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"lead grove" Discussed on WZFG The Flag 1100AM

"Works it to the left Zack yes it's a metal and puns that gets her second kill no kills in the first set to win the third Grove claims a ten nine lead site out four times in Kelemen get the back on a dig tell Burke and Burke fires and she raises her right index finger has her team has an eleven nine lead grow by two over Thompson when a nother service air service error number seven four oh girl that's on telling me mackenzie Hughes on the server for the girls' Indurain Thompson a block at the net by jaded sites I have that as Sackets well to grow with the lead Grove just one said one set away from the semis and right now things are going sour four times in Alice in now within a year down the left line in Oak Grove five three now with a thirteen at ten lead Berg rises stationary serve with the right hand Thompson from right to left here's Oak Grove Burr of with a quick says nine Miller it's Bob to the front in its kept alive nice job by Bollman in the front row and boldly somehow get the you go in as the first kill of the game for a moment thirty to eleven in they must have sensed the energy just a little bit as you may see your time over two hundred close to three hundred kills on the season team desperately needs her and here's another attack if he does it again your time with two straight killed for Thompson in were tied at thirteen remember other other scores around the region so far all Fargo teams have won science three nothing over Bismarck they win the final set twenty five fifteen role is looking for a clean sweep here in day one can they get it but another air at the net four times in six points growth lead Oak Grove at fourteen thirteen against that Tom said Tommy's can the defending state champs stave off elimination or will the rising Grover's take control nine Miller hates it at the net another violation on the time these in that point four nine Miller fifteen.

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