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"layla mohammed mo kelly" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Layla Mohammed Mo Kelly. Here with you. The Olympics are almost here, and there's more controversy. In advance of it. Then I think I've remembered in many, many decades. As a matter of fact, a lot of controversy. Yeah, let's start with chef Cary Richardson. I mean, everyone knows the story by now, you know, testing positive for marijuana, and so she will be out of the 100 M dash. She's such a talented runner. I mean, this was her moment could have been. It could have been her moment. We know the International Olympic Committee. They're not going to Change their mind. They're just not us Anti Doping agency. They did this not going to change their mind at this point. This petition right now on move on dot org is asking to sign this petition to let her run nearly 500,000 signatures. The goal is 500,000. It's at 4 99 409. That's my problem with these petitions. They wrongly present the idea that if you just sign a petition somewhere that that's going to affect change, be a legislative be an Olympic. What have you is just a petition. And that's what I want people to understand. If you were to conversations, there's the conversation of marijuana. Is it an antiquated rules? Should it be changed for the purpose of Olympic competition? Let's have that discussion. But if you're gonna change rules and guidelines, you got to do it before the Olympics Well before. Right. And so at this point, if you know how how the Olympics work, they're just they're not going to change their mind. They're just not On this or any other things that are up for discussion. Not because everyone else has been competing with those same rules. You're going to say Wait a minute. You're gonna make an allowance for her weeks before the Olympics and I've been training this full time and been tested. Does it suck? Yes, is the rule old, especially if it's if marijuana is legal? Where was she? An Oregon. However, she if marijuana is legal, Yeah, it's old, but they're not going to do it today, but it's also it's about competition. And marijuana is not about what you do in your private life. It's about having a drug free competition. Let's not forget marijuana mass. Ped use mass steroid use, and it also is a pain dampener. If you want to train and recover, it helps in that regard, So it's not just performance neutral, and she had said that she used it as a way to cope with her mother's death. Which occurred a few days before the Olympic trials. I hate to see her miss out on this 100 M Dash. This was her moment to prove She's the fastest in the world. And, um, it sucks. I'm sympathetic to her. Yeah, it sucks. But but they're going to were positive move forward and say Nope, not happening. Not changing. So here's the other story. Speaking of the Olympics, why is that the Catholic on only for men? Uh huh. Don't have a good answer for that. It's a good question. I don't know. But there's no good reason. I mean, obviously, it must be steeped in chauvinism. I no pun intended. I was like, Is that a punch? People chase? Yeah, guy. Uh, but there was a movement that, uh, Jordan Gray, who wants to bring a woman's decathlon to the Olympics? Let women to Cath Alon. Nearing 20,000 petition signatures in favour of adding the event to the Olympic Games in the name of gender equality and track and field, which I don't have an issue with that. It makes no sense. Talk about antiquated. There's no reason why the decathlon, be it a javelin throw. What have you or hammer or whatever steeplechase Is somehow reserve for only men. It just makes no sense, hopefully moving forward. I mean, this is I think it's a valid point. They can compete in other things that just can't compete in this. Hopefully moving forward. They can make this happen. Uh, but think about it. The the events individually. The 110 M hurdles, the long jump, high jump pole vault. This was throw shot Put Javelin, Uh, with the exception? No, including the javelin. There are Women equivalent events individually. Just not collectively for the decathlon. Weird, right? I didn't know I didn't know this was actually a thing. But you mentioned the shot Put and discus, So I don't know if you were involved in track and fill in your younger years. I was up until, like, high school. And after that I was too slow. So I was the person in high school because I was tall. Everyone wanted me to do everything you know. I've been 59. You're still tall. I've been 59 since I was like two. And my head was the same size. It just kind of grew into it had this big head and I'm like 59. I digress. But I did shot putting discus in high school because I played basketball. Another one of those things that was thrown into in junior high because I was tall wasn't any good at first. Still not that great, but I could rebound and block shots. I was valuable. And so in high school, I go to play high school basketball. And in the off season we all did. You had two people. Even at volleyball. They did tracks I did track. Not because I could do like 100 M Dash, but because I could go hang out over with the shot putting discus people. I was actually kind of decent. I don't know if I ever placed in anything. I can't remember. I filled in for the hurdles once. And I think I came in third place. Um, but Yeah, I did shot put in this because I don't know if I did it right. I felt like I was on the team because I was just on the team. I doubt that you seem to be pretty athletically talented. You're just obviously track and field as a spring sports, So it's not Getting in the way of basketball this condition that's what it was. We would run, you know, condition every run, run laps, run one miles and stuff to warm up. And so we had to do something in the off season. So I did, uh, track and field and Yeah, I was part of the team with shot Put and discus. But let's connect these stories. I might have a picture for you Keep talking about just texted me Some pictures recently. Go ahead. I'm listening. But let's connect these stories. So if you're going to include that the Kathlyn for women You start now you start moving forward. And then maybe for the 2024 games of the 2028 games. Oh, my goodness. There's a picture of you doing the shot, but you know you gotta You have to put that on Instagram. Yeah, I know. I don't know if I was any good. It doesn't matter. You see my form and this is when I played basketball. Had I had the Holly Berry short hair cutting in high school. Look at you. Well, don't look like that. Because that girl you're looking at his old movie girl of 17. Please stop. Not like I'm just saying, like version, okay? Now you gotta make it weird. We can't say mm into the 17 year old version anyway, not playing..

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