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"lee congest" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

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"lee congest" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

"I haven't seen very much of the footage. The problem I have with it is the safety aspect, which is that I was at turn 13 for FP one on Friday, where there were drone cams and there is a reason that in general use drones are not flown very near things and drones have got like sharp, very fast spinning blades and for them to be flying around like that. I wasn't sold on the idea. Because they were dashing around right above where we were and it wouldn't take very much for drones to fall out of the sky and hit a driver on the head mid chicane and cause also problems. I'm sure the FIA have thought of this in FOM and all, you know, sure everyone's thought of that, but they're not foolproof and I just think for the sake of an extra bit of footage maybe it's safe and not to risk that. You say with I'm sure they thought about it, but then they probably should have thought about what happened in Abu Dhabi 2021 being possible and they clearly didn't. It's worth it. It's worth pointing these things out. Luke, what's your thoughts on the drain cam? Can I give a simple answer? Yes, please do. Yeah, it was cool. I think it needs to be a bit better. Alpha tauri did some really cool stuff with some drawings for their lunch a few years ago. Talking about that's what I'm talking about. That's when it's done really well and obviously that's a closed circuit and it's for filming purposes. But as we said, it can work. We've seen it in other series. Safety aspect definitely something that needs to consider and be aware of. But hopefully it can be a cool broadcasting advance for F one. Okay, what I'm going to group Lee congest together in the positive camp and Megan you're in the negative camp. Where I also am and where is the entirely correct place to be? Don't do it again, F one. Thanks very much. It was really nice to see what I presume was the WRX track that Barcelona had a few years ago. We saw it again and repeat. It didn't add anything as just said it just made me feel queasy as does the helmet cam at that times. I don't think it's wonderful. Don't get me wrong, that is brilliant, but what I would suggest is not to use it as part of the live element of it, save it for replays. The problem with that obviously is I know that recording and broadcasting different camera features very expensive, very difficult. But anyway. But I think the formula E helmet cam is brilliant. Like that is sharp, it's clear, it's really good. So again, they just need to work out how to get it on that on that same level. We polled the Twitter audience. We got over a thousand votes and I can tell you Alex that's 63.1% are fans of drone cam. So I think you just gotta you guys are just gonna have to embrace it because it's coming. I feel like this is the future of broadcast like they're trialing it with other NFL, they're trying it with football, which again is more static. I grant you and it's on a smaller playing field. But I genuinely feel like it's like four K cameras, right? This is the future of broadcasting. You're right, they have to get it right, but I feel like this is going to be a you're going to be massively outvoted in terms of whether or not this is coming to F one or not. Yeah, I think as well just on the helmet cam. With what you said about doing it separately, because sorry to bring up bikes again. But in moza GP, you can watch whole races from the helmet cams or they've got a new shoulder can, which they've been using, which is really cool. So maybe something like that would be a good compromise for people who do like the helmet cam and people who don't. Well, on that, I'll be honest, I'm not going to stop going on about how it's a bad thing because eventually if a drone falls out of the sky, Blake chops someone's arm off, that's going to be a massive lawsuit. If it falls into the driver's head out of control, then I just think it's going to be worth it. I take the point that it can look good. It didn't hear, but I still think it's a bad thing. But as we say, good on them for trying something because for how many years did Formula One just do absolutely nothing to help fans even understand the racing better. So fair enough. Let's speaking of fans, let's come and talk about a really serious issue for this weekend, which was the problems that a lot of the fans at the tracking Barcelona encountered. And this is actually got a really serious element underneath it regarding what could potentially happen to this race in the future because essentially F one has promoters on notice that they risk losing their races. Their places on the calendar if they don't keep up with what F one itself considers to be the best. And this is actually sent us on three key areas. That's what they offer to the public in terms of racing, the track infrastructure and management of the events, Stefano domenicali, F one CEO, saying in an interview earlier in this year, it's not enough to have pedigree anymore. You also have to demonstrate that you were keeping up. Now Megan and Luke, obviously, you guys were there, so I think it's really important that you talk about it first because as we discussed before coming on air, lots and lots of people getting in touch, sharing their views on social media about how much they affected they suffered considering not able to get hold of water and very easy in the burning sunshine. So mega maybe you could just sort of sum up what the issues were at Barcelona this weekend. I think the main issues I've seen people discussing, one of them was around our access to water, so a lot of the food and drinks stands. It's one stand for food and drink,.

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