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"lauren ulker" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"I'll okay, my we have a lot to do here. Still and let me go ahead and bring in this question. And I thought that this was a good point. This was brought up by one of our voicemail callers. Let's go to Noah from cincy era mbia. It's no from Cincinnati Ohio in this week's said Rick told the rest of the players the he got his latest idle from someone of the edge of extinction to prevent them from searching for items themselves. However, Lauren Ulker self on the original monitor. In knows Kelly found an idol on the original lesser tribe. Therefore as she pointed on the confessional. She knew that Rick was lying in the she was needed to point this out to everyone else. However, she was likely to scared to come out about the stack. She didn't want people to to know that she had an idol herself. Why not just say that she knows where 'cause line because he knows they Kelly thought an idol unless you this is the rest of the players to hunt for the idol and keep closer tabs, Rick author not giving away the fact that she herself has Neidl love to hear thoughts. This is a good catch here by Noah. And this is that seen this was actually very fun on. On the watch through here is Lauren confronting Rick. Stack fidgeting idol on speech. I don't think it. I don't know when we were talking about I love this scene. Because this first one of the only which Lauren is not I rolling at everything you say, yes, let me just play the rest of it. I know it was great. I hope there's one out here. I needed you could tell the cared. I mean, I was against me. So I don't feel I can trust anybody. Getting nowhere with Rick Devon's. What I love about it too. Is that she's not I rolling, but she's almost I rolling through her teeth..

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