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"law thing institute saliva party" Discussed on The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove

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"law thing institute saliva party" Discussed on The Iron Fist and the Velvet Glove

"I don't buy the supply of all those weapons at the Russians guys them especially when we'll go out and it was you know after has gone for months and even years with the locals involved. It was Johnny's in American Fair Enough and attend to extent on that so again. It was kind of like being a devil's advocate in mind. Tiny position but it shows how hard it is to really simplify things because things are usually complex complex rather than simple out they especially that sort of major conflicts is a number of factors apply. Quite turn talk to for anybody to find a country that's need to fade with magic power and I've come out better oft indeed. Let's think of one country. That's well I think pretty good example. Could what what about an example. John Japan Yeah. I didn't think of that Eh. Because also Japan it was a it was an extremely patriarchal society. It still is quite a lot of if things got changed I remember listening to a podcast on late. Night live where one of the interpreters working for the US was a woman in. She was managed as an interpreter to get done to change a lot of the inheritance laws and other things The only thing I've had Japan that was that occupied by magic power offer much wall whereas these other countries like you know the careers and what's another good game on several or all of the South American countries. They went you. Nigel war thing occupied with I just got into feed with yeah but True and ultimately could say Jim and he was a success story after begging to feed on themselves. Yes yeah very good I well. That's a good picture. You've painted of of of Labor Party from your point of view. You'd never been in a number of a political party before will go into meetings such until now. I've been interested in a long time. I try and talk politics. So let's onto people very interested Usually I want arguments but people I was. I was always interested in. Say What it was about. So I'm going to stick around for Law Thing Institute Saliva Party if I may ask because I don't think the live of priority goes potty suddenly noticed eldest five left as I think that needs to be but then I don't think that can be too far left because they are An majorities in Santa into some way. That's watch is alive body because that they've got a real estate Possibility of getting into government Live from part of that then at least I have my little saying which direction going. I think that's travels argument to isn't it yet. Nine was not to join a party. Good evening sample. You wasting your time. Yeah even the policies mart ivory will be better. Your you'd be better off you know party. That's actually getting into pan. Dan Working working from within Mizzou. I thought the Democrats on and maybe even the grains where an option at one stage but but they just seem to once I get into some sort of a position of power or control of power to adapt to the bigger picture. You know what I made like to kid. They Policy Galley especially the grinds with a visit. The cabin tax originally that it just vied for visit Tony how it's one knows it's too bad that I think That had the attack nine tax or was it wrong. I I can't remember but the Greens effectively threw it out the window didn't they could have gotten up in some football. Get something up. I don't seem to be out of the shack a sidewalk while the highway. And so so you're driving a lot in New South Wales at the moment correct Yeah drive heavy vehicles for a major company. The Orange one eight any experiences with the Bush vase of night and now. I'm finally local lumber on my in my wife Do a small pit transport as well where we get At West Nusa false. But we haven't been for a while I walk out this morning. He defied the Meson. Me Back Tank is west of us out this morning could naven up knowing this morning and you couldn't even say the ask Carson straight this. Even in downtown Sydney. The smoke was pretty incredible this morning. It's it's caught on the why that's Nor the Blue Mountains comes around Sydney Ball. So I fall is to the northwest to insignia. affectively in the Blue Mountains SORTA thing or in the mountains side but it's over a close to save the. It's like from the harbour bridge the fall it would only be fifty guys in her as Christ loss. Sydney sort of surrounded by lots and lots of wild forest. Isn't it. Yeah definitely Rajon well. Let's a good story. Good luck with have that motion proceeds let us know if you can get in the ear of member and and actually something happens as a result or you get an interesting Fade Beg Stein touch and good on yet for skyping. In that worked at the end of the day I think goes up by answering machine instead of doing it the other way before. I think he didn't have any good. I'm good on you for joining a political party and getting involved. If anybody else doesn't let us know oh I'm toning the chat room said he's local ellen. P meeting near him broke into a fistfight in chicken. Shot Ah they met in the lead up to the election ave waiting for good argument with somebody. I haven't had a really good argument yet so very good classified at the time. I mentioned this to put up. The there was a an Alderman nixed me I think the regular trash edge Callahan was caught a frontage the that that he told me that some nonreligious people more likely to secure religious people WPRO really disagreeing with him on that one. No I love being persecuted. All right right. Well that's good John. Thank you for for skyping in keeping touch if anything interesting happens and declaring that success. Thanks for that thanks. Oh boy I see guy interesting. Yeah so that was good. Let me just transition out of that back to that screen. I mean I can't say technology worked again eventually. I'm all done I you becoming a Mazda. Good sign and isn't it great to have people people who listened to the podcast to actually really getting involved in politics on a personal level. I really would like to see more people joining political parties of of whatever stripe just get involved and thrash out with each other. Yeah southern just sitting on the sidelines until about it so it's good to have feedback and conversations with ud lease numbs. It's keeps it fresh for us in fun so well I want to thank the patrons so let me quickly think well. Let's see we coming up to the end of two thousand nine hundred not too far away. Move Man and Let's do these by years. Why back in two thousand and sixteen? Sean the engine will only patron in two thousand seventeen had cried John. Lane and Wino- Jahmai Ellison and Steve by the way land in a sentence of voicemail but will white for Scott next week for that one. Sorry how long's the podcast been going there before. And it was i July ally four and bs ago four and then how long since I've become a regular because it seems like threes ago it couldn't is it three St thing. I reckon that regular for this seventy ninety I thought how long has it been a couple of years at at least a couple. At least we should look thoroughly enjoyed In two thousand eighteen had tiny caitland Jimmy spud. That was kind brahmin match. Robbie Rod Palais medicament Dominic. Liam dive squeaky wheel Daniel Harry Pita and Captain Doomsday and this year we've had wheat watch. Andy Murray Melinda Atom Professor Doctor Dentist Willow Glen Craig Matthew Alexander. Pull Tom Tarik Emil Kim. Donnie Darko Clinton and Gavin and the non-patrons Dean. CAIN was the beneficiary Mr Anderson Korean man. David Beverly and in but a few interesting sort of emails in the last few weeks of a mixed bag people complaining that we're like some of the episodes but we were talking of the Towfiq chiller committing logical fallacies was accused me of Stroman and and he was very specific about the instant that he's climbing. And what see was all explain why. It's not a stormy. Some people have sent criticism which was very general. And and if you've got to criticize be specific about what we actually said than you specifically reckon was the problem Rahvam and general laws. You can actually deal. Yes so if you have a criticism please Mike it very specific where we send. This always said that and that was we disagreed with for whatever ever reason and if you think we're doing a marvelous job and send us some feedback till the fall stirs up because some people say the opposite. So it's nice to have ego's stroked a little bit. That would be good right well trough man next week I think skull back. Okay we look forward to. Yeah thank you dear listener for tuning signing off. We'll talk to you next week. Thanks everyone for listening by now. A matter of scourging bulletins has been brought to my attention..

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