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"lebron maradona" Discussed on Loud Americans Discussing Soccer

"Like the charisma's who i think so playing bernardo silva you know if they somehow give him a little bit of support it's all messy neat it's lebron like he just needs a little bit of help like you'll do everything just give them that like the kevin love give them a least twenty points that's all he needs you know i'm trying to say yeah so i think that this debate could go on for hours ray messy versus rinaldo mj for lebron mj versus lebron maradona versus palay and everything that we just mentioned but like have said of the beginning of this there are legacies on the blonde if rinaldo or messy do not perform to their potential we saw with rinaldo in the twenty four team world cup we saw in the copa america funnel with argentina messy so there are a lot of things that they can do to ruin that reputation so to speak but i think the most interesting thing is this is a microscopic view into their entire career and i'm excited to see how each of these goats do i will say without any doubt that i do not think that argentina nor portugal are going to do well in this world cup i've portugal exiting in the quarterfinal and i also have argentina exiting in the quarterfinal i've portugal losing to france and 'argentina losing to spain but there's really no shame in that law those are they're going up against a better team in my opinion so i'm fucking excited to get the group stage out of the way and to see the heavy hitters play other so let's let's jump into the group stages who which group are you the most excited to watch that's tough because we've talked about this before but all the group seem pretty there's no group of death really this year so like for me i think germany mexico is always really exciting portugal spain's group's going to be fun.

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