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"leighton ball" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"The baskets, and Frasier did a nice job turning his body, so there wasn't direct contact with Franklin. That's not really Frazier's game, but with the three is not going down in the last few attempts he's had to drive to the basket. So Franklin of the line looking for his 18 point of the game. On mister and he is a really good free throw shooter. So that miss was a bonus for Indiana, but he could give Illinois they're the only lead in the overtime thus far, if, in fact he knocks down number two still again, looking for his 18 point of the game. And this one drops, so he's got 18 points in this contest. He scored their last 11 69 68, Indiana Down Waters during brings it across the timeline. Now with the basketball gives to pray, Galloway Galloway slides of pass off the arm on Franklin Franklin dribbles to the right tries to penetrate kicks out the Galloway Galloway won't shoot it Now. Trade pulls it back outside. Pray Galloway down out the trace. Jackson Davis, Jackson Davis Back out the Galloway Needs to take a shot drives in, throws it up and whistle offensive foul entree. Galloway wow two offensive fouls on two possessions here for Indiana, and Galloway's got his first follow the game on that one, I think was a great call. Granderson slid over set his feet outside the semi circle. I think Jackson Davis passed up a 15 footer there. Donna's shock clock's winding down. That's one. I think he's got to feel comfortable to take Leighton Ball games, but he passed it up. And put his teammate in a tough spot. There's Curbelo with a basketball in line. I could take a three point or even a four point lead over three here. Here's a pass in the quarter. Do matey Williams mishandle it gives without the Fraser Fraser back outside the Grandison back. The Fraser does 10 on the shot clock. Friend Frasier now will work one on one slides to the left, pulls up fires up a jump shot ribs that no good rebound. Armand Franklin Fry. You are my pulls it down across the time line with the dribble Armand against Grandison back out to the Top of the key Franklin drives up right gives it the Galloway train out. He dribbles it back between the circles takes it back to the right side. Cries in low passes it out the race. Thompson race prize of left inside against Grandison into the lane kicks out the trace. Jackson Davis two point around the way almost an airball. It did hit me out of bounds line. It's gotta belong to Illinois to all four left in the overtime in Indiana with a one point deficit as Anthony Leo will check in for trade Galloway and no points here in this overtime session for Indiana, and we're just under three minutes worth of action here in overtime. Now, good news for the Hoosiers Don't always only got one point here in the overtime session, so both teams struggling right now, all offensively. I don't know if they're big gas. Or if the defense is really stepping up, But neither team right now getting really good. Looks at the offensive end here in overtime. Rebello with the basketball works it to the left side pulls it back. Right guys into the lane. Throws it up. This is the shot. I gotta call another foul man. Indiana got it stops about following follows on Al Durham that is his fourth of the ballgame. Man. It's sense. I'm Braco Bellow to the free throw line. The freshman out of Puerto Rico has 10 points in this contest, and he said all four of the free throws that he shot in the small game and he is an outstanding free throw shooter as his friend Frasier. So so Cabella goes to the live. 1 50 left in this contest, and he missed it short off the front of the rim so he could make it a two point Illinois league if he hits the second. You can tell guys are tired. There's no doubt about that. They had played really hard at both ends for both teams. Carmelo second on its way, This is good. So it's now two point game, but in the end has got to get some offense going here. Fellows got 11 points in this one. Now Durham across the time line now works it to the lab to arm on Franklin. Franklin Race it back outside circles, right gives to Hal weaves it back to trace back to al Al Free throw line kicks out the Armand Armand works drives inside fakes gives it back, pal eight on the shot clock Now going for the right hand, tried to work his way inside. A fadeaway shot Doesn't go rebound tipped up. No rebound Part four and saved by Leo. But into the wrong hands is Frasier comes up with it. We're down to a minute. 14 to go. Daniel Lanois got the ball. Curbelo with it. How? Near mid court? Just working The ball. Just kind of letting the clock run down. We're down to one minute mark on now, Carmelo, With 10 on the shot clock starts to work the offense, Carmelo gets a screen from Kobe Coburn Frozen cross court to grant a city dumps it into Coburn and Coburn now backs his way inside. Throws up. A shot will go in our mind, Frank. Whoa. It's knocked away from Armani picked up by the Monty Williams and Illinois. Got the ball back now, whistle blows. I think they're talking about whether the shot hit the rim or not on the shot clock went off. It's definitely a shot clock discussed in here. Indiana did secure that rebound. That's the question there is whether that was a violation and Williams just kind of spooked in on the baseline. I got the steal. Pray, Illinois, which was absolutely huge for the align ID, but that's gonna be the question here on that ball did hit the rim. I did. It did hit the room. You have pain. Franklin comes away with the rebound, But winds just comes right behind him gets the steal here. I think it's gonna be a fresh shot.

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