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"leeann judy" Discussed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

02:19 min | 9 months ago

"leeann judy" Discussed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

"Round and round and blows NAS air on you like a homeless child if you've got papers and you want to get them together and you just do this at that moment in a and it puts those papers together Oh my Lord okay so love it Leeann Judy facebook how are you enrich adjusting the super fans enter to win. VIP Facet passes to Bravo Kahn which are completely sold out well I am surprising our first winner she's here in the audience give it up for.

Leeann Judy Bravo Kahn
"leeann judy" Discussed on Raceline Radio

Raceline Radio

01:59 min | 2 years ago

"leeann judy" Discussed on Raceline Radio

"Eric thomas race line of the race line radio network with the latest news and opinion are the race line race rat formula one canadian grand prix said queens you'll know veal notre down montreal for tsn six ninety for aria sebastian battle took off from the poll end well that was basically it boys and girls that'll wins and montreal i for ferrari since two thousand four fourteen years ago his fiftieth f one win by the way botas second for mercedes max for stopping third for red bull after three wins in a row in montreal best lewis hamilton could do was fifty struggled pretty much all weekend rather dull race to be honest i thought canadian land stroll didn't even complete the first lappy got loose over corrected and crashed with toro russell's brendon hartley both done about the only drama we saw all day f one points out of montreal into the french grand prix vital back on top by one that's all over hamilton coming up i'll have a detail rundown with the finishing order of the montreal clash along with some commentary indycar the night run at texas on the over in the wilting heat scott dixon state at a trouble save fuel and avoided tyre blistering to win his second of the season to move back into the points lead into third in the all time win list with fortythree he only trails aj flight with sixty seven and mario andretti with fifty two i have a massive respect you know a lot of these drivers when you look at those names aj and foists in mario andretti mark leeann judy in the answers you know it's you know to me it's still seems very strange that you know dickson is kind of on that list too well simon passionate second in texas alex rossi third yeah good on dixon forgetting third in the list a badly needed fourth over canada's james hinchcliffe after missing the indy five hundred struggling as of late robert wickens led a big chunk of this thing i thought he had a chance to win until he was stuffed into the wall by ed carpenter error fellow canadians that claiming to mellow of montreal also dns ridden into the wall himself by andy five hundred winner well power will penalize for voidable contact points in the road america scott dixon leads alex rossi by twentythree wiccans in seventh in the standings.

dickson ed carpenter james hinchcliffe simon aj scott dixon robert wickens canada alex rossi Eric thomas mario andretti texas montreal brendon hartley toro russell lewis hamilton ferrari two thousand four fourteen yea