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Episode 105: Where Are My Sunglasses?

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Episode 105: Where Are My Sunglasses?

"We are defenders that night did the most trusted source for top to bottom coverage of everyone's favorite mid-nineties animated program Gargoyles. I'm your host Daniel Williams and other host Eliza Circle is. Hey thanks for joining me today. In the studio talking about old g goals Gar. Giggles DO GARGOYLES. Yeah you are a gargling. We are finally finishing up awakening. They were discussing awakening. Par-five Mrs Season One episode five. Yup probably should've said those in the different owner. You know whatever I the. I thought I had before. The episode really started when we had the theme. When are they going to do the Goliath intro? I have to assume we'll get the next episode now that we're done with awakening and everybody who started watching they're like. I don't need to know wakened anxious I'll I'll start with episode six that makes sense but tell me what did I miss right. Tell me in thirty seconds what I missed in the past hundred minutes. I just want to hear his voice. More alright calm down okay. I Dunno man when it is jump into it. You got any our news garden coil. You know what this episode Awakening Part Five Aired October Twenty Eighth Nineteen Ninety Four. It was written by Eric. Luke and Michael Reaves. They have written the entire awakening series and it was directed by Takemitsu Cow. Mora and Katsuo Toronto nailed it. Thank you I assume showy. Yeah as with every episode so far. This one begins exactly where we left off. In the previous episode the Brogue oils have literally one thousand guns trained on them. And we're GONNA jump right into clip here because Brooklyn says floor comedy to days in New York City and there are already making bad elevator joke so I found it interesting that we did start right with them because like in the episode before we saw a little bit of Goliath and Lady Mac cargo whose name I can never remember. We don't get it yet. Oh that's right and we get it this episode a I never remember it. You know we got a little bit of them and then they cut away to the and then I thought we were gonNA cut away to Hudson and Bronx. Yeah the way they did. These attacks on the various locations feels a little disjointed to me. I would have preferred it if they did one the other than the other. But you know what I'm not in charge so it was twenty five years ago after. They're funny goof. Ups They Scurry back up the elevator shaft as the yellow jumpsuits as I'm calling them now and my notes they distort light in their asses up firing they shoot up the elevator like they mean business right in the Gargoyles. Go one floor. They don't even right. I'm not trying too hard. No they find all these whatever scientists who you where are these other. Oh so they go up a flight. The camera cuts to the scientists. And then the royals explode through the ceiling so they go back down to the floor. They were just on. I missed that they would opportu bypass the guns but we need to be down so they just like destroyed the floor. But how did they know where the lab was from the floor above Liz? I mean I guess David just gave them really good info. Experts that reading schematics prints. Why not so all? The guards are on that floor though just in a different. Yeah the fuck okay. I didn't even think about that so you didn't notice the bad matte painting when they burst through the ceiling. Because you know how hand-drawn animation works is. You have the same background and when something changes you just put a cell over it. So the background would have been the ceiling and then the next frame. There's they punched through the ceiling. And the lights flicker background gets really like it. Shifts really weird. I'm not an animation experts. I don't know exactly what the terminology would be. But you could tell the background was jumpy and did stays like in focus and doesn't move fascinating. You didn't see it but it was awkward to see. I like it was so weird that I rewound and watched again. I rewound my vhs cassette. And I watched again. I will have to rewatch the beginning with what's happening there. You know in the room with all the scientists and this is my really to understand first off how does Lexington no I understand. They explained to him. Okay you're going for this floppy disk. But he was boop knew exactly what to do. Yeah he knew exactly where to go like. Oh look technology people boop here it is. I got it. How because he is the Donatello of the group yeah does machines and then Broadway throws something a window and they're like Foca so for these scientists sake they are doing science the ceiling explodes. Monsters jumped down. I start to menaced them steal a floppy disk. Destroys the property. Like if you're on scientists you'd be like what the hell just happened. God what would you tell your spouse when you went home that night? I don't believe anything I said after. That anyway would seem ill right honey. Honeydew we need to take you to the hospital now. It's all very checked out. And there so our Powell oils palled around. They make a quick and easy. Get Away too easy. It seems too easy but again like they weren't where the guards are some the Dorky. Scientists don't necessarily know how to fight these monsters. No guards are assisting those fucking nerds. Yeah all the guards in the hallway. Nobody's in this room where the disk is. Yeah you'd think they would have heard the floor exploding and been like perhaps we should go See if they're okay in there maybe a war if they did go up a floor because they saw the oils up there and then there would with the folks and then lick maybe follow. The whole scene is following video game logic levy enemies in a different room. They do not bother. You are okay. That's Hilarious is Liz yes. We moved to the sewers where Hudson has certainly more of a problem. Procuring his disc. Yeah he and Bronx are going through these tunnels and they are spotted on a closed circuit television system and a platoon of the jumpsuits. Get the drop on Hudson. And he's like I'm GonNa fucking tear you apart and he starts ripping limbs and he starts punching guys and Bronx's chewing away arteries and it's brutal. It was pretty bad ass yet. None of that happens now. He can give up like a coward. I need these old. Hudson is the two days from retirement. I'm getting too old for this. Shit gargle literally that he literally says I'm getting too old for this. Well they they meant to look up. I didn't when did that movie. Come OUT THAT. I'm too old for this shit. I don't know if that was lethal weapon one or two but way before way before this it was probably a purposeful reference. Yeah for the adults watching and you know what Hudson is a big Fan of TV. Yeah maybe he just he saw them. That'd be areas so hudson is captured. Yes let's did. Everyone missed the giant doglike thing that he was rolling with because Bronx just rushes in and starts tearing dudes part for real this time and instead of immediately opening fire on the dog oil in the crazy winged monster. The guards stand around with their dixon their hand like. Oh what are we GONNA do? There's a dog thing. This guy's Jacking. Us wanted a time. What what guys. I hope. They're not paid very well. I had a note. Hudson gives no fucks about these humans. Ll Not have the same feelings towards humans that Goliath has no not at all and then know the fights happening in someone. Actually take a shot. Finally by the guy in the captain's Ad I feel like everyone of these soldier guys. Whatever the fuck were calling them they really suck it shooting their guns. They're like stormtroopers Even worse because they're not firing the dislike bumbling idiots yeah when they do fired like the US a Jillian bullets or lasers or whatever the hell it is and they don't hit anything like last episode or episodes ago when Lady detective turns over her shoulder and hits them with one bullet but she's being fired upon like a rain of bullets and nothing hits her like what she's in the Matrix. Yes so time a slowdown for her. So she can dodge all those bullets and fire. One perfectly aimed shock. Did you notice that the one shot that was fired in the scene? Shoot some sort of science device and then catches fire. They really like things catching fire. They are into fire in the show. It was a computer literally. Nothing would've happened. It would've maybe maybe says old. I guess like don't go around shooting a ton of computers like a waste waste of bullets in computers. Oh yes cracked me up that you know we have this compared to Lexington who's like beep disc and then Hudson issues like Smash Smash Smash. Here's my desk. He was literally in the right place still out of all the machines. He walked right to the proper Michigan and slams it down and I thought he was going to push the big button the fake out. I don't know what that big red button does. Which probably not good our big Red Buttons Ever. Good things The easy button. Yeah that is a big red button. So he's got the disk and before the GARGOYLES can escape. The Colonel Hits that bigger button and shuts the blast doors. I guess what the bigger to buy a big red button middle like that makes no sense. No I got a big red button on the wall or something that you hit to like door shutting button right not a better phrase for it to her shutting it so the gargle off the rails the gargoyles off down a random hall. And that's never a good idea. That's like horror movies shit. The fuck. You're going yeah. They're making their get away. Get trapped in a weird cage thing above some subway tracks. Yeah that's what I was GonNa ask you. You been a New York Avenue. Yeah did you ride the subway? Yeah I mean I guess if you're in the train you can't look up but like I'd assume something like that would exist for maintenance. I've never noticed the size of a subway tunnel or tunnel. That seemed really big underground. Train STATION TUNNEL. That has been turned into science lab right. So maybe it's extra big extra roomy for the science. You need space for Science. Ciano the floating sidewalk practically like they were in and then Hudson being the bad ass. He is just like rips it open and jumps onto a train. Your he does not have time for this shit. No he does not they. They finally escape. The TRAIN GOES ABOVE GROUND. Hudson catches the an updraft and they take to the air crash land nearby and they're safe strong gargoyles he's carrying Bronx. It'd be Bronx's got eight hundred pound bombs. The opera is a hefty boy. Yeah that's two successes yes. We're two for two one. More to the airship okay. Wouldn't it be hilarious? If the broil succeeded Hudson succeeded and Goliath fucked it up and like didn't or broke his disc or something harder so back in the airship. The lead hat is freaking out. Because you know. They know that they've lost two thirds of the data and Lady mcharg oil. Here's this somehow and takes this opportunity to say wrong. You lost it all through that giant steel door. Okay do they have like bat hearing do you think are they like part bats that they can hear really really well. I mean they do have large ears. That seem like a thick door lady. Mma gargoyles opens up the door. Like WRONG BITCH. You lost all of it. Yeah and again. It doesn't surprise me that she of all people knows exactly what she's doing because she hold your but I guess just like waltzes up to it and it's like beep boop and there it is and doesn't mine and the jumpsuits here don't even bother like this is the biggest thing that I've ever encountered. And he picked up a dude so you know what fine. Take your desk what he knows. What a yeah. And then for reasons. I don't understand. Lee Mc Gargoyles after retrieving the diss punches. Down into the computer console thing pulls out some sort of lightning filled tube touches it to a wall and somehow starts a fire Liz. Yeah I don't think the creators of Gargoyles no in any way. How computers work more fires. That seems to be true. Liz Yes what the fuck are we supposed to believe is happening right now? I don't know why is that tube filled with lightning. Yeah I don't think that's how fireworks. What what the fuck did she pull out? Pull out lightning tube like in the nineties had supercomputers I had to have lightning in order to work okay. Regular computers used regularly supercomputers use Super Electra sedate. Lightning lightning God. So has she been on this airship because we said that she knew all about the disk and she know where to get it but she posed. How did she know which? Computer David with the lightning. And it's in that one got it know all about lightening fine. So now there's smoke there's fire. Yes and Goliath. Why the fuck did you do that? And she's because I hate people. Douglas and she's like. I don't time to talk about this shit right now. We've got a book because it's exactly where my notes say. This bitch is evil. She is she hates all. Humans hates except David. I don't like they have to be fucking right and we're going to get to that at the end but yeah absolutely goliath wants to help the humans. We can't just leave him here. He says she's like fuck. Yeah we can. Also how does he know what the end result is going to be? They are putting out the fire because what this one room so like. How does that result in the airship going down was? That's a fantastic question. One that like God wants spark is going to make this thing explode if it is like that. Maybe don't have a supercomputer. Because when they got to the airship last episode they were being pushed backwards by the engine exhaust fans but that's what they were. They were spinning engines. Yes as one single computer caught fire. And the Goddamn airship goes down in the river. There goes and of course detective Dream Boat just had to be there. She's Look Rut. Rose that is of the giants. Whatever the fuck it is I guess. Are they used to seeing this thing or is it like incognito like do they see this thing floating above? New York was. I didn't even think of that. But yeah like what she expecting like. Oh it's the Zeppelin that I see all the time right slowly crashing into the river and then yeah two gargoyles and then. She's sick Goliath Goliath. We're GONNA we need announcing already we. We're going to have some words sir. Who is lady with you? I was your lady what the FAA was this whole Zeppelin slowly crashing into everything Israeli. Just Gimme perplexed. I feel like we should take a print look hunky hero and a fantastic leading lady to be brought to life with lovenox indulge in radio drama filled to the. Brim with romance laughed. All those wonderfully become with a new relationship and don't forget those delicious sexy parts that make Romance Novels. Oso to enjoy season. One of eleven love is available now at calamity cast dot com or anywhere that you can find podcast and we are hello. We are at Castle. Live though I have the justice. Shut up David you suck and I have no idea what that reference to well he was probably talking and then you like. David doesn't need anything specific. So as the Gargoyles were one hundred percent successful in their mission of returning the disks Liz at the nine minute. Twenty one second mark. Did you see the size of this disc? Did you notice that? David is holding it in his hand and it is easily three times the size of his hand. It is fucking gigantic. It's like the size of a record all of a sudden. I didn't look that big in the gargoyles hands because they're gargoyles. I think that it's just inconsistent. Animation changing scientists and then they do a wide shot radio disc close up giant. Maybe he was trying to emphasize the importance of this disc by making it bigger. Was I appreciate what you're trying to do here? You don't think they put thought into it but no. I think that it was just an animation mistake so obviously David's very happy to have his desk and he's just like okay. Thanks God I really don't like him fair so glide is talking to lady mcharg oil that he's got to go. He's got a hot date and he doesn't want to be late and she's like who the fuck are you talking about? You shouldn't trust any human. Yeah any of the except David. This kicks off a really interesting conversation. I WANNA listen and it's kind of long so just deal with aside from xanthos. We have no human friends nor should we humanity. Is Our enemy Goliath. I thought you learned that a Millennium Ago. Not Make War upon an entire world. Doesn't Santos prove that there are good humans as well as bad? Can you forgive the humans for what they did to our kind? The ones responsible for that have been dead for thousand years. Then there defendant shall pay. I will have blood blood. You said the centuries of changed me. They've changed you to become hard unforgiving. You're not as I remember you. I'm going to see my friend so she possessed like now. I know I keep asking this question but like it makes no sense to me that she hates humans this much. Then why trust David like it makes why I mean you keep asking it because none of this chip makes any sense. It would be really interesting to see lady gargoyles before. She decided that she hated all humans to get a real understand real understanding of what that turn was because even when we see her thousand years ago she didn't trust the humans it would have been really cool to see what made her turn and maybe understood this kind of evil streak a little better because right now it's just making her look bad. She's an asshole. Yes she's just evil for the sake of being evil or you know angry for the sake of being angry but without a cause right. We'll get there who maybe we're only five episodes and we've got seventy three more to go. Who Anyway Goliath is like you need to get a handle on your shit. I have places to be an lady to woo. He fucks off to and then we cut to D- Alexes Bank of computers. He's got incredible camera angle of this entire argument. He's watching it all happen from a drone if you notice the camera angle on his computer screen. It is like pulled back wide shot from above like bird's eye view. How the FUCK IS HE GETTING? This Camera Angle. You see this in cartoons and shit all the time like how are you seeing the same view that either viewer emceeing? He's secretly because they don't understand technology. He secretly during the day strapped go pros to their chests and they don't even realize that they're they're yeah exactly before we go to the next. Liz Deluxe says Goliath is too hard to control. What a pity something like that creepy and weird talking about I guess. He was expecting Goliath to be like a mindless monster that he can control like a Frankenstein's monster kind of situation but then Frankenstein's monster gets a brain and smart. Sounds like no no no dad. You can't control me. I'm going to go do my own thing. But he's had previous interactions with lady mcharg oil. Who is very manipulative and conniving in her own right yes for sure but I think he's realizing Oh Goliath is too good maybe like I can't just convinced the man to attack an airship. I guess because he's out of the fight between Lady G and him that he's like oh I thought having her around would like get him to do things and he's he like. No no no. I don't like this side of you bye-bye I don't know. It seems like a quick turn on David's part but he's just like because deluxe is plan has one hundred percent worked right. So why is he like Goliath all of a sudden even though I totally got him to do everything I wanted and you think the fact that Goliath does trust humans more than lady? Jaye would work on David's behalf. Yeah Yeah we've finished our worrying about deluxe. Yeah we're moving to the rooftops taking so detective. Dream Boat is patiently waiting for an explanation as to where to wear Goliath was 'cause she thought him flying away from as she calls it a plane crash girl. I don't know if you've seen a point before. But it's fucking not a plane. I have never left Manhattan. I have no idea what a plane is. One thousand nine hundred ninety four so she's not familiar with the future. Yeah not a good detective but she is because she already know some Shit Yeah. She knew the three labs were robbed by creatures. So she's like she's like affect my gargoyles and motherfucker. I saw you with another woman. Yeah so it's just like really just yelled at because I going to go see you in late. Gd You're gonNA yell about her. Do you think that's what love triangles do anyway? So he explains that the desk were stolen from David an he was just helping get back. What was rightly his. Yes they had to fight and yes destruction happened but like we were helping David. It's fine dream. Boats not having any of glance condescending. Patriarchal Bullshit dropped some knowledge on his ass. Check this shit shit out. Remember this trace. That emblem. It's the logo of the robotics firm that's owned by. Are you ready Xanax? Enterprises are you saying that Santos's responsible for the attack in the park. That's exactly what I'm saying. He probably planted that Boko new himself. But those were the same men who stole the disks from him Goliath. Nothing was stolen checked. Those discs were cyber by addicts property. He must have stated that to trick you into stealing the disks. He used you. He's been using you from the beginning. Pretty sure this confirms our theory. Deluxe is behind all of it. I don't fully understand why I don't even understand. Okay Liz. Can you explain it to me? So that means all three labs his is that what it means. That's what I was confused. Minute okay actually know this own cyber -biotics so here's I think what happened okay. The case that was stolen didn't have anything in it right. It was empty so the the helmet guys are his so the attack. That happened in episode two. That was his people to stage a fake robbery. So he could be like hey. They stole that from me. I need it back so the discs were never his information The data was never his. He just needed. He knew Goliath Gargoyles. Wouldn't just Steal Willy. Nilly had to have a reason and the reason was they stole my shit. I need it back. Stealing it period. Okay so he doesn't own these cyber -biotics company no his rival rival. Yeah Okay He. He came yes. The case was empty. Had nothing in it. He pretended to have his shit stolen. And that does make sense. Because these cyber -biotics jumpsuit guards looks different different than the helmet. Guys Jumpsuits v Helmets. Yeah all right you got it. Make sense to me. Yeah I accept. Oh so dream. Boat Convinces Goliath. That deluxe is definitely a shit. Dick Desk Fuck but the have to trust somebody. So why not a her and then she rubs his face. Oh yeah she promises. It'll be worth like girl. You are using your charm to win him over you know. He's thirsty. Boy Live boy. Come here come to Mama. Gotcha boy. Sh God it's going Zana Toast Tower. Yup Liz play this clip. Yes please it has to do with in Deluxe spouting some shit that I just. It goes back to the the not being able to trust glass. It just doesn't make any sense so all right let's listen. I'm afraid. Gargoyles have outlived their usefulness. I can't count on their loyalty but now with the data on those discs. I can bring their replacements. Online holiday already outlived their usefulness. They've been uncurbed cursed for like two days. Let you. That's fuck ton of work to get these gargoyles generic city to be like we're done with you is who days maybe three. I'm even so flustered. Because he gave them one assignment and they did and he lied to them about the assignment and they still fucking did. What is he talking about here? Like he's lost his marbles bonkers so okay he's full of Shit. Hurry the usefulness of Goliath and company he had them steal the discs for robot related reasons. It kind of sounds like he in Owen. They're like hey when the sun comes up and the other gargoyles are asleep. Test them and lady MIC Gargoyles. Like why the fuck should we wait? Let's blow these mother fuckers now. What is her game well? She's manned that Goliath is with another lady she's using her vagina. That think right now. So you're telling me that rather destroy people the only people who are left the only ones left so she called the last of kind the last she wants to be the last gargoyles. Does she really think that if he's like all right? I got these robots now. I don't need creatures. I can't control. She gets the stick around like she's elusive right. She's way more of a loose cannon than than go is in the other she's a loose end. Loose cannon yeah. She thinks she's more important than she is. The problem women are always thinking that sexism we go outside and our are just chill and just like chill into the Max. Where did you get that little computer? He's got a little computer Brooklyn his sports them. Six shades and Broadway. Being the fat one has an entire dining setting of snacks he got like takeout from everywhere they get the table. It's gotTa tablecloth on what Does Avenue. If you have a billionaire who is your pretty much sugar daddy right like. That's pretty much what David is doing taking care of them. You just dragged out a table random room. He's like I want to eat. Yes so this further confirmed my theory that these are all Ninja Turtle. Analogs get back to that. Goliath is Leonardo. Obviously he's the leader. Lexington is our DONATELLO. He does machines Brooklyn cool sunglasses as a Raphael but rude. Yes give me break. Liangelo isn't Raphael. Yeah so yeah okay. Michelangelo is our Party Dude Broadway. Always eating pizza so Hudson. He's gotTa be our master splinter. I assume he's old. Yeah WHO'S BRONX? I couldn't figure it out. I sat there like who is Bronx in this scenario. I don't know because obviously Casey Jones Amish because I don't have anyone left Bronx's Casey Jones share because they don't have any pets now. No turtle a turtle. No that seems inappropriate that seems like slavery anyway and then robots. Let's get into this robot. Shit Deluxe has built giant Gargoyles. Automatons right like why if you're going to build robots that can do whatever you want and destroy set like me to look like. Why do they look like Elias? Why are they looking like Gargoyles? David I think David also has a boner for Goliath. Yeah maybe he recognizes power. Yeah in leadership. Do you think that he? How long did it take to build these robots right? Did he have them and he just needed the software? Yes I think that was. He had them and that's why he needed the disks but like just like boop that into the computer and like power them up like I guess. It's some sort of technology that he hasn't been able to create himself so that's why hit to steal it from the other people. That's gotTa feel really shitty right. You're supposed to be the best and you're like oh I can't do this thing. I WANNA do without the shit that they created and the reason I ask is because winded. He decide that they were all going to look like a life. I guess he when he went to Scotland and I was like Oh yes castle. I'm GONNA buy it. He just stared longingly at the statue. And he's like this. This is what I want. This is my I was GONNA say. David this shelby my masterpiece exactly he tells the robots to attack and the Robo goals start firing off all kinds of lasers and shit and it gets really exciting. This episode is full of lasers and gun play. Shit it's wild. Why does it? Nypd do nothing about the fact that this building is constantly having light shows in two days to attacks. Yeah I don't know I wonder if it's because it's so high up that they cannot see it. I like what he's describing. Why The robot? They're better and he's like well they can fly. They don't just glide unlike Oh way to way to slide that dig on them. Also they have rocket strapped to their backs flapping their stupid robot wings. Shut up can you just imagine how rich deluxe must be that first off he was able to buy a fucking castle? Haven't transported bit by bit and rebuilt in New York City to have these gargoyles for only a couple of days. Also somewhere in there built these robots like dude. Get A fucking hobby. It's building killer. Robots but here's the thing why what are the robots for. I can't wait to find that. Oh what is his fucking in game here. Did He. Build the robots to replace the GARGOYLES? Did he build those robots in six hours? I don't know I have so many questions about these fucking robot. So he had gargoyles. His purpose of them is to protect his company right and also steal stuff from the other company like to be his minions. I think he was born. He was like own. See if Madrick's real yes. Yeah magic is real as a cool. It's real. I like my robots butter though. Go these imagine trill fucking robots a cooler and you know what I gotta say. I'd rather have goliath that isn't metal. Stone over metal. Yo I mean if you give that robot glass a good personality it's Kinda yeah but doesn't have a personality or milling machine on at the moment but there's always room for improvement. Just makes him even more like Tony. Stark had Tony Stark. In all of my experience has never been out now just evil. No not at all let me. That's his hope thing as he's like. Oh fuck this. I can't have my dad's company being used to make missiles and shit for bad people. Tony Stark always accidentally evil like most of the time. He's got like a good idea. A heart of gold in that little glowing but he's always messing something up and like. I'm accidentally the villain again. No let me fix s. Got All my friends killed. Poor still just go back in time anyway so back to gargoyles which I feel like we've only talked about sixty percent of the time this it just keeps making me think of other. You're not wrong. We get a really action packed. Sequences the Gargoyles try to say the jet packs and lasers and it's really it's no use. They are no match for these robots Broadway gets taken out and crash lands Lexington gets hit mid flight and broken managed to catch him mid air. My Poor Little Lexington. And here's the thing about this scene. This little berry here Brooklyn is acting like he's struggling to stay aflutter with Lexington in his arms right but Hudson could carry the big dog. No problem in the first episode Brooklyn was seen carrying to vikings in throwing them over the castle walls to full grown men. You're telling me that Lexington weighs more at three foot. Six inches weighs more than two full grown vikings. Liz I don't buy it. Some Justice Brooklyn's being blasted out of the sky. Goliath shows up from his date and smashes one of the bots and shit just goes crazy at this point so of course. It's real. Goliath versus robot Goliath in. It's pretty Intense Loy there's lust in your eyes. I see across the table making me uncomfortable. Yeah and so yet again Gliding makes no sense because Goliath is going against robot him and just like FIS up into the sky. How little buddy. I can only assume that. He caught like an updraft but it looked like he flapped and went up word so anyway he moves Lexington all the way who's unconscious and put them next to Broadway. Who's also unconscious and then goes back to the fight. Meanwhile who has been chilling out in the TV room watching the real world road rules. Challenge comes out because of all the noise is like what are you crazy. Kids up to Holy Shit fucking. The castle is once again just collapsing around him. Lasers are going off left and he and Bronx are attacked by another Goliath box. There too quick. They've got those like reflexes at two hundred and fifty thousand years old. Bronx manages to jump up and grab the Goliath Bot in mid flight and grab by the tail and his pulling and pulling in Hudson pulls out his fucking short sword which I often forget that he has to and slices that robot like forehead to Dick I. He's way more warrior than the others. He's is like almost like armourer his shoes. And why are they not all arm? No clearly they know that weapons is maybe they think their claws are good. Enough like Hudson knows than that and he's like you know what here's to humans understand certain things and it's okay for us their shit. Yeah TV. The sword wearing clothes we briefly cut to the lobbyists detective. Dream Boat comes running through my God and we're explosions. Yeah like I already know what's going on. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA go ahead. I'm just GONNA go. She runs right by the the security guard and lobby. She's like no. I know where I'm going. We go up to the Skies Glances surfing the back of robot. Maybe he's the Michelangelo. Nah Okay he sends that fucking robot just careening headfirst into another flight robot. Yes taken out to at once. It's awesome the fucking master. They rain robot. Parts down onto deluxe and Owen. That was pretty funny. Like fuck you you piece of Shit. Well deserves that. He does and he's just sitting here like This is not going how I thought it would. This would really on my favorite. I laughed out loud when those parts were raining down on them was like fuck you. So here's my question. So you know they're beating ass taking names and and winning right like the tide has turned to since glide showed up there actually succeeding. What does David think is going to happen? That like oh I just tried to kill them for no reason and they still live here right. I ask that later on like what is the expected outcome right. Does he want to kill the Gargoyles? It seems like whereas it just another test. I don't know but like how do you come back from that? God is like all right this dude just fucking trying. Kill me in my people my. Bros and cool. We're just GONNA keep chilling on this roof and eating food. And maybe that's the exchange. He occasionally he tries to kill us. But like it's free rent so it's new Manhattan expensive. Yeah that speaks also to lady mcharg like why does she want you said it earlier? But why does she want the last of her kind to be destroyed? Robots do not understand her. I feel like I need a deep dive character. Study of her family. Learn more as the show progresses so Brooklyn and Goliath. They managed to take out the last robot by trapping. Part of the castle on top of it does he just have a mason on call. Come Fixes Castle every fucking day not on call the Mason just lives on site. Yeah every day pouching this again so they take the last robot there are no more robots and as angry as lady. Mcharg oil is like you wouldn't think that what happens next would happen but she pulls out a fucking Bazooka right and starts firing at the last gargoyles in existence. When did she learn guns? A B. Why and we don't learn by the end of the episode. We do not learn what her deal is. Why she so angry. Liz yes there's a dramatic act break here in the episode and I think we should follow suit. I'm left flustered. I needed. Take some deep breath. Okay am worried I am worried. We're GONNA take a own. Thanks for listening. Help others find our show by rating and reviewing on I tunes checkout calamity cast dot com for even more content and follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. To get in touch and let us know. How doing if you like what you hear and you want to help. Keep the lights on. Consider becoming a regular calamity cast contributor on Patriot. Or You'd like to make a one time donation you can do so at pay pal dot me slash clammy cast. We appreciate your support and your donations. Truly make a difference. Okay so we are back at the drama and the castle. Oh it's still happening and leading your mcharg oil. Just has her fucking Bazooka and fires a rocket at Goliath. Any like fifteen feet away girl what are you doing? You love that man you literally just like yeah. They were wing hugging in the last episode. They were we. It was hand stuff their wings were protecting them from view. The hand stuff. Here's the thing like how do you turn that? If she had hit him she would have been covered in his core. That's how close. She was standing just glide meet and he's like what are you doing? What are you doing right now? Why are you doing this? Yeah she and Goliath. Have kind of a standoff. The other gargoyles are prepared to rip deluxe a new asshole. And he's like. Hey how about instead of attacking me. We just let these two guys have a little chat. I feel like they were running out of time here in the episode. They're like no more action. We gotTA stop. We ran out of fight budget. And there's that villainous monologue that lady Macbeth has and I'm gonNA play that here. Okay combine if your food but then you always were too. If you'd only taken the rest of our clan away from the castle that night. The plan was perfect it would have succeeded. What plan I made a bargain with captain. I was to get us all out of the castle. So that the Vikings could save it what it would have worked and after the humans were gone we would have had the castle all to ourselves but you ruined it. You had to protect the humans. You made a stay at the castle when we should have been with you when the Vikings attacked the captain said he'd protect us but I didn't trust him. I've stayed alive because I trust anyone. But why did you do it? You can ask me that. After how they treated us they had to pay all humanity has to pay what they did to Al Kind. This is a pretty heavy scene. She dropped some big news. Yeah she hates. Everybody hates all the humans she wants to wipe them out and create a world for her kind leashes to kill her logic. Her logic makes no sense. I still don't understand what El Capitan was trying to do right. So he wanted to the castle for himself he was trying to get rid of. Is that all it was no. He's just really tight with gargoyles. Who's like all this hanging out? We're tight we're cool. Let's be friends. Fuck all the other humans meat. I like this. I like this plan so you but I like your plan. So does she no matter white year it is? She finds a stupid male human to be like even plan. I'll be part of this. I guess so. I'll capitan is like deluxe nail except Alexa pilots. More power but I guess a thousand years ago. If her plan had succeeded it would have been a lot easier to go round killing all the humans and there would have been more gargoyles to do it. But now don't understand doesn't really make any sense. My my notes continue to be shouting about deluxe and what he gets out of all this saying that from the beginning of this episode and even before so at this point we're near the end of episode five foreclosing closing out the awakening. Liz We finally get to hear lady MIC Gargoyles name which is shorter than lady mcharg oil. And I'm glad because I don't have to say it or type it anymore. I named to Goliath the humans gave it to me long ago. You should know it before you die. I am Mona. Humans. Give her nameless. Yes we finally get to call her by the name that we knew she had all along. She is Dimona now. So why did they give her name because she was the all haughty but like humans gave me a name to Goliaths? They probably gave all you assholes names like you're telling me that someone gave Goliath name. Someone gave Dimona a name and they're like envy authors and the pro coil. What's also how did he not know her name? Does she get a name after they were stone? Lake Shoe survived right like she was able like. She wasn't stone defied so like she says she was. And it's believable. She says she was cursed. By the MAGA's the same way that goliaths decided to be cursed by the mega is to like. She went to him and was like. Hey just you know. But she's also a liar so who the fuck knows what she's been doing the past thousand years right when she got that name. You're right that's a good question that I never considered because if it were at the same time that he got Goliath like why wouldn't they call her Dimona to his face? Yeah yes you can call me Dimona but other gargoyles around maybe they just called her. Dimona bonaly tour phase but like lose fucking Damone over here. T think I'm sure it's a playoff like demon bs. Something Lady Demon she as a level demon. Oh my so. We're getting wrapped up in the minutia. Here we're almost finished. After Dimona says her name Dream Boat finally shows up these elevators. They're not super speedy now. She is been writing elevator in real time. She just decided to run up the stairs instead. Yeah she took the stairs. Five hundred floors another rocket is fired and it takes out the castle as we've already mentioned deluxe must have obtained that live on the property like ten floors of the skyscraper are devoted to housing his masons. That's why it's so big. He's got a house all of his Mason. This rocket explosion. Yes knocks deluxe. The fuck out good but it also makes Dimona and dream boat get near the edge and start tumbling and Goliath has to make the choice. Do I save the human girl who I love or do I save Damone? I guess her name is who I thought I loved but apparently has been after me this whole any extreme vote. Well here's what I would say to that. Liz Dimona has wings yes. She can't help herself and she's fine but also dream is used to it. This is the second time she just likes tumbling off buildings from the stratosphere down to the earth below like she's over she's like. This isn't even exciting anymore. It's fine obviously as you said. He Saves Dream Boat Setzer Down Safely. And then he goes to throw deluxe off the fucking. Yeah but don't talk him out of it and it's like if you do it then you're no better than Dimona or you know. They just won't be a plot anymore if he just through deluxe off the roof. All of the gargoyles problems would go away which it might be worth that killing. One human in cold blood and really. It's not in cold blood right. It's to protect also in retaliation for the shit that he's already pulled right. He tried to kill them. It's self defense. It's really not to say that deluxe does not deserve this shit. It would be a terrifying way to die guess cod yeah but instead Dream Boat. Just arrest okay. Not that that's going to do anything. Owns the police. You Know He Shirley. How else are they just like? Turning a blind eye to all this explosion battle. He's got the police in his pocket. He is this city. The episode ends with some comedy from the oils lighthearted way to in this pretty heavy episode. Brooklyn's sunglasses his sweet shades. Were broken in the fight. Broadway's hungry gliding dream boat. Make out and yeah that's it they don't make but they do make plans for another date. Which made me wonder? When does she ever sleep or work? Yeah she'd literally spent every night until sunrise with Goliath. Maybe she takes micro naps. Maybe you know five minutes here. Ten minutes there. She's trainer her body to run off of six hours of sleep total but in very small chunks. Maybe Goliath just energizes her. She doesn't have to work until nine. Thirty Sun comes up around this? Let's call it summertime around five thirty six o'clock and after he wears her ass out she goes home and goes right to sleep. Our just gets all comfy cozy for a couple of hours Liz. We've decided that This is just an adult rated podcast about. I think that's been clear. Since episode one YEAH WE ARE FOULED. But we made it to the end of the awakening. Five part the start of the show. Yeah I think we should take one more break. We'll finish her up. We'll say goodbye and we'll see what's happening next week. Cool Long. In Modern Day Bristol. Someone is copying one of the most infamous serial killers of all time. Jack The ripper. Only this time. The story is different. A woman survives and decides to get her revenge by taking the law into her own hands but in so doing she awakens a darkness deep insider if you like suspense Thrillers Man. Serial killers tune into Jane. The ripper and audio drama coming to Calamity Cast Dot Com Halloween Twenty nineteen. Welcome back everybody to defenders of the night. Where a once again. We have finished the five part opening to the gargoyles series the awakening Liz. Yes hell of a run right. This is a really interesting way to start the show. What did you think of this up? In specific I liked it. It was very action packed. you learn things? I'll just kept making me go well and like. I have so many questions and a good thing that means. I WANNA keep watching in hopes that these questions will be answered especially about the robots and the Mona. I'm glad we can call her by her name. Now yeah cheese it fell off the roof and I do think she survived The they leave that open ended by like wings. Obviously Juliet right leg. We've seen multiple other gargoyles fall off the roof like we know they're going to be fine. Fine did we call it on the robots or did we call it. You said it. Earlier on the episode robot related. We said it way. Early in the series deluxe is the bad guy. Yup We nailed these things and I gotta say it's not because I seen the series before because I didn't remember Shit right like some of this stuff wasn't coming back. Oh no the whole first episode came back to me but since then I'm like okay. I remember general things about this series as a whole but yeah I I'm not remembering these platforms at all for me for a lot of it's been like watching a new show. Yeah that's how little I remember. It's more of the kind of feelings that brings up in me like the. Yes fucking my childhood. Yes exactly yeah. What do you think David trying to do? I think that he's just trying to be an evil rich guy like despite what they've shown us. He has specific motivations other than to be bad guy with a lot of money. He can do this. He's doing it. Yeah he doesn't have any specific ideas or goals right now or if he does. They are not being broadcast to the viewer rain. Yeah just to be the biggest baddest richest tech guy. I don't know how about you. What do you got any? Yeah I think a lot of is just like the be the most powerful unstoppable. I'd like to know his backstory a little bit like I feel like most villains have some sort of reason why they are the way they are right. The best villains are the ones that are the heroes their stories so maybe he has motivations that we'll see more clearly as the series goes on. I hope so or it's going to be one note of character. Just will no. Yeah and he seems like there's so much room for gross fair that we're going to get a lot of his pesos or not. Because it's fucking children's cartoon rate that's the thing who knows. I know I mentioned this during the show itself. But what are they supposed to do now? They were literally just had attempted. Murder happened to them. David has shown his hand right early. Yeah little soon. They know he wants them. Dead and has these robots has plans for mass destruction. They know Dimona is not a good gargoyles cool. Let's just keep chilling on this castle yet. They live with their main antagonists right. I don't remember what Dream Boat said took off but instead of him his normal Posey When the sun comes out he was like shocked to look on his face. God Yeah what was it? It was funny I think. She showed him her boobs. Hope Hoop as I hit the MIC. Boobs are exciting. I don't I don't care. Do you cowboy if Google has a boehner when the sun comes up to stay heartache of course it gets Liz Liz. Liz Gets rock-hard. Look at the literally covering my is was. Can we finish Liz once again? We've finished another episode of defenders of our. Thanks go out to eat and McGowan four. Providing our interstitial musical ditties go find him on Instagram and twitter at I'm not spelling out this time. Easy underscore breezy underscore MAC and check out his band. Good deeds at good deeds music band camp dot com big it now they know if you want to Gargoyles or your favorite killer robots use the Hashtag gargoyles wear at calamity cast. I'm at Zirkin eater. Z. E. R. K. I. N. A. T. O. R. AND DANIEL IS AT UNDERSCORE DS Williams. Because he's the only one of us who can do easy. Campbell's on instagram. Easy handles Williams on instagram. Where at Click Network Daniel is at again underscored? The William Rhyming is important and I am at L. Circle find us on facebook at climbing cast. Email us at clinic cast network at Gino Dot Com and check out to dot com for all the podcasts that we create we make so many friends have to sit down. Gather around folks. We say every episode but if you went on your favorite podcast and you gave us a five star rating in a review. We'd really appreciate it. It's one of the best ways to know that you're listening and we have a patriot. So if you like what you hear in support the network head over to patriotic dot com slash calamity cast and become a patron for one time contributions to the cause. You can use pay PAL DOT NI SLASH. Calamity cast one more way. You can sport everything we're doing is to head to claim to cast dot com click shop link at the top end by shirt or some stickers Bath Mat or any other weird stuff that are shop offers. You can get an official royal t shirt now. We will return next week with season. One episode six of Gargoyles and an episode of defenders of the night that is so glad that Dimona zone forever. By by a BIPEDAL GLUE. This has been a calamity cast production for more content visit calamity guests dot Com and follow us on facebook twitter and.

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