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"laxer motagua" Discussed on Cinephile: The Adnan Virk Movie Podcast

Cinephile: The Adnan Virk Movie Podcast

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"laxer motagua" Discussed on Cinephile: The Adnan Virk Movie Podcast

"Laxer Motagua for liquids Patel who did our score who who both honored last night. You'll addition to regina's I think he's about empowering people and power collaborators and trusting and also not being afraid of space. I think when you read James Baldwin there is a meddlesomeness quality. You know, there's a almost zero quality to it. There's his language is very active, and I think the way that hits his through this this this space. And so I'm always going to be actors. You know, you don't have to rush. You know, there is a rhythm to what we're doing. And that we can happen. You know, at this many BPM's, or it can happen very few BPM's, and it's all it's all to be good. And so. I think what we try to do is really get inside the consciousness characters, and then try to relate that to the audience in a way unfairly as poetic what I think that has evolved to me, it's all about divide. Then if he'll streak a talk as opening in theaters this fight over talk with Barry Jenkins is also massive sports in the last time. We had we talked to the fact you've played football. I know you recently tweeted that article is very cool said, hey, don't don't get full embarrassing, man. Don't token fooled by the glasses and the nerdy. Look, very Jacobs was a a tough guy running back, which I hope people realize your sports pedigree World Cup. Nobody was tweeting more than you. I feel like you took a break from whatever you're doing just to watch three soccer matches a day. And of course, I know how much you love college football. Even the other day, you're doing a junket. I'm falling your Twitter, you're tweeting about like, Oklahoma. Like the the big toe championship game. How big a sports fan are you? How are you able to balance that with a world of filmmaking? You know, I I I grew up. We only structure I had in my life. But I could depend on west west lettuce to be honest. You know, that was where, you know, a London things about manhood that I've taken into adulthood with me. You know, I didn't have a father growing up. So my coaches where way my father's, and I think understanding how to work, you know, in a collaborative effort. I learned you know, football teams into I think I I try not to keep those things separate from my art because so many of the things that I do, especially however, my phone sets, you know, are taken from you know, how I saw my coaches the best coaches I had running innovations, but I'll depart of particularly high school football team. I mean of western which just won the class six as they championships in in Florida man, we would three and five at one point the season. And we ended up winning the state championship because I think every team you often made the playoffs. So. Yeah. I exactly I think a lot of stuff. You know, I take with me. And I think there was a very brief moment in my life. I thought I had to separate those two. But I don't think that's the case at all. And case in point. We'll get yourself, you know, going from Sinophile to, you know, you know, choosing the the playoff teams because like, you know, you can use the muscle, you know, in both realms. Now, there's no question, man. We're we're polymath is a nice way of putting it we we have interests that are all over the backwards. What would be better? Listen, you have one picture won't be better. If you actually been running back who made the NFL and actually won the SuperBowl. What do you think I know this is extrapolated here? But why do you think it'd be better winning best picture or winning a Super Bowl? You know, it's interesting. I think because of the movie that we won best picture with and to this day. I still run into kids. You know, kids. I mean, people who are who are twelve to people who are eight who found such me in that movie in new light and that character's journey, but I wouldn't trade it for the world..

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