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Real_Sports Awards and Special Guest Interview with Joe Schwartz

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Real_Sports Awards and Special Guest Interview with Joe Schwartz

"What's going on? We all sorts FAM- welcome to episode ten of the Real Sports podcast a snapchat sports pod tonight. We have a special edition of the Real Sports Awards and a fun interview with my close friend and D one superstar superstar superstar Joe Schwarz from the Texas longhorns basketball team. Let's get it football offers going to football fogle. What's going on everyone? I'm your host Jack Settlement from real underscore sports on snapchat a one million dollar sports snap accounts fallow if you haven't with me tonight for our special award show is his aim gran up my longtime best friend Abe how we feel. We're feeling good. This is going to be a good episode. I think the real winner in this episode is Joe Schwarz after this interview I think he might start getting calls from N._B._A.. Teams from D. League team or sorry G. Elite Teams D. League. If you're if you're old head if you're an old hand like myself <hes> let's go. Let's do it. Yes we like. We're talking to each other like what do even talk about tonight like this is the tonight after the All star. Break is historically the most dad night in all sports. There's not anything really going on. We got some Summer League Action W._N._B._A.. But there's really anything throw Las Vegas Aces Baby Benefactor in the W._n._B._A.. Resurrection the W._N._B._A.. As you know this is the Las Vegas Aces pod <hes>. I don't know why this is the Las Vegas as Pod so some good money on them but you got some good lines for future because apparently they formed the warriors of the W._n._B._A.. Though yeah I don't really know who their core is and then Liz Cambridge. She's a baller. I'm not waited was what Liz candidate but close out you know I was under the impression Russian their last name was Cambridge and she was somehow related to Calvin Cambridge from one of my favorite movies ever like Mike but yeah big Las Vegas Aces Fan. We got a little bit season laughed and then we're headed to the playoffs with a championship in mind and this future of mine on we'll hit championship her boss if the Ace's win their special giveaway for the real sports pod obviously but let's get into it I the real sports awards presented by Eben Jack. I category is so these by the way the categories and potential answers were given to me by chief content officer so as to have no biopsies here and I had to announce that because as I'm looking at the first category and the first option it's going to seem bias but player. You wish you could have played a video game with as we know the N._C.. Double A. Because of likeness cut N._C._W._a.. Football and N._C.. Double a basketball over the past five years so the options are Lamar <unk> Baby Goat Jackson the greatest player of all time are saquon Barkley Zion Williamson or real sports fan favorite Taco fall a the player. You wish you could play video game with a no no brainer no-brainer real sports fan. It's TACO fall. Could you imagine just like getting the ball in the post and like a double teams coming from like one of your friends and you're playing with him. He's like you thought and just put it over their head and just dunk it in like watching his strides go up and down the court. He is a special specimen of a human being just the way he looks would just be so awkward in a video game to the point where you could just draw probably forty and forty in a game especially if you play on rookie mode which which if you play with Taco fall you probably should because you can't really dominate a video game with big nowadays. It's just like it's kind of like the new N._B._A.. It's just fastbreak dunks and then fuck it a- just shoot a three and from forty feet and see what happens so I'm GonNa Taco Fall. I think that'd be a Lotta Fun given. Did you see him actually a couple. Was it two days ago or something last night yeah last night someone on the nuggets I forget who it was tried taking a charge on him. Maybe like inbetween the foul line in the hoop and I think they were in the fourth fourth row in the stands. It was unbelievable. You can just have that kind of dominance in a video game. It would drive your friend in your opponent crazy and you'd probably win. If you're one of my friends and you're throwing twenty bucks on the game you've probably be profitable about it and you can laugh in their face so Taco fall aw one hundred percent. I would love to play a video game with him. TACO is like you create a player and when you do that you make your guys tall as the game will let you he might like I think in N._B._A.. Two K. the Max you can make a guys like seven six and he might be seven on seven different. I would do in my my players making them like seven six like three fifty tacos. No wait on him but I guess so for me. It came down to two guys and it's only three left so yeah but I'm actually eliminating the baby goat Lamar just because everyone's played with a dual threat quarterback before which is a lot of fun <hes> but Saquon is reminiscent of Reggie Bush who was like known to be one of the most groundbreaking College Ajay Athletes Ever and most fun to play with Video Game But Zion is like that the the way they describe Zionism real life is like you created him yourself in for a video game so darned out window down to him but in in basketball games in in video games is allowed about shooting in Zion shooting sets when be up there so I'm GonNa go with saquon his ability to catch passes as well as run he you could put him in a kick and punt returner which would make him so much fun so I'm going to say on and you guys have other ideas for who you wish you could have played with a video game with <hes>. We're GONNA have it all on our s PA. We're going to have some voting. We're GONNA have some discussions up. Stay tuned for that on our. We're going to post on the on the instagram tomorrow and do me a favor and get creative in the comments like if there's some random guy that we didn't think of I want explanations people. Don't just write a name without any any content behind it. I need to know why you WanNa be this person. We yeah we need explanation. Unlike everyone's saying where Russia go like understand like the grizzlies will tell me why all right <hes> next category for the real sports awards is best rivalry in all of sports in sports history sports now take all those factors into account and the options are red SOx Yankees Ohio State Michigan Football U._N._C. Duke Basketball and Barcelona Real Madrid. We should have had a verse Jack on here but we'll let that slide for now. There's not arrive room. One side dominates it and don't you but anyway that's that's rivalry. I forget the I'M GONNA GO Yankees Red Sox baseball America's pastime pastime heavy heavy on the past the past well come on the balls or juice now. We're getting back into it KLOM but yeah it's it's. It's the American O._J.. It's baseball and they've given us so many great moments throughout the year. I may be wrong on this but I'm never been wrong somebody to go with it that this is the longest lasting rivalry in all of sports so clearly it is the best it's given us so many great moments everything from the air boom Aaron Boone Homerun in. I think it was a game seven of an Al L. C. S.. I remember crushed out to left field colon et AL whatever my personal favorites <hes> a couple of the fights when A. Rod got plunked in the side of the arm he's walking to first base Chirpin the pitcher and then he's Chirpin Jason Varitek and then all hell breaks loose. You just get a huge brawl like we all know. That's the best part of baseball like someone gets plunked. There's a little chirpin and boom benches or clearing <hes> there was another fight where I think it was Pedro Martinez through like throws the big fat bug. I know you know that ball guy is. It's a it's a Yankees bench coach who happened to be seventy two years old like your professional athlete and you're tossing these old man like that is clearly a sick rivalry. You got the the Schilling Bloody sock the coming the red sox coming back from three hour three one three yeah so Yankees Red Sox easy for me. They've given me entertainment in the fight. If given me the big moments in the actual game no-brainer so there's one the real answer is probably Barcelona Madrid but we threw that one on there this is America America yet for the euro but we have to respect the international fans we have about twelve percent of our listeners are from across the pond so we have to pay our respects and twelve percent. Tell your other lads over there overseas and let's get that twelve up to maybe a twentieth Nah. I don't mind that idea. This one's tough because I think U._N._C.. Duke is the more intense rivalry in like a very legit rivalry but they see each other twice a year sometimes three <hes> and they play like I don't know it's basketball. Versus like Ohio State Michigan like people in Ohio literally will not use the letter M. which is seems like the craziest of extremes to go. I know I hate the steelers to death but like I can't imagine writing without using a ladder. So in that writing in general it in that sense I'm going Ohio State Michigan. I grew up in Michigan Fan. My mom went there. My aunt went there. I want to the game last year but I like a decade ago and I'm like in years nine years old at the time and it's a Terrell Pryor team they're headed into the big house huge game <hes> and I print out this Abe by eleven little photo and it instead it's a picture of Terrell Pryor and I write catch in Terrell cryer like literally delay missing in the world at our main my I'm in my blue and maize walking around the stadium. We the sorry let me interrupt yeah home as thing dude. It's yellow. It's the same thing with Texas. My school burnt orange like you just have orange in it so anyways. I'm walking around. I'm nine at the time. A Michigan had just gotten shell but I'm you know full out to route cryer. I'm crying crying crying face and there's these grown adults who are literally making fun of Me Picking on me and not disabled other rivalries like New Yorkers aren't brutal but if you can you can pick on a ten year old or nine year old who just lost by three touchdowns touchdowns <hes> that's a serious rivalry and especially shoutouts steelers ravens. 'cause I come great rabbi. I'm if I'm forty something years old <hes> I'm going with my kid doing eagles cowboys game and won and won eleven year old cowboys fan looks at the wrong way. It's onsite right there. I don't care how old you come to a rivalry game. Be Prepared to take whatever comes your way yeah. We'll have to get into our craziest stadium experiences because I had weird one at the colts <unk> Lonzo but all right moving on to the next category the best team from this past year so this is a category pulled from the espy's options. They're all champions as I believe they should be. We tried to think of non champions but they're all champs Clemson for by U._V._A.. Basketball Patriots Role Champs Raptors <hes> Red Sox blues and then the U._S. Women's soccer team who just won the their fourth World Cup. WHO's your pick? I'M GONNA go Clemson here mostly because I didn't really I'm not definitely not picking the rafters U._S.. Women all hats off to you back to back World Cups four of the eight total women's World Cups uh-huh but Clemson was just a powerhouse all year in the hardest conference in football on there and the AD. They're always playing Alabama so I just think it's like they're in the S._e._C.. But they were just dominant throughout they lose once this year they absolutely steamroll Miami in the semi final and Notre Dame should wrong thing notre dame and and then they went into the national national championship game and all the hype was around to an Alabama and how this might be the best Alabama team yet and they embarrassed them and won the national title and I liked travel orange his hair. He's got a sunshine resemblance uh-huh and best team of the year yeah. I think that I I'm on board with Clemson. I think the way they're just determined this is in question like how you WanNa look at. It and I think it's who was the most dominant within their league over the course of the year including the champions or you could say the most success that was unwarranted like the blues were last raised halfway through the new N._H._l.. But not much of a hockey guy myself to steer clear of that. I think that I think that now there I that was on I agree. I think it's constant but now that I'm thinking about it. It might be the raptors because of the durant injury it makes it tough but the raptors were that team who just broke another diet like I broke another dynasty which could could make them the best team U._V._A.. Out of their own dynasty by getting hurt but continue but U._V._A.. They weren't crazy dominant. They are really good team but they couldn't beat Duke this year <hes> the Patriots and they played Eric Orange style yeah and the super bowl was so boring. I can't give the Patriots so I'm GonNa go clemson but I could see a lot of arguments for the raptors and obviously the U._S.. Women were unbelievable so shouts to them 'cause you lose will get blues had a great year because for the eighty eight percent of listeners who are from America Go U._S.. And Suck it best game of the year options are were heavy <hes> championship football championship level football here but raptor sixers game seven I think by chief content officer through that Embryo Virginia Purdue Elite aac game which was special then you have the F. C.. Championship Chiefs Patriots Goes O._T.. Not N._F._C. Championship Saints Rams gets disrupted by pass interference non call and my pick. I'm going to start on this. One chiefs rams Monday night football fifty four fifty one. Let me tell you this. This game was like it was electric. I think I was in my living room watching just like standing up just watching a regular simple bugging it was the two best teams in the game. At the time it was non-stop scoring it was clearly a game of madden but with like there was <unk> defensive touchdowns literally everything you could want outside of it being a playoff game so that's my pick chiefs rams money. I football fifty four fifty one. What a game pro that was that was when I was in my when I first started working everything thing and I was in Mike? My I have to go to bed really early like nine o'clock and I want to sleep yeah. I wanted to sleep at halftime but I'm GonNa tell I'm going to but like when I tell my kids about it. I'M GONNA be like yeah. This was the sickest game ever. I watched the whole thing. I didn't sleep that night so my kids will never listen to this but the bell the year before you get into a tell the pod about the new job that's going to allow you to at least stay up later because we need to announce exciting living life accomplishments. Oh yeah well real sports fan. I have recently quit my job in corporate America. Don't be afraid to do so once the time comes I know you're all relatively young and I will be starting getting a new job at a sports gambling company that provides lines and odds to casinos and bookmakers in Europe and now they're opening their first office in the U._S.. So my job will be essentially to watch sports so that should make for some better content on the pod but some exclusive neshat outcome candidate shows Marcus Camby Shadow markets market breath game of the year and by Best I mean worst was the the raptors sixers game seven. I remembered obviously but like was the was the full game really exciting or was it just like the final six minutes okay well. I kind of blacked out the entire game because like you all know I'm a huge the sixers fan I was like so this was on mother's Day. I remember like I made my mom change her mother's Day dinner plans so and she was very she understood and I love her for that shout to my mom and I get back in time and watch it on my roommate in here and we're just on hands and knees the entire time and it was back and forth throughout like even in the fourth quarter when it was just cau I midrange and being the posed J._J.. Mesa crazy eighty three was a game of runs and then like. I really thought we were GONNA win. When Jimmy Butler steals the inbound like with like two minutes left he's jumping on Anglo? I'm like this is it. This is it this is it and then that God damn robot i. I think we all can agree that was like the top sports moment or at least in the N._B._A.. Of the year when you hit that shot <hes> too bad you'll never get that ever again Toronto. Don't work that made because you're pissed. I mean they're the ones that's what's would the disrespect Rana we have six percent of our non kidding but we're honored Arana's a good spot what did you do you remember Virginia Purdue Alita. <hes> I think that was that was that was crazy. Game Carson Edwards was just pulling up from guards lane. The white kid was pulling away and then and then the fresh it yeah he's the hunter at game-tying shot or something yet the buzzer it was nutty. It was it was Andy. That's an honorable do Tennessee elite are sweet sixteen justice crazy. That was a great game all right final category from the real sports awards best retired athlete from the past year. Hey give for however you want it. This question. They may have to have retired like just like is visit at the actual best players the player. You'd like the most whatever <hes> Dwyane Wade Dirk Nowitzki Ichiro were grunk on you. Go ahead first with US one hoof. This is a tough lip. Wait a second wait. Grab counted tired. Why do we think he's retired well? He he's currently retired so we're counting it. I I know he was starring passes Brady like literally yesterday worst. You'd be retired. Have you seen. In a picture of him he looks got off. Look all muscle mass yeah. He's what do you think he's doing. He's just partying crushes. He's worth millions has multiples. Role Rings has a very beautiful girlfriend. I I wouldn't be putting my brain in risk at that point yet to your PEC guide each rose such a legend and he's like the Man D. Wade obviously top three shooting guard of all time <hes> but I'm going Dirk because he defeated fielded Lebron James Single Hanley in an N._B._A.. Finals he is route show Jason Terry Stop Jason Terry did he did play Nice violence but dirk was the man he had game winning shots in that finals. He's one of the greatest greatest scores of all time is he. The Greatest European basketball player of all time I think so right <hes> I mean until Luke until Luka finish his career. Probably I guess it's him or Frank Ntilikina this point but I'm going dirk. WHO's your I? I like the dark. I was hoping you didn't pick delayed because I actually like I lost a lot of respect for like he made the whole m._b._a.. Season about him and it pissed me off so much with these Jersey swamps and everything this I hate the retirement tour more than anything like Dirk. Did it the right way. He didn't tell anyone who's retiring just went about his business and did it the right way so I'm glad you chose dark over delayed while the rest of the options each row grunk each Iraqi. I'M NOT GONNA go with any of those options. Actually the correct answer for this question is marshawn Lynch. Marshawn Lynch is one of my favorite football players of all time he just recently retired. He's has given us so many great moments like he was rejected in a chiefs raiders game in like twenty seventeen and then he left the game and then they flash to him in like a hood mask literally watching the game in the stands on a Thursday night football game and Marylanders anything to him Clark Yeah the Gulf Martin Yeah you have the classic him eating skittles on the sideline the beast mode rhyme where and Charlie bleeped us out where he was like Holman and I think everyone remembers where they were for that game. I was Oh shoot. I said that I was I was in your basement. We Watch that game in your basement together yeah. I think that was a year. The Eagles didn't make the playoffs playoffs in the Ravens did and then we watch like the ravens game or something there but I remember being in your basement for that game and then the infamous when he went to the Super Bowl too. I'm just here so I won't get fined like marshawn. Lynch is an absolute go. He was obese on the field. Also oh so marshawn Lynch. We're GONNA miss you. Feel free to come back with your anteks. Actually you know what we should replace Jason Witten on Monday night football with marshawn Lynch. Oh my God that would be legendary. Bush game play of his career is not getting the ball on the goalline actually yeah but like out of all the beasts quake against the saints in the was unbelievable. The the final thing is well two things one lynch in comparison to like career milestones statistics. You have like D. Wade two time N._B._A.. Finals champion or three time Champ Finals M._v._p.. Dirk Finals M._v._p.. Each route like the most hits for whatever gronk one of the greatest titans ever lynch like a very good running back but Lynch 'cause you know how they feel about drafting running backs high. I said the giants even though saquon generational talent town they shouldn't take him 'cause you can't do anything with the star running back. He is my warn guy. I always pull out the stat in the past decade. There's only been one team that a top five running back to win the Super Bowl and that is lynched the year they what it so. It couldn't go to call you out in front of a Real Sports Fan Marshall Richmond twelve are shown Lynch went twelfth all right sorry top-five running back by stats all. I thought your nurse Semi my point. Is that like you actually don't need like running back by committee works just as well. The Patriots won like five doing the eagles same deal with your your boy la- Garrett <unk> J. Jaggi in court <unk> touchdown he was he was undrafted. Rookie point is don't draft Ernie Max Hi that wraps up the real sports awards. Thank you guys for listening definitely go check out our pod add on instagram. We'll have some fun fun debates and we want to hear your opinion so we're really yeah get creative with these responses. I WanNa have some good banter before we head into our special first time interview Joe Schwarz just a special mansion to Harry's Harry's is great great for shaving. They have unbelievable trials for you. Guys Terry's DOT COM backslash blue. Just check it out like honestly I started shaving last year I tried Harry's pretty legit Scott Oven and and blue wire are has some nice stuff so they have good deals so check out Harrys Dot Com backslash blue now. Let's get to the interview now. Introducing the unreal sports podcast first career guests a six three shooting guard from the University of Texas Joe Schwarz Gel the real sports fan the Oggi's are they know you best because as I highlighted your stored senior season <hes> when we started the real sports page but let's let's. Let's teach the people a little about Joe so in your career you appeared in eight games you average point five points per game point one rebounds point one assists sixteen point seven percent from the field but in your freshman year you were the highest career shoot you the highest career shooting percentage in the history of D. One athletics from three. You're one for one from three and in your freshman season you had twice the player Efficiency Rating of Zion Williamson so <hes>. Why did you continue to play after your freshman near like what you didn't want to retire? I mean some people told me it was probably time to hang it up after after that one for one season one hundred percent and maybe should listen but I mean the efficiency rating is what is what sports is all about and you've got. You've got better stats than I do so I can't knock you for that but for the Real Sports Sam that doesn't really know about Joe. Joe Was a walk on at the University of Texas so joe for for our for our listeners who are aspiring college athletes. Do you mind just sharing with them. Your experience the decision process deciding to walk on and maybe some challenges you faced and how you were able to overcome those challenges in Actually Ashley Enjoy Your College Your College career as well as being a college athlete as a walk on definitely definitely so first off. I do have to give a shout out to the real sports fan because as Jack mentioned he did highlight my a senior season everything from warm-up shots to traveling Joe Couple Games on the road <hes> that trip to Lawrence Kansas was pretty crazy that once never wanted Allen fieldhouse but <hes> when you've got one of your did you be Kansas in your career beat. We beat Kansas one time in my career freshmen near what I freshman year and didn't get into that game design no and so actually no we did not be Kansas Kansas Uber Right now that I think about it we did not because this year when we beat them at home I was talking to a few of the guys I was like. Wow y'all got to do something that I didn't get to do which hoping in the next few years <hes> the ceiling feeling is is going to get a little bit higher and we're GonNA follow in the footsteps of the football team which is on pace. I think to win a national championship next year but <hes> that's correct where we're starting. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA START N._C._A._A.. Tournament in <hes> make little run but yeah so the walk on stories kind of interesting and very humbling for me because I came from a small private school in Waco which is the home of Baylor and <hes> in high school. I was the best player in my high school team and my graduating class had twenty six blacks weird flex Joe but can you yeah I. It's just it's one of those things where I would I didn't have I didn't have any <hes> any real guys to pick from. It wasn't one of the things we have to try out for your varsity team. Every year like we just didn't have the numbers like that and so in high school my sophomore junior senior junior year <hes> as I was getting older I started to focus more on basketball and towards the middle of my senior year as when I really became interested in the walk on process and that's when got in touch with coach Barnes but a little bit of historical background when my mom was an Alabama in the eighties as a student coach Barnes as the assistant coach at Alabama and my mom actually works in their basketball office. So how closely did they work. Work together because I've heard rumors yeah no they they. They were closed in my my mom did a lot of hard work in Alabama but <hes> it was never I can't say never a place I wanted to go. I just <hes> Texas. There's always dream school and then <hes> throughout my senior year was in contact with the coaches and then the summer after my senior year of high school so going into my freshman year that's when that's when the challenge is really started on and off the court <hes> when you get introduced to a kid named Jack Settlement on of course <hes> and you find out that he's going to be one of your best friends for the next four years but you also find out that you have a six and work out the next morning. It's Kinda tough to to balance those and so that summer was really challenging meeting a bunch of New People from out of state and like I said coming from a small private school had never been around that many people <hes> <hes> Waco's a really small city and I had my select group of friends and you're going into an ocean as a small fish at the University of Texas in meeting kids from out of state <hes> and basketball wise the competition Asian was better than anything I'd ever played against and so it's tough trying to to find that balance but I'd honestly say being able to be friends with guys who were not involved in athletics Texas his end having friends that were involved in athletics especially guys on the basketball team that summer that kind of helped me stay sane it. It didn't make me poor all my eggs in one basket whereas all basketball Canada social life but it was also like I can't have a crazy busy social life and still play basketball so the thing that was also challenging was for me. I had nothing guaranteed going into it. They told me that there may not be a spot available on the team immediately in by my sophomore year <hes> that may be the first time that I really put a Jersey on and <hes> so I I stayed patient and persistent in I kept showing up to work outs. I just kept putting the work in head down and luckily a few things went my way. <hes> we had a couple of players. Leave the team shoutout demarcus croker. I'm all right. Oh my gosh and I actually I was. I was at dinner tonight with with Connor Lambert <hes> nets and connors one of my good friends and we you're talking and I said I said I will always have a special place in my heart for Demarcus croker because had he had he not made the decision to go move back closer to home to Murray State <hes> I would not have had the opportunity to probably be on the team and <hes> the one thing that I love about demarcus is that night the first night that he told coach that he was transferring. We had a game and that was the first game that I played in against Lipscomb and Demarcus at texted me after shootaround 'cause he didn't come to shoot around obviously as Lisa I'm going to be at the game and so sitting front row with some of the people on our basketball stout the office staff I check into the game I hit my three camera pans to the bench miles and Isaiah to my best friends a jump up and then they they pan the camera right to demarcus and he's just hooting and hollering jumping up and down and from teammate perspective from a friend perspective. He's he's a special guy and <hes> like I said someone that's always going to have a special place in my my heart and he really opened the door for a lot of opportunities at Texas. Yeah I remember like you didn't even have Union Giger number your official Jersey until was it later in the season or Zoff or a year later in the season. You probably were a little confused because the shooting top didn't come off after that that three pointer one in so no one really got to see the Jersey which Schwartz on the back but it's funny because the announcers that game they they said and I think I'm quoting it the right way. They said that he had the Blood Jersey on so in case someone gets hurt New Jersey and they can't get it off. There's just an extra Jersey number forty one and <hes> so the question is you're Kinda like Kobe in Jordan in a sense like number forty one Joe Schwarz taxes is like the Greatest D. One basketball player ever so right but then number twenty five has all the experience so which which is the better version forty one or twenty five. That's a tough question. I think if we're just talking I mean statistically I think you have to go with forty more than the stats and the numbers don't lie don't lie though Oh so forty-one would would be the one I would go with but I I have to say for being a six three private school shooting going coming from a decently decently Athletic Family Dad Played College Ball. Mom Played Sports in high school and I mean brother was all intermural Morterero. I mean this kid. I think I have a lot of Texas year. Just all the Dr Fits in Suffolk get. That kid has more intermural championships than anyone. I know it's a volley water volleyball sand volleyball softball flag football. I mean this kid was I actually lived with him. <hes> his senior year my junior year in four nights a week this kid so I got real this intermural that I thirty tonight and I'm like thirty what receiving yards of points I mean I couldn't keep up with the sports. He was flying but <hes> no. I think that <hes> the experiences that I had <hes> with with twenty five were you can't beat them. You're talking China a trip to the Bahamas a trip to Australia a trip to Portland up to Nike's campus to play in an incredible tournament with the top Nike schools and <hes> had some ups and downs along the way but we can get into those on a little bit. I was GONNA ask we'll one of the things you mentioned was that you know. One of the things we never got to accomplish was us in a win a tournament game and I don't need to but I have to mention that the two tournament games we lost while you're there were like the most excruciating games ever but what was your favorite game because we did have a lot of really really a fund wins. Mine was the second half run against Oklahoma Buddy healed. It was like eighteen o run and I've never heard the stadium so loud. What was your favorite i? I I mean what the fans need to realize. In the Oji real sports fan they know that as soon as those gates open doors open settlement was the first one in the stand like most of the time he was there before I I even came out of the locker room because he had to be courtside so he could shoving what shoes a hat on. I mean he had the camera ready but I think that that game the buddy healed game. I and I remember vividly. It was <hes> <hes> we we might have been losing halftime but that second half you're right we went on it was an eighteen run and then we ended the game. The final is a twenty five to run like the last five minutes of the game and that place was absolutely electric and and it's just the one thing about the Erwin Center is it's very very big and very rarely does it sell out but when it does that place gets loud and so that game I'd say one of my other favorites in most unique week is probably the North Carolina game and people said the other day if they know Texas basketball I mean we went on a buzzer beater against the number four team in the country at the time but what people might not know is that morning I think six total players here's had final exams including three starters and Devan have one John did know what happened. Oh we we know what happened but that's I mean he had a game to play in. You know we were folks on but but what's so special about that is he and Isaiah and demarcus and kindle. I think like none of those guys went to shoot around in the morning because they had to take their final exam and so for me I had a final exam that day in the four o'clock game my finals from one to four and being the all academic Provost Award Academic All American I am <hes> I had to do on that final and that was a rough semester for me because we went to China for eight days eight school days <hes> and then two days after you back from China there's a weekend and then we leave for the Bahamas so missed quite a bit of school that semester so needless to say that final exam carried a lot of weight for me so it was one of those where I really had to to buckle down and so I went and took my final exam emission around in the morning and one of my buddies was actually waiting in his car outside my exam and we drove to the Erwin Center and there were no parking spots left a sell out for North Carolina kid parks on the curb on the cement median and leave my car. Are there and we run on the tunnel. It felt like the scene from like Mike when all the guys are on the scooters and he's like well. I don't have a ticket for the game and I was like let's go. We're just going to the tunnel. I took my final exam in my uniform not that I was GONNA play that. Be ready just in case I had my my Columbia Levin's customized with burnt Orange Longhorn my initials I mean everything looked good but now now we got a game to play and <hes> for us to come out and execute the game plan how we did without having shoot arounds in scouting and all that because of the academic schedule that was pretty impressive I mean anytime you want a game on a buzzer beater. One that's kind of underappreciated appreciate it also because of the outcome of our season was the Andrew Jones Buzzer Beater Against O._U.. And everything that happened with Andrew that season overcoming that was the season season before but this was this was coming off a season. This is in the middle of the season where we were eleven and twenty two I believe and it was a game that the last two minutes we turn the ball over six times and we're missing layups given them open layups. I think we're up by like five or six and they ended up taking the lead they miss a free. Throw and Andrew goes down in these kind of just stalling but there's not much time left and he gives us guide decent crossover and just heaves one up and I remember dillon grabbing my arm because Dylan was read starting at the time Oh Sikorsky and he grabs my arm and when that shot went in I've never felt someone squeeze an arm. Did I mean I thought I was GONNA lose my arm art. I thought he was trying to amputate it but <hes> that was that was pretty special to see and then one of the most emotional games I would say northern out of that yeah well out. I was GONNA say outside of the half court shot to northern Iowa because I think that was for the for the really don't know in what was at twenty sixteen in the opening round northern I will beat Texas on what a three quarter court little little bit behind half court and he banked it in and this what's so devastating about that game is that we were the very very last game to be played of the first to like the first and second day of the tournament so we had seen the R._J.. Hunters <hes> three pointer that he had made we had seen a couple other Buzzer beaters on T._v.. And you're like oh well we got a chance and we were down in that game and then we went up we are bigger in the first half and we went down and Isaiah hits the floater to tie it and we're like if it goes into overtime we've got <unk> foul trouble and Jespersen. That kid catches at one dribble Kinda EUROSTEP and banks. I I knew like right when he's not going to end well now but like I was selling ahead the one that was very emotional and we'll probably touch on a little bit <hes> was so after Andrew was diagnosed with leukemia the next game. We're playing T._C._U.. On a big Monday so we find out on Sunday night the Andrews diagnosed with leukemia and he's obviously not going to be with the team for the rest of the season. He's going to be in Houston getting treatment very emotional night the night before the game and then obviously on Game Day. Everyone's wondering how the how the heck can we focus on Ashbal when one of our teammates is fighting for his wife and <hes> we play in a double overtime that game were missing two starters plus Andrew and the Point Guard for T._C._U.. Goes Coast to coast and has as a finished at the rim that you may block to ninety God block the shot and just seeing I mean it's my it's my computer background now. <hes> just seeing the joy after that game in the emotion I mean I've never seen Moore players coaches crying after a win that we did that night because up until the game no one was focused on basketball imagine I guess what fifty minutes double overtime game like it was it was really special allows and finally the last thing I'll add is that one more with so many Oklahoma moments but there's another one because last year trae young Game Day comes we beat a year and then two years ago two years ago I was considering this year. Whatever the Mogambo dunk that just set the crowd literally ablaze so have great moments against speaking Mogambo Ombu this Jack that was a good segue into this question Joe? You've played with a lot of guys mostly bigs who are now making a name for themselves in the N._B._A.. Most notably miles turner a few years back Mugomba Jackson Hayes and Jared Allen who who who did you who was the guy that you saw play right away during practice during a shoot around where you're like holy crap this guy's is the real deal like if you were to pick one out of the four them obviously they're all unbelievable talents but which one of those four really stuck out to you like this kid has special oh man that's tough because as similar as all of them are they. They've all got different things that they're really good at and before before I decide on the four one thing I will say is when I was in high school. I played a little bit of every one two three and four generally play the five much much but it taught me very quickly playing with these guys that you're not allowed to go in the paint and try and shoot away up because the ball will end up in the bleachers everyone time and I mean I remember freshman year. I tried to go up reverse layup on miles and we were practicing down in the Erwin Center and not on a practice court and he blocked it in the third row. Coach Barnes just looks at me and goes if sorry I wouldn't do that again. Straight base and just stow like no emotion at all just looks at me calm voices if are Yo- would never do that again. I mean we're we're a pockets of takes and if the four of them here this podcast they've got to hear your choice. WHO's it get a bit? Who was that one special guy right away right Dan? I it's a tough one side. GOTTA FIT I. I'm struggling because I don't WanNa make anyone mad but I I think miles how which which is very interesting and I'm GonNa Touch on on my decision on picking him and I was always into Hoop Knicks eight balls life and I had seen in all miles highlights and the reason that I'm picking him is because he was the first of the four that I got to play with and see play and for me coming from a small private school seeing a kid like that on on a big stage was very impressive. Now I knew from the second from Jackson Haze from the visit when he came to campus 'cause I was a senior when he was a senior in high school when he came on his visit and we watched him workout workout and he practice with the team like I knew that had some special because you can't teach a kid how to catch a ball at an age at eighteen nineteen years old you gotta learn that either have it or you don't and his hands are incredible. He's probably got one of the fastest second jumps and highest second jumps out of any big that I've ever played against and there's a I mean he's talking about someone like jared who's explosiveness. His touch jared's touch around the rim. I mean it's like watching guys from back in the seventies and eighties footwork's incredible incredible and then you see someone like Mos just a freak the one of the longest guys I've played against like all special talent and <hes> I think I was so it was like I o obviously you saw exactly exactly. I was just starstruck by I've got a follow up question to that. You mentioned Mo- lest. How much do you hate the song Mogambo now being played a lot well? It's funny because before the the song even in came out we were listening to it on A. I'm pretty sure it was like a text from Shek what like an M._p.. Three file from Shek no like I wrote this song about you. We're like blaring in the weight room and I mean very catchy and not like very quickly but yeah it took a while but but like it got to a point where even he would stop answering facetime calls. I would face on every time. The song came on when I was listening to it whether it's in the car at a bar or anything like that whenever the song came on face I'm him and he's like all right. This is this has stop and now it's kind of the point where I was like this has Assad like if he started people face on they might just be me. I mean you never answered my face on anymore but big term I know he's he's Hollywood now but he's really Orlando which I put on twenty pounds of muscle this off season did he really we'll see Marquel might be a lethal duo down there. Yeah I mean that's that's the other thing about these kids. They come in their kids their kids they're little babies and seeing seeing them develop. I mean what miles has done in the N._B._A.. Compared to what he did in college is Scary Jackson has done. I mean Jackson's junior year of high school. I don't even think he was starting a new one point game and the kid went for. Twenty eight last night I didn't see his final stat line tonight because I was driving but <hes> he played really well tonight <unk> a little bit of the game to see what jared stunned like. I think jared an miles both got votes on defensive player of the year this year which is incredible for P._J.. Did Not have been yet discussions absolutely crazy but that's that's all I mean Jarrett Jarrett has that signature moment this year of stuff and Lebron at the Rim exactly speaking of I'll go house loom Lebron yeah <hes> Yep speaking of all these N._B._A.. Players Jack Naira Fan on this podcast of giving ourselves N._B._A.. Player comparisons who would most resemble in terms of style play on the court now from what I've gathered from your wikipedia you being boys Jack Our conversations. You're you're a little bit of a sharpshooter. I mean you're one hundred percent. <hes> three point percentage at the end of your freshman year decided to come back and ruin it. That's a different story but who would you. Who would you give your M._B._A.? Player comparison and just so you know for contacts. I gave myself Russell Westbrook so don't be shy I gave Jack Lonzo. Who'd I give myself like camp as is more dream on all over the place? Yeah boy do a little bit of everything so I just touch on a bunch of players. But who would you compare yourself to in the N._B._A.. In terms of style apply are we talking current players or hey shoot for the stars. Whatever do you want I mean I'd have to compare myself to M._J.? Oh my God but now it's tone it down and now now now don't you for the star shoot for the clowns up M._J.'s freshman near era shoot for the clouds well. There's I like Goran Dragic game. Okay I mean that's that's a reasonable comparison paerson attack. The rim like that might have been that kind of guy see. That's the only reason I'm kind of not as much like him but I used to be a decent slasher. I another guy that I mean I could compare to because I can shoot what the best one is Ray Allen. This is amazing. This is the content we need quick release. I mean everyone remembers that shot that he hit Miami. He didn't even look down. I don't have to look at that. It doesn't matter I walk in the gym and get buckets like I feel myself like I could be wearing flip flops. I could be wearing baseball cleats on wood floor checkup. Let's go out shoot anyone tamie mentality and on a Fraternity Court Basketball Court as Jack. I know he's what the well the funny story that I was actually about to get into the perfect segues we went on little scavenger. Hunt are fresher Rushmere Mayo in our crew <hes> and I beat you Wanna one even though you're in San hose just had to throw it out there <hes> and deny jeans onto but a window Lynn but I was GonNa say is one of my greatest memories from college. which is that night we broke into the Baylor football same the night after they won the big twelve championship we walk out of the state like real early playing football on the field because there was a chain link missing in the fence that we could sneak in and then one of our friends ends crashes a golf cart into the security and then on the way out the cops like show up in like? Were you guys doing. We're like Oh we're just walking around the stadium and <hes> I like pretty much. Tell the worst lie eyebrows year where here last night <hes> but I just wanted to see the stadium for the first time and at that point the cop these frigging idiots were just in the stadium or they didn't have any proof but do you have one last <hes> <hes>. Do you have any story that can top that from your your years on the team that are that are P._g.. Thirteen of course don't be scared over here is our is our audience thirteen enough while I'm getting old. That night was a lot of fun yeah that was. I said that was a fun night. <hes> let's see I might need a second. Let's while you think about it. Another number changed thirty five to seven. Why did Katie not come to my next like what's go with that route doing this again Jack? We're not doing this again. We are an abomination which every live with it take Marcus Morris I at least he's choosing the next he can settle the <hes> the argument. We have a bet Joe Avenue I have I said when Katie comes back his first full season will average twenty seven again. Do you think I'll come back to his full for him. I think he's that elite. I think he'll I if I had to take an over under on twenty seven. I take the over thank you twenty six and a half is reasonable joe okay well. I would take the I mean. You're the public in the public always loses the past. If you statistically the past three years I guys the best player on the planet you can Lebron is incredible. Don't get me wrong but the way Kevin had played the past three years is about as elite as it can get can score <unk> over anyone and when he want any night that he wants outside of Harden Guy he harding and get fifty or sixty when he wants he will take fifty or sixty shots but the emmy westbrook will trying fifty or sixty. He's GonNa shoot sixty shots myriad speaking the only flying speaking of Katie posted on my personal instagram special guests interview for taste pod to picture of you in the fellows on the team most notably mowing K. D.. I've got a lot of people that think that Katie's coming on the pod and hopefully maybe one day he will how many how many times have you met Katie I have met a let's see <hes> probably six or seven. Does he know your name all right I I actually I know you've met durant seven times but I know I have the best durant story out of we we met Kevin Durant because of an organization yeah man and one of my friends grew up in Oklahoma City and he literally said it was like his mother and Kevin Durant raised him like you didn't care about his father and he got to meet Kevin and he will take a picture and he starts peeing himself. He got so nervous. Oh my Lord so your name Antionette question now so it's funny you ask because the first time that I met him were on the rose but it's he knows who I am so okay so I'll meet them at Oklahoma state while he was still playing in Oklahoma City next year comes back or at a football game and a and and it was our alumni weekend so he had come and play pickup with us <hes> and he asked me up and he goes. Hey you're the white frat boy average erupts in like like he's now. I think honestly if I if I see him. He would probably know my name if I told him I said I played at Texas in he would say yeah. You're joe like there's a a cool video I have <hes> and it was from one of his boardroom episodes. I think when he's touring our facility and and he adopts me up and it's in slow motion it's it's incredible. I'm actually GONNA send it to you now but <hes> it is. That's probably one of my favorite moments was getting adapt up Gedeon than being on the E._S._p._N.. <hes> I don't think the listeners will be the ones that saw my hi insurance story <hes> The way this interview is gone. You've been great. I don't think there'll be too disappointed. Me Probably would've made Katie cry by this time that sensitive little girl yeah but some people were expecting Katie but I guess you're the next S. thing being that white fat kid the care. I thank you for coming on. We appreciate we're definitely going to have you back on <hes> sometime in the future as being the I guess we hope to have your many any more time. <hes> let's say last just make a prediction. Let's say Super Bowl prediction. Would two teams plan the Super Bowl. Oh Man <hes> I know who's GonNa win the Super Bowl and the big. Tom Brady Guy Big Brady guy. I I I'd like to see I don't say the Eagles or I'd I'd like to see the saints near me to you. At ease aims Patriots Yeah Saints Patriots Yeah I think I think I'd go saints Patriots all right there you haven't oh thank you very much brow- it's been a great time. We'll have you on again. I'm I'm sure the listeners are going to love it appreciate it. Thanks thank Y'all and real sports fan. y'All you'll know where to follow. Follow these guys. They're hitting already have made a big time. Ya'll Paul's piece please. Everyone East guys. Thank you peace love. Thank you for listening to our award show and our special interview with Joe. We hope you guys enjoyed the special edition of the Real Sports. Hi Cats were back to our normal schedule every Monday morning and Thursday morning foul us on R._S.. Pot On instagram and give us a shout to your friends like we said we want that euro audience. We we need those Ozzy's and we could.

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