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"lawson krause" Discussed on Poke the Bear

"And we can debate whether or not they should be keep on moving sacrificing draft capital, but if the brass is one piece of a bigger puzzle that gets you a let me take your pick right and hurdle JT Miller or something like that, which I would significantly help your team both right now and in the years going forward you got a legit center. Maybe that's kind of the angle they take, but again, it's tough to find the right fit and what you want to do when also the fact that your roster is pretty much stuck in neutral right now. You can't make much moves. But I wouldn't be surprised if they're looking at maybe some of the bigger picture moves as opposed to a mason Appleton or like a loss in Krauss or something like that. It's an early deadline type move, right? Like it's kind of getting a head start on the deadline. And I agree with you. If they trade in one for one, I don't think you're getting much. I have no need for mason Appleton or Lawson Krause or one of these guys who, as you said in Ryan strobe, a project type guy. And maybe they could find their game here, but what reason would you think they would find their game here? How many forwards have left here who didn't find their game here? Heine de brus Björk. Toronto. I'm definitely missing people. Guys even before Cass and JFK and spoon are like all these guys, they have trouble with these fringe top 6 forwards and making them into something. So what reason would you have to believe that mason Appleton comes here and becomes a second line winger or a steady third line presence? So to me, it's the package move. And I think the only way I like the deal if it's one for one realistically is if it's for a right shot defenseman because you need some depth on that right side on D so if you can get a right shot defensive for de brusk straight up, I don't hate that. I'm fine with that. It depends obviously who the right shot defenseman is, and that's kind of the thing. Who is it going to be? They're not just trading defensemen around the NHL. So yeah, I mean, the package move. You know, if you did, you know, dubrovka second and maybe a prospect for Miller or Brock besser. Investors kind of been trade rumors forever around him. But he was pretty consistent for a few years. So maybe he's a guy you get. I wouldn't hate that. And that makes you better because again, this team isn't scoring at all. Like, isn't scoring. You desperately need another top 6 weapon. And again, especially for whether it's a galaxy JT Miller, how much hurdle, I think you've seen now what you just really need in terms of having more strength down the middle, just not only the domino effect of having another guy that could maybe draw more play out of Taylor hall because I think you saw in that game on Tuesday, granted, prudence didn't score 5 and 5 goal, but Taylor hall with Patrice bergeron and David Paulson arc looked pretty good. Again, most guys look pretty good when you're with those two other guys, but you put them with elite level talent, I think it drives the best side of Taylor house game now. Is JT Miller like an elite talent? He's pretty damn good. Like same with too much hurtle..

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