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"lawrence oh verde" Discussed on WBBM Newsradio

"Down. The advocates say. Their approaches can work and now is when they're needed. Most Craig Della, more news radio 105.9 and nobody. BBM news time 10 traffic and weather together on the gates now. And at the traffic center. Here's happy Ryan. Well, the Edens looks good. Either direction if you're on the Kennedy out to the airport, slow approaching Ohio at the feeder ramp there the police activity blocking that exit ramp. Mexican Independence Day card caravan going on the in bound side slow from Nagel, the Lawrence Oh Verde roadwork in the right lane and then heavy before division to Ohio. All because Ohio is shut down there to 31 minutes and from the airport 18 coming in from the injunction, O'Hare Extension looks good. Eisenhower. Outbound, Not bad. Inbound jam from Daimon of the Jane Byrne. Police activity blocks all lanes at the Jane Byrne interchange. All traffic forced off onto the Ryan and the Kennedy All because of the Mexican carve a caravan going on 40 minutes in from 3 90 27 minute ride in from Mannheim. Basically, I to be Wells. Shut down right now. Stevenson. That looks good. Outbound a little So from Pulaski to sister but not too bad. 32 out of 3 55 inbound. Heavy from King Drive. Tow lakeshore drive 32 in from 3 55. Now, if you're on the Ryan out to 95th fine inbound having from the Stevenson to the Jane Byrne a 22 in from 95th, the lakeshore drive side that is heavy south bound from Michigan to Balbo, North Bound Stevenson to Jackson there on the tri state of the rest of the tolls. North bound, tristate heavy before For I 57 roadwork there through November. 30th other tollways until Italy clear 80 eastbound so past Ridge Road in Monica overnight roadwork in the left lane and so far so good in northwest Indiana. Next traffic reports Coming your way in 10 18 NewsRadio 7 81 of 5.9 FM. It'll remain cloudy through the night low of 60 Breezy, much cooler. Partly sunny 67 tomorrow right now. 73 degrees Double.

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