a secret. Did A lot of people seem to know about it and a little bird didn't tell him. What's the matter? Killing your grab more for fewer. Allied war, right you master for man. You I won't tell another show. That settled. Just keep it a secret loss until engagement party. Headline I thought we were GONNA POSTPONE OUR ENGAGEMENT party postponing well just a year, even month or two. Back melling. Guess who sent his congratulations on gauge, -ment fool. Moon yes, y'all sweetheart. She answered my wire this morning. She says she hopes we'll both be very happy. Call. She doesn't mean it. A bet she's tearing out our blonde hair by black. On it will make. It I just good friends now about Morton. She said she'll never forget those moonlit at nights by the rational. Did. More. What are you brushing? My blushes. Hadn't forgot. To know you, haven't you're still in love with her? At all now if I want to keep on. What your? Want to have. Aren't gates for. The party used to. have it anytime, you saying. I know. I don't think we could add line. We don't have the invitations print. What are the invitations this morning did? have. happened. So happy on. Yes! You some. Laura? Bride this beautiful. It ends ready for delivery, but you'll hear that fifty thousand dollars in prizes including twenty sleek nineteen, forty nine four door. Ford sedans are being awarded in Parque series of contests, and in addition to his Ford. The Grand Prize. Winner gets one thousand dollars in cash. Listen to this each week for two more weeks, Parque as awarding four beautiful new. Ford Sedan for General Electric Table Radios Twenty Corey coffee makers, two thousand eight postmaster, automatic pop up toasters, sixty new ten dollars bells now as you know. The Great Gildersleeve found a little baby girl a few weeks ago all. All, you do to enter this contest is against a name for that baby right? The suggested name on a contest entry blank available at your food dealers with complete rules or use a plane piece of paper, and entry your name and address and one red flat from the end of a package of Parque Margarine, and to Parque, margarine box seven, three, six Jacobo Seventy Seven Illinois. Be Sure to enclose your parque dealers, name and address brands go after the car that everybody wants a beautiful nineteen forty nine Ford Sedan. Hurry though there. Saturday is the closing date in this fourth weeks contest. Mail your entry parque margarine box. Seven, three six, Chicago seventy-seven, eleanor now, names of earlier winners will be announced in a few minutes. Well now, let's rejoin the Great Gildersleeve. The fatal day of the engagement. Party has arrived, and the condemned man did not eat a hearty breakfast. It's afternoon now, and we find our prisoner of love in solitary confinement up in his room. Trapped by a woman's tears. Will be all over tonight. Maybe. It's all for the best. We'll be able to adopt the baby now. Headlines really fine woman. Least won't have to buy an engagement ring. US. The one I got for Leila. Good things she gave it back. Lille! Well the girl. Well, it's all over now. Just forget about her. Why did I put that rain? I guess it's a cigar box with Leila's letters. Dealers letters getting a little faded. Dislike Romance. Look at this old dance program. That's the night we went to the Halloween dance at the elks hall. Remember Leland I had the last waltz together. That was a wonderful night. I'll never forget that costumes. Leila went as Madame Pompadour and I went his Henry the eighth. I remember I carried a chicken leg around all night. We danced she she. And her hair tickled, my knows. What's the matter with me now? I gotTA forget Leila. Whereas that ring. What's this? Little Blue Ribbon I wanted the fourth of July. Let's say. Second Prize Batmans race. Leland I had a wonderful time that. I remember after lunch. We took a walk. Down by the Brook. We sat there on the bank and watched our reflections in the water. Can I stole who kiss. May Be. Put right back in your. Then we. Gildersleeve. You've got to stop this. Remember, you getting engaged Atalaya tonight's. Supposed to be looking for a ring. Leila doesn't mean a thing to me anymore. Doesn't affect me one way or the other. Was this. Baby! She, she looks cute. I think I'll look for the ring later. Hello phoebe. Downing fleeing. Congratulations from TVs pharmacy. On your coming marriage together oh by. Aren't you happy day for you? Happy Oh yeah. TV and I are looking forward to the engagement party administrator child tonight and we'll be there with Belgium. That's fine. Never forget to wonderful parties. We had attacked house when Leila ransom used to live there. Yes you. Remember the ninety that happened long time ago I've forgotten all about Leila, you have. Can't stand. She used liberal. PD. You must remember Mrs Ransom. Attractive widow about fancy to freckle, Johnny. No, no I remember. Thank, you, said you forgotten. Let's skip. Funny Forget her. You incorrect found. Your varied one time. But that's all over. He certainly made an impression on me. and. Birthday party there. Played Post Office? Now delivered. A letter is ranch MANIP- Andrea? Wasn't happy Postman. Let's get one thing. Straight Leila is a thing of the past just a memory. She's gone with the wind. And yes, of course I, put yourself in my shoes. PD. Suppose you were getting engaged Mrs, TV tonight. You'd forget all about a girl Leila, wouldn't you? Well the commission off Floyd well. I got an invite the funeral I mean engagement fight. We can dispense with the barbershop humor. Floyd just give me. A haircut adds up in the chair and I'll spruce you up tonight, right? To. Me That someday you. Don't sing that okay gives me the willies. They commissioned. Tell me something. Whatever happened to Leila Ransom Louisville. Now, why should I know I'd forgotten all about her To have quite a Pash for that southern Bell Floyd. That's ancient history the thing of the past. while. You're right commissioned when a man gets engaged, he's got to forget all about other women. That's correct, so I'm glad to see. You're putting Leland mind well I am as good. You know body at all war. That's right. Amash. Leila should look cute and abeyance. Who didn't he? She sure did. Goodbye Floyd I don't need have. What are you doing over here Depar-? Nothing judge giant potty I'll join the party in a minute sake La. It's almost ten o'clock when he going to engagement. Pretty, soon, Horace Go Finish your strawberry. Ice Cream. Where are waiting around waiting? Mind his own business, the old goat. Everybody is so anxious to push me into this thing. At lines been breathing down my neck all night. Why, doesn't she? TAP MORE IN. Yeah. Don't you think it's about time? We announced on gauge the parties practically. Screams almost gone could run out and get some more. That's more I've added. No, you'd better I'd think he would try to back at the. My acronym aren't. Little Caesar to the would. Choose me miss, Fairchild the jolly boys, it like a singer Song in honor the occasion. How about commission us? She let's go. Later after the song very up teeth. Know honestly, Galley Record, do a song dedicated to you. Thanks, what is it wedding algebraic that old gang of mine? Very funny I'll let you know commissioner. Don't go away. We need your bathtub baritone. ALL RIGHT CHIEF! You couldn't do without me anyway. Okay, overdose he. On the. All of. Love. Swedish. Could. Off. Off. Goes Janik there goes jim down through lovers. Lane. And then we meet again I that head on. A. Yeah along some really. What I hear those? Host. Office. View Day you MS Badge I. Oh. Yes. Would make the announcement. Will in just a minute. Have to get the ring at line is in my overcoat hanging in the hall. Have your eye Banyu Hey. Now. This, is it? Dolly longer dealers lead. Burwell, well. Guess I'll never see. The ring one these pockets here. Maybe I lost it. No, no such luck. Here it is. have to go in and face the music. I could just walk off the front door here. Runaway. I'd have to come back someday. Get a clean shirt. Here. Taxi out in front. Somebody's getting out of it. Woman! She's coming in. At Walk Looks Familiar. I wonder if. It couldn't be. Is. Leila. Walk. Near Turning Green, what's the matter? Oh. I'm fine. Oh Here. They are the names of the top winners in the second week of Park as fifty thousand dollar baby naming contest, here are the entrance to have won. Nineteen forty nine four door Ford Sedan Nancy McNally a Philadelphia Pennsylvania Mrs Hd last year of Fox one. Oh! Seven College Station Burien Springs Michigan Mrs Asks Louis Johnson Junior of Dallas Texas Mrs. Diesel Ara Boehner. Boehner I'll. Frankfort Kentucky except our congratulations. Winners of one hundred forty other prizes in the second weeks contest will be notified by mail. Remember fifty thousand dollars in prizes. An all are being awarded, but next week's contest is the last soul send in several entries, maybe four or five to boost your opportunities to win the Nineteen Forty Nine Ford sedan above all friends hurry. WHO. What happened. Throughout more. Stay carried you out here on the front porch to get some. Understand. Clear my head let one help. Airline. Leila really come on yes. Oh. I'm sorry. We didn't get to announce a engagement tonight. They couldn't revive you in time Salon arcing. Engaged lovable. These! Play our Herald Perez all the lines. UNIVER. Written by game on Robin. Thicke five. To water lake. Mary Lee Robb million Randolph. Her laws Richard McGrath. John Wall saying good night for the kraft. Food Company Makers Framework Line of craft quality food products. You're. When everyone further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. News for lovers of natural cheese now after waiting many months, baths has plenty of age. Dominican! Since before the war, but the man for natural American cheese has been so great, but it's been very difficult to set aside enough for aging Ma craft has. Thought you had a hankering for natural. American cheese with the grand flavor that comes from aging. Let your dealer. No melania aged the class kind. Take home a big wedge cut from gold and. There's a lot of Ekman on a web of American cheese. especially if it's aged, American by crafts. Is NBC the National Broadcasting Company. Food.

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