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Artist paints over LeBron James mural after more vandalism

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02:08 min | 4 years ago

Artist paints over LeBron James mural after more vandalism

"Both of them take into northridge hospital medical center where the twelve year old girl died her four year old sister survived she remains hospitalized tonight in critical but stable condition on so sorry for the people i'm so sorry for the kids rick hawthorne owner of valley view walters trains riders like fourteen year old ella roth teaching them how to get off a horse if it gets spooked our trained if for spooks jump off in a role push down on the handle she trains on the nation's number one vaulting horse and she says she's never had any scary moments on it and tonight we still don't know what happened to this family horse but lapd is calling the death accidental the corner will conduct an autopsy in the next couple of days reporting live i'm january motel nbc four news thank you jane it's been vandalized once again we're talking about a mural that celebrates lebron james comey to los angeles and the la lakers it's been spray painted over not once but twice in just one week this time it looks like the damage is pretty much permanent the mural went up last week outside baby blues barbecue adventist sunday available was seen on tape painting a yellow slash over lebron's face the artist quickly repaired it but then early this morning it was back again so the artists came back and paint over the entire wall the griffith observatory will be closed until saturday now after yesterday's brush fire that burned twenty five acres crews are still up there cleaning up and making sure the area is safe now the observatory grounds the rose lots trails and immediate areas around the greek theater will also be closed la fire department even flew drones overhead to find an extinguish hot spots we've got some very unstable air this evening and this video just in from our crew driving along the angeles crashed highway raindrops collecting on the windshield meteorologist anthony honest is here now with your first alert radar network forecast more on the thunderstorms anthony and check it's been a really busy day today with our first alert radar network see all.

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