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"lawrence dixon" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

"On immigrants at the southern border that keeps them in Mexico until they can be processed. So when is this going to go into effect, and we joined by Bill from our twenty four seven network Bill. Hey, good morning. Rhonda. Yeah. If this is going to be expanded rather rapidly here, actually, the Trump administration did roll this out at one port of entry at San Diego earlier this year. Now, it's going to be expanded to the entire San Diego sector, which is about seventy miles of border and also the El Paso sector, which is about. Three hundred miles of border. So this is now going to have those who apply for asylum in the United States get a court date, and then have to go back to Mexico to wait for that date. And it has generated as you might imagine a lot of interest here. And in fact, it has gone to generate a legal challenge today by the ACLU, they'll be in front of that infamous ninth circuit court in San Francisco to ask for an injunction on this. And there really is a little bit of legal gray area as far as this goes because according to asylum law, you can't return a migrant to a country where there endanger being persecuted. Now, even though these migrants are coming from El Salvador, Guatemala Honduras. Whether they are subject to persecution or danger going back to Mexico is another question. So there are a lot of legal questions involved here. It's an attempt by the Trump administration to try to solve the issue at the border that everybody agrees is just overwhelming the system there. But we'll see what happens, and we may have an injunction on this one as well. But as has happened before with some of the immigration policies bills from twenty four seven network fish for the update have a good weekend. Bill you too. Thank you around seven minutes. Now after eight o'clock at the skiing, airmen who had been missing. For decades gets a full military funeral today. Fox's Jill NATO has that story for us army air forces, captain, Lawrence Dixon, was one of the fame Tuskegee airmen during World War Two. The army says he was on a recon mission in nineteen forty four when his plane suffered engine failure and went down near the Italy Austria border. His remains were recovered, but seventy three years later and excavation of a crash site was. Conducted remains found DNA testing confirmed. They were Dixon's at a ceremony last month, a Brigadier General handed to Dixon's daughter all the medals he earned, including the Distinguished Flying Cross purple heart and the World War Two victory medal today Dickson has laid to rest at Arlington till NATO. Fox News to US service. Members have been killed in Afghanistan this morning. A statement by the NATO-led resolute support mission is short on details, though, only saying that the two were conducting an operation when they were killed there. More than eight thousand American forces still in Afghanistan, their mission focuses on helping Afghan troops fight the Taliban last year thirteen US troops died while they were deployed in Afghanistan. Nine minutes now past eight o'clock video from a two thousand eighteen alleged police beating of a teen suspect has been released by authorities in West Virginia. The video was taken last November showing officers beating punching kicking and a sixteen year old in picking them up. Up by the neck five officers around the camera. They're taking part in this footage. No, this was after the young man who led cops in a high speed chase crashed into a utility pole. There the disturbing footage also shows the teen being tossed to the ground by his neck.

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