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"Minutes past the hour. In today's the day, President Trump will make the decision whether or not to slap five percent tariffs on Mexican imports that in order to get Mexico to stem the flow of migrants to the us Mexican border, of course. Trade talks resumed yesterday, both sides, expressed confidence that they could get a deal done. However, Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump said it appears those tariffs will go through. Of course, we will find out more as the president ways that decision Republicans here at home. Don't want the president to slap those tariffs on, I shouldn't say, all of them, but many of them, including Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell. President Trump says they don't know what they are talking about the laughter facing massive pushback. I support for. The Hyde amendment. Former vice president, Joe Biden is changing his position he reversed course. Thursday night on the law that bans using federal funds for abortion, except in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of a mother. Here's his explanation. And then we'll tell you why he flip-flopped but circumstances have changed. I've been working through the final details of my health care plan like others in this race. And I've been struggling with the problems that hide now presents. It's become clear to me that to get universal coverage and to provide for the full range of health services, women need, which I plan to do with the continued expansion of Medicaid, in public option of a Medicare, a Medicare plan in that environment where providers like Planned Parenthood are under unrelenting attack where we have a circumstance, I this is I want to be clear. Why I'm taking a vision. I have, so I make no policy my last position. And. Make no polish of about to say. The fact of the matter is that when, in fact, there is this enormous pressure and even threat to close down clinics that are available in the past for women who do not have the funds, but are able to have them paid for privately as we've been able to do that was one thing, but we now see so many Republican governors denied health care to millions of the most poorest, and most vulnerable Americans by refusing, even Medicaid expansion. I can't justify leaving millions of women without access to the care, they need and the ability to, to exercise their constitutionally protected right now on Wednesday rivals and women's rights groups had blasted him for affirming the still supported the Hyde amendment by Thursday. He had changed his mind. Well, the twenty twenty presidential campaigns already shaping up to be a big deal. The heads of the news divisions of the three major broadcast networks agree officials. ABC. CBS and NBC. They're hiring more staff to cover the race than they have for any other election. They say part of the reason for expanding the number of people working on the campaign, the growing digital operations. And there's also a feeling that having more boots on the ground. We'll help the networks recover from the sense that they underestimated Trump's chances of winning the White House in a year in which the conventional wisdom was Hillary Clinton was the front runner. Everybody remembers those polls. On a more serious note here worshippers at an east Los Angeles affiliate. The Mexico based mega church loose del Mundo say they believe their leader is innocent of child rape and human trafficking. Attorney general heavier, but Sarah, California attorney general have Airbus, Sarah said at a news conference Thursday. It's hard to believe there were just the four victims cited in a felony complaint against the church leader and sewn Joaquin Garcia. The charges include a series of twenty six allege felonies, committed in Los Angeles County between twenty fifteen through twenty eighteen Joaquin Garcia was arrested in Los Angeles following an investigation into those alleged crimes the type of crimes that belong nowhere in our society. My, my understanding is that the fifty million dollar Bill that has been imposed on Mr. Garcia is the highest Bill ever imposed in LA county for any individual because there is a real fear that because he has this church with more than a million followers that he will raise the money, and he will bail himself out. And if he bells himself out he may try to flee to the place where he had just come from. When we captured him at LA airport back to Mexico or somewhere else. It is important that we have the tools to keep those who are dangerous or dangerous risks flights from fleeing the hands of Justice right now, California is the center of human trafficking. We have. The highest number of human trafficking cases reported in the country. There were more thirteen hundred cases reported here in California in two thousand seventeen alone and we know that there are far more than those that are reported, and that's why this case is so important. Now, church officials have denounced the charges as slander and defamation. They said Joaquin Garcia, remains the spiritual leader of the law del Mundo, which claims more than five million members worldwide and Toronto. Raptors guard. Kyle Lowry says the NBA should've taken more executive action against the warriors team official who shoved him during Wednesday night's game. Larry says Mark Stevens should be banned from the league. That's not happening the NBA deciding a one year ban and a half million dollars is fine..

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