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Moussa Cisse is going to Memphis

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Moussa Cisse is going to Memphis

"See say five star prospect originally in the class two thousand twenty one, but now I'm class. Two Thousand Twenty announced this afternoon that he is committed to the University of Memphis. Pippen Hardaway's Tigers over offers from Georgetown Georgia. Florida State Lsu and Kentucky for those unfamiliar. I guess you can on some level. Call him a quote local product because he did spend the past year at Lausanne collegiate school, which is seven miles from the Memphis. MEMPHIS campus, but he's not really a local product. He was born in West. Africa moved to New York, in two thousand, fifteen played at Saint Benedict's prep in New Jersey played at Christ King in New York, then relocated a Memphis, the plate laws and this past season led the links to a state title, one Mr Basketball and the state of Tennessee average eighteen point, four points, fifteen point, three rebounds, and a ridiculous nine point two blocks per game, and now we have college basketball season. He says he'll play for the Memphis Tigers. norlander break it down. What do you make a penny? Hardaway lending a five star center in two straight recruiting classes last time. It was James Wiseman this time Mussa. Break it down Oh. Yeah, here's what I got a question for you I. Mean Here's here's was Gary Perez? Is tweet on Wednesday afternoon breaking all caps course. This was an all caps breaking the way I don't i. You know what expected to go to Memphis. I. Don't know if all caps was warranted there. Can you take me inside the thought process versus not in a? Regular grammar versus going all caps in that moment, please. Young Mussa say follows exactly ten people on twitter. I am one of them, and so I wanted to make sure he he saw how much emphasis I put on his commitment. How do I just know that two four six years from now if and when Lucy say is? Able to earn a consistent NBA paycheck, and perhaps it's even a player of of importance in the NBA. Gary Parrish will never ever ever forget or forget to remind people that there was one point in time and Mussa CCA followed ten people on twitter. And he was one of them. I honestly don't even understand it. Because like he used to follow a lot of people on twitter, I noticed and. One of them was not me, and then suddenly he cut almost everybody, but added me I don't really even know the connection there, but. I want I knew he'd see the tweet. And once I knew each the tweet I wanted to I wanted him to experience in all. Caps tweet obviously as as faithful podcast, listeners will know. Also one Moussa, see say. was tutored by your own son so I think. That might also be an influence. Parish working behind the scenes to get it done for Memphis. You've gotta admire actually ironically enough this happening in a week where parish is not on his local radio show. The conspiracy only strengthens. Okay, so here's what here's my question for you. you say the six eleven likely one and done talent averaged. Eighteen point four points, fifteen point, three rebounds and nine point two blocks last season pick memphis over Georgetown. Tom Kriens Georgia bulldogs Kentucky and Lsu. My question is. Who the hell is this guy planning? Nine point two blocks a game what? I have not I have. It's private school basketball in the state of Tennessee so? Took it over people who look like my oldest son in some cases like the blogging. What after another like I don't know I never been to a laws and basketball game and I've never even actually met. Say although it is true, my son and Mussa. Were classmates in my son to tutor him in in certain classes I. I don't even know if say knows that. My son is his classmate. He might, but I don't know that I've never I've never even had a real conversation about Mussa with my son. Other than so, what kind of young man is he and was like really nice? Really Really Nice guy like you know doesn't walk around like some big time. Basketball player I the only other times. I would talk to myself about Moses. Like Hey, did you see that dunk? That was on instagram last night or something like that? Because like fans are crazy, and at one point, the two schools involved in the Memphis in. RECRUITMENT MOST HEAVILY WE'RE MEMPHIS IN KENTUCKY and I'm like it doesn't matter what happens I. will somebody connected to one of those fan? Bases will blame me for it if HE GOES TO MEMPHIS, Kentucky fans it'd be because I pushed into Memphis somehow through my son, and if he goes to Kentucky Memphis fans, it'd be like see parish eight says all the modern salads like I'm not even getting involved. The only time my son had ever been asked about Mussa as recruitment. That I witnessed was one of my friends recently asked him when they were over at the house, and my son's answer was he always talked about? Georgetown but I don't think he's going to go to Georgetown and that was the extent of it. So he was right. Maybe my son's got a future and being a recruiting analyst, right?

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