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"In the household don't have COVID And so we're trying to protect the people who are uninfected by giving them the treatment Fred Hutch is asking volunteers for taking part in that trial They're looking for people who are unvaccinated but would still like protection from the virus or people who were suffering from long haul COVID symptoms Drivers for DoorDash Uber eats and other app based gigs could get a raise under Seattle's long in process new ordinance corwin Hague has the update Sponsors call the bill the pay up proposal companies like Grubhub and DoorDash would have to pay drivers at least minimum wage not including tips and a Powell with DoorDash says she has supported better pay for her company's dashers Calculated at 200% of Seattle's minimum wage before tips for an average delivery is just too hot Leah Radek of Seattle is not a driver but she points out COVID-19 has been boom time for these gig economy companies I want my community members to be paid fairly But I think it's entirely reasonable for these companies to dip into record pandemic profits to do the right thing The pay up proposal in process for nearly a year now faces amendments including alternate rules for non driving gig work like dog walkers and maid service Corwin hake northwest news radio It's 6 14 Here's Marina with our traffic on the floors from the dubin law group traffic center Still pretty tough on the east side in Bellevue southbound four O 5 from 5 20 down through the new castle neighborhood southbound I 5 sluggish from Lake city way through Seattle to I 90 south and I 5 slow in the south center area to 200 south by 5 at highway 18 still sluggish into 5 to 54th southbound one 6 7 a slow go right around ellingson passed jovita boulevard in Redmond still seeing reports of the closure of northeast novelty hill road both directions between Redmond road and one 95th due to a serious collision Next northwest traffic at 6 24 The puget sound forecast now from the 1530 mortgage dot com weather center little rain potentially overnight otherwise mainly cloudy tomorrow with a high near 70 in downtown Seattle now 61 stay connected stay informed This is northwest news radio 1000 FM 97 7 Thank you for joining us I'm Rick fancied with ELISA jaffe and our editors Bill O'Neill After today's mass shooting at an elementary school in South.

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