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WTH #799: Am I The A-Hole?

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WTH #799: Am I The A-Hole?

"W.. T.. A shot. Different what the Hell Hell Hell This is the W. T. H., the W. T. H. podcast. But Jason Casey. Casey Kareem Daniels. Daniel and they darling Darlie from the Darlie new media studios. Is the W key age podcast. K. Everybody welcome into another episode of the W. T.. H. podcast. W. T. H. number seven, ninety, nine. As I get rid of that full screen on the facebook live hello, Kareem. Afternoon serve how're you doing my friend? I decided to sprints my sinuses out the other day with those. Aerosol cans well, it's actually say lead right lot cleared it out with that and I've been having issues that. Oh hit said saline. It really was Lysol. something. You did the trump treatment without realizing. Eh. was in their out, they came how? Were clear but I think to clear now yeah, there is such a thing is to clear. Oh Hey Hey Hey look who's here it's Jason. Casey. What's up? What's up Oh wow. Five minutes was five minutes. Well, it was six was the five minute now will you said five minutes but it was actually six. We started with five minutes. We started we hit the theme I'm like I got I got things to do. Places to go like home. Says Right Y'all are home already I'm here. I'm here at the palatial Darlie new media studios. you're doing good work. I am doing the work is the third podcast. I've recorded today as I have recorded. Yeah. Recorded for A. I interviewed the director of athletics at. Mater. Dei High. School. And I interviewed a gentleman who works for A. Fundraising Company in Seattle for a brand new podcast is launching here at Darling, new media. So we Busy, busy busy busy. Ninety is now it's getting to be that time. Hey, for anybody who's in the Sacramento area will actually anywhere. You can take the podcasting one workshop. It is next Wednesday at six o'clock Pacific Time. And it is online. So it is a virtual. No it's an actual live workshop. It's just going to be online so you don't You don't come into the office to do it. So same thing that we would normally do before cove and we would come in here and do everything. It's a full on plan your podcast workshop so. Everybody needs to figure it out and enjoy it. Nice. Yeah. I'm getting echo from somewhere I need to know where that's coming from. It's driving me nuts. please. Hold on one second. Let me I figure this out here and I'm not getting an ECHO. No it's here there's there's a small speaker. In. In the road. Oh. Out Good you guys fill. Basis being bad right now. Yeah. Going E. Okay. All right. See later see by everyone. To Buy. And the other one's in crying. Wants Mama. Man Hey you're. It. So. Anti pregnancy add. Now, it's just that time. It's it's bedtime. And let me gate she wants to go to potty on the back to the bathroom on the potty. So. You got to let it happen and I mean who does it? Does it right? All right. Well. Yeah I think I found where the sound was coming from I just can't get get rid of it. Only I hear it. So it's not really that big a deal. I just need to not be distracted by it. That's all. Right before we get into the rest of the, let me go through a little what we have to talk about today. Good. Lord. It's been crazy. We are going to check into Florida. We've got some MMA things that involve spaghetti sauce and slurpy not together he's separately. Plus we're going to do a deep dive into read it in the mid the asshole category we've that's going to be the bulk of our show and we're going to delve in the best of times and the worst of the Times. Let me try that. Again, we're going to delve into Kamla or Kamala Best of times worst of times before we do though Jason. What. Do you WanNa talk about? Cock, fucking roaches. Man. Batu about two weeks ago. By. The scene we saw I guess small German cockroach is sought presents then she saw one. Like two weeks ago. And I've seen probably five since then but just one at a time and never other places in a countertops pretty clean generally. Anyhow, yeah last night I found like I went to a drying Matt Lake was filled with nymphs. which are baby cockroaches. As. Twenty five of them A. Scattered everywhere and there's a big one A. Big Not. Not The big big one like you know the under an inch ones. I mean it happened and it happened like at eleven o'clock last night when I discovered this like ad actually at actually been like Nancy couple of days and they haven't seen the news is going good man I think the coming up through the sink. Think the Khanna up to the saying Oh, absolutely coming up tomorrow. Have you guys to deal with cockroaches like ever before? Now no ants. Ants ants has always been the big thing. Green. ICE CREAM COO COO anyhow nate. What would you say? Korea frozen. It he's I. Think he's frozen. We we have our we haven't in exterminator that comes by really to keep the keep the ants at bay. Otherwise, there will be a problem with that. So I don't know hey, they're cream cream has left this he's left. He froze up we'll hope. Here in a second yeah, we have we have We have some that comes to mind as the house every like every other month comes through and. This is outside we've never had any problems with anything on the inside of the House. Until now. Well I mean that's that's the thing that they're gonNA, come in if they can so. There's not much you can do about that I mean. Up. To the sewer. You know I had aunts come in through when I lived on a third floor apartment in NATO illness I had aunts that came the first time they came in. They came in they came up the the drain in the sake. Route side. All like through the saying all over into the Pantry, the whole thing had they had the people came out did the whole thing and A week later. We had ants come up. Through the drain on the washing machine. Same thing third third floor all the way up in they were everywhere the little masters those are the worst. Yeah. We ended up with the broaches because the. County came in sprayed. And so they came out of the drains and came out. And they ended up in the garage. And exterminator said they were like outdoor roaches but occasionally they get in the house. But yeah, they came because some sometimes you get him because somebody else either moved or their house cats brave may go somewhere else. Yeah I mean I. It's fine. I have an exterminator coming through tomorrow. Like an infestation in that area. She's he doesn't sound like it is hold on. It sounds from what Kareem said like you have refugee roaches. What Are you, GonNa are you going Donald Trump those refugee roaches? Fuck. Yeah. Sorry. Sorry. Bro I've been saving flies like Oh man had this crazy order with Walmart won't get into it but they fucked up at the door dash delivered all groceries to somebody else. A whole fucking thing like our grocery is like. With on Friday and Saturday it was the fucking orders. Just last couple days, and then like I think Saturday because all the groceries like we Santa's him out on the porch. A bunch of flies got into house and I was like forty five. FIS. Throughout the house like any time somebody come in the front door, you know two or three more would come in. So, but I saved them, I use my backing. because. I get a hand held dyson type you know. I just second off and dump him outside I should probably be killing him I guess but. been saving them hold on you. You've been catching flies and letting them free into the world. I don't have a way to kill them. Suck them up but I don't have a way to kill them whence I have them. Right, here like fifteen of 'em that they're in the the catch of my my of my vacuum, it's like this big like it. When you pop it open, they fly out. So. I can. Go over my neighbor's house and I hold it over their house and dump it. Seems to be working for yes. They're like, oh, he doesn't kill US everybody else come over. Here. Now Take Your Day. There's only been one in the house. There's one in the house right now. Oh, there you go. Green. What do you WanNa talk about. Sam Jay Sam. J. is a comedian and a writer for Saturday night live Cam. Her netflix. Came, out last Monday I watch five times last week and I laughed as hard. Defense time is identity first time. See is an African American lesbian. Talk about her experience as a lesbian who used to have sex with men. in the first time her girlfriend met her the guy she lost her virginity to. It's one of the most hilarious. Comedy Special I've seen in a while. And you laugh at it from start to finish In me and my girlfriend wants it and she is doesn't really laugh at anything but see laughed at this like laugh out loud at this. Like I said, it's laugh out. Loud funny. if you get a chance to watch it, it is great. The honesty you know for me what comedy is about honesty is about getting a viewpoint that you never really get and so see does all of that and makes all the shit. Hilarious. I. Yeah I really like as I really enjoyed that clip that was it's called three in the morning. Yeah. In case you're wondering so. Check that out. All right. So you've got flies and roaches you laughed like crazy, Eddie comedy special i WanNa talk about God? So I want to tell me all your thoughts on God. It's a it's a lyric for county down cars. It is now when I was growing up, I, went to Catholic school and I've got a pretty decent background in religious studies and I was always told that God was all powerful God was almighty God controlled all things all things. Sound about right. Okay. All. Right. Well, apparently, there's one thing. One thing and it's not beal's above but there is one thing. That can take God down. Yeah. One thing that can take God down and our great president has found it. No. No anything hurt the Bible hurt God. He's against God. He's against guns. He's. Energy no religion. nope. Some about Joe Biden. Joe Biden is a devout Catholic. So the no religion thing. Gad's not even remotely none of that. True. Really. I mean. Everything he said it's just like it's just like so you emceeing going to kill himself just expecting them to stay that at the end. Okay. Night here. Let's take this nine seconds again. No religion no anything hurt the Bible no religion no anything. Hurt the Bible I'm not sure how one hurts the Bible. But hurt the Bible God. Hurt God. He's against God. He's against guns is against God and guns, and as we know, those are the two things that go together like milk and honey like hot dogs, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet. He's against energy. He's against energy. He's towards standards. I WanNa say this last week we were almost completely trump free on the show and that was kind of goal this week we didn't quite make it I'm sorry. He's he's he is. He's like the roaches at Jason's house. He's fucking everywhere. And it's it's tough to ignore. And stuff doing. So. Yeah I just. The idea that anybody would buy this just baffles me. It just. Baffles me. About thirty percent of America, and fifty percent of white people I. Don't know that they buy it though that's the thing. I. Don't know that they buy this bullshit I think they just go. Well, he's Brash and he's full of it but I like him. But there's something to say about the Gel Kohl's and their thought of bringing up the the end of the world. into. The idea that it's going to happen I seen. Friends recently like posting shit like you know. It's n times times are you know are near and it's like? Well. You know the well, it's felt like that for me for about three and a half years. Near I. Mean Maybe I'm overselling it I don't know. I mean. Yeah absolutely. Right. It's just I. It's been a rough time. And imagine this I'm I'm a white guy. Ono Kareem says something went wrong. Let's hope he back on. Karima will join us as soon as he. Not. So Jason this happened in Arizona and this I sent. You guys this a little bit earlier in Arizona an anti mascot dude is in the grocery store. And angry. In this, all comes to an end of him yelling at people. When his son, his adult son picks him up. Picks them up around the waist face-to-face picks him up off the ground about two fee and walks him out of the store. Let's take a listen to what is this is what living in Arizona could sound like for you. Know. You're. The first time became. Console. Even your. Your MOM's. Burger conflict with. Your child. Talk. Here at. Work. Yachts. Up to your. Faces. Talks. Bucket. Okay Just before he tells everybody a bunch of Pussies is win his adult son picks him up around the waist and carries him out like an angry toddler. visit. Yeah this is in Tucson by the way. To use not. I'm not going there anytime soon. Yeah, I mean. Clearly he's not worried about being politically correct as he dropped the R. Word Multiple, times. Multiple arbams right I I enjoyed. Let's take a listen to part of his threats. fucking exploiting. The guy in the mask asked him if he's drunk. Talks. I believe, and this is a quote. I'll be that mask off your face. fucking retard. I couldn't quite make it out. But at that point, it's a it's all over his son carries them out so. Anytime your kid carries you oughta anywhere is bad look. Every arrive. Fight if your kids carry out Kareem and he looks to be about our age. So that's that's the most disappointing part of this is this is a grown man wearing basketball shorts getting picked up and carried out of a out of a grocery store. He he just right past the watermelons out the door. Upset. All right. So tonight, a well-known it was, it is the best of times and the worst of times for. Kamala or Kamla. Depending on which times you're talking about made south wrestler has died from coronavirus according to a facebook post by his handler James. Harris also known as Kamala has died. It's not clear when this happened, we can tell you Harris traveled the world in the nineteen eighties and early nineties wrestling people like Hulk Hogan, and the undertaker WGC talk to Harris back in thousand twelve after he lost a leg from high blood pressure and diabetes complications, and even then during those struggles to adjust to his new life without his leg, he told us he only wanted fans to see him in one way. Don't think of me is. How Hidden. I don't want. Want them to thank me is Book Lifton What a legacy while he wasn't just influential in the wrestling world he was also a big part of his North Mississippi community and we know he will be greatly missed. So Ironically. His real name is James Harris James. Kamala Harris. And other news Joe Biden has picked Comma Harris as his running mate. I don't believe there's any relation. that. this news came out earlier today Tuesday. If you're watching US on facebook yesterday downloaded the show California Senator Comma Harris is going to be joining Joe Biden on the ticket. The presumptive Democratic candidate announces VP running mate in his choices historic she will become the first black female vice presidential candidate in the history of this country. Now Biden appeared to signal Harris as his running mate back in July when porter got a peek at his cheat she during a news conference and at the tip, it had Harris's name with the word don't hold grudges. Of course grudges re references the first debate Harris attacked Biden for his stand on school busing something that Harris benefited from during her school days. So Biden tweets, I have the great honour denounced picked at Kamla Harris a fearless fighter for the little guy and one of the country's finest public servants as my running mate. What do you think is? I kinda of wanted him to pick a different vice president. I really wanted her for the position of Attorney General because he attorney general actually has. Really kind of has more power in a vice president in what they can. Do, day to day Traditionally, vice president has it done a lot except for Dick Cheney Cheney. Really. And that growth in in the Senate to Yeah. Yeah and you know Willie Brown road an editorial about it But enough that I said before he wrote the editorialist but that just made more sense to me but The good thing about him picking her is that he picked a person from a democratic state stay with a Democrat governor. So her seek be filled by another democrat. So if he had to pick somebody from Georgia. Well. Actually. It was the mayor from. Georgia. So that wouldn't have mattered to. Elizabeth Warren if there's a Republican governor Massachusetts right now. So there's one, there's the. Florida Val demings. Her position would have been filled by a Republican. So it that part of it makes sense in that way People. The biggest issue most people have with her is the factor was he was a prosecutor and you know and I, get that. But she wasn't my first choice but. black people made it known that they that he needed to pick a black woman? So he did I'm glad he didn't wait two more weeks to do it. I'm glad he did it today to get it out of the way. So we can move forward passer in it could wouldn't become couldn't become more controversy than it already was will he couldn't wait two more weeks because the convention is a week from tomorrow. So. Yeah. He had. He had to get her done Jason you didn't seem excited. I mean. Like saying it makes sense right but. Same time like I think that there's other candidates that could have inspired more. Paris? Pretty. Responsive. She was. Okay sorry Jason that that play well, I get your point. You want someone more excited wants to excite the base a little bit more. Some more. Progressive Lake. She wasn't necessarily progressive being the prosecutor that she was prosecuting some of the things issue prosecuted. I'm in there's. So I mean. I wouldn't get into. That I feel that like the trump in that was tried skewer on also like the somewhat during the presidential campaign like the the primary season but. I don't know. It's. I'm voting for. Her she actually has a really progressive record as a senator, which is one of the things that I've read since. A. Yeah well. We'll see. Yeah. I'm. Yeah I think the prosecutor goal. Her next goal was to be attorney general in California and she was. And right now give A. Shit about what Progressives Think Anyway Because both. 'cause most of the country's not there most of the country's center left center right That's black people in the south in in the Midwest That's That's where most of the country is in after listening to. The podcast about white parents I really don't give shit about what progressive state. So he Miss out there the dry get what you want. Diamond my entire, my my friends that are you know black or indigenous people color that are progresses. But. I get it I get. It's I. I understand I. I. Trust should be amazing and her job. And it'll be better than what we have right now like you came and compare came and compare you can't compare to how much better it will be. Well, let's let's let's hear what the man in the in the presidency now things of this election. And I wanted to ask about specific example that allow people. Voting moment. As San Francisco Dhec over solved, according to the Mercury News One thousand nine hundred marijuana convictions. But she was asked in an interview last year she had smoked marijuana. She fears Joe as according to some people lie and say that she was listening to suit dog to how well. Out of time while she said, she was sweating possible into it. Why is she lying about that more evidence surpassed and marijuana liability Well she lied, but she said things that were untrue. She is. A person that's. Told many many stores that were Jewish she's very big into raising taxes she wants to. On from a military at a level that nobody's can even believe. She. Is Against fracking fracking is. She's against petroleum products, I mean. How do you do that in Pennsylvania or Ohio or Oklahoma or the great state of Texas he's against. fracking fracking's a big deal. Yeah it is. That's why they have all those earthquakes and Oklahoma. Now you silly silly man I enjoy this. He says that she tells lots of lies. Yes. No one. I know how to identify liars lie I don't. But if I were I would be able to spot every liar Yeah. D- literally. Takes one to know one art. It's time for a time for us to Dell little bit into read it and the the. A T. A which is am I the asshole. and. This is the this is the one that sparked the This. Is the the one that sparked the whole thing for me. FOR WALKING OUT OF THE GENDER REVEAL party, my wife thirty four and I thirty three are having our second child. We have a daughter WHO's five. She's been grouchy your whole pregnancy. So her sister offered to plan her agenda reveal party. The plan was the all the food and decorations will be blue or pink at the end. We'd get one of those special sparklers that would light up either bluer pink to reveal the gender we went to the doctor and got her to write the results and a folded piece of paper that we passed over there sister without looking. So flash forward to the day of the Party and the moment of truth comes and the sparkler turns out to be pink for a girl. This is this is Jason Nutshell. I. Don't know what came over me. All I felt at the moment was very bitter disappointment to be honest. All I was hoping for baby number two is to be able to toss a ball round with him and coach Little League or watch him go on boy scout camping trips I know my daughter's only five but I've already started to deal with the dramas of being a father of a girl and the thought of having to double up. On that neuroticism was arrowing I grew up in a house with three older boys and one younger sister and I can't imagine seeing myself be outnumbered by wife grabbed. My arm as we were approaching us to say their congratulations and I said I needed to look instead I needed to look happier at that moment I just snapped I shook by and walked out to my car we came separately and drove to my sister's house sisters twenty-one. I start getting text for my sister in law and wife saying wait to. Reenact their dad leaving their mom when they were ten and twelve, Oh God. Right I felt like the accusation was unfair and I just needed some time alone I didn't ask to be flabbergasted. It just happened and I don't think it's fair that they would have demanded I smile and nod to the next couple of hours am I the asshole. Karima would've started with you. Yes, you're the asshole. This. Who as having a daughter? Who is a tomboy? Who only recently turned into a girly girl and she's still not really earlier. See By daughter is adopted daughter. Who was the daughter referred in the mind co worker my and my coworker would invite me over for Thanksgiving and things like that. In the way that made her body was I would walk in the door and she would pretty much attack me in restless. was six or seven at that point, right? So So Because you're going to have another girl doesn't necessarily mean it's GonNa be a girly girl. and My goddaughter c played sports her whole life. We got the culture in basketball football soccer. Everything. So you're an asshole because you have be given a tense. Jason as as someone who got revealed as as having a second daughter is this guy the asshole? Chuckie as. The financial. For instance, while you're on the fucking humidity on 'em. If you're already on the IT called the Aso you're probably already the astle Bro. Already there is you know. Like those say that is I listen to these every day. One out of every seven right Six but I showed my disappointment when I found out, she was pregnant again. Only didn't learn how did this happen? Yeah. I know it was pretty much it. You promised me months Ab- try to do this again in. No. No but I mean it just so ridiculous like how becomes a a? A thing you know I like the idea that it's Important aghast but is it like? I guess it's good to know. So you can get close Bluer Pinkett that's what you WANNA do but. Do you need to do that in the I don't know we are very lucky like we had a niece. That's three like two years older than CJ in sieges heritage all these clothes. So we've never had to really buy clothes for CJ but we don't really talk like we weren't. GonNa buy her to me princess things in like too many pink things and try to focus more on things that were more. Yeah so yeah, I need to send the. I need to son's. Arm this is frightening. This is accidental and there's the farmer. Let's like you're in the passenger seat of a car, right? So? Yes. This guy's the asshole but. The part that he's the part that he seems to think is really unfair is the text. Accusing him of reenacting their dad leaving their mom when they were ten and twelve that I mean that's them in their baggage. So, that's a little bit harsh. But Dude, you're a grown man maybe you need to walk outside for five minutes to get your head together. But to get in your car and drive off and go to your sister's house come on. Come on. Man. In this house for five months with my wife and the kids and I haven't done that once. Your special though. Cook Right. All right. ABS-. Callard. Right. So here's the here's the next one. My wife went into Labor around six PM on Sunday, we were expecting twins. It quickly turns into a very painful process. She kept cutting off the blood pressure to my hand when she squeezed the nearly sprayed my shirt with vomit. Around. Three a M. My dad calls I worked for my dad's company and we had a presentation for clients on Monday morning I had to get ready for by Dan heard my wife was in labor. But told me he needed me on this presentation. He said there was nothing I could do to help my wife and delivery and seeing the baby come out was overrated and people don't prepare for your Gore. He said, he needed me arrest up and make myself presentable for the presentation. My Wife's Labor was progressing very slowly and we were all certain. She would need forceps or other assistance to deliver the babies. I realized that I couldn't help her here and my dad was counting on me. So I told her I needed to leave. She started screaming at me. So loudly that if you nurses rush to our room I ended up doing the presentation with clients and things went well, I leave the office see a text on my phone. That's my wife delivered an hour ago around ten thirty am and they add to. Use forceps I would have missed the meeting had I stayed in my dad has given me everything. You could possibly give me in life so I didn't want to let him down. Am I the asshole had responsibilities I had to take care of, and while my wife is still screaming at me saying that she was alone when they destroyed her body I'm the only one who works in her mom herself said that she was emotional and overreacting my wife went as far as to say that, her family would disown her if she was the first of them to divorce, but she doesn't consider me her husband right now. Jason. Having worked for my father for a period of time. Say This I. First Off Your Dad's the fucking asshole here. Dad's the big fucking astle here you. While understand your father you need to go with grow gruesome fucking balls 'cause now you're an astle Just always going to be like when I had to stand up to my. That's part of I think becoming a man is telling you that. Go Fuck off I have my family I need to worry about. You you can go fuck yourself because I got something is more important. Kareem is the asshole. He's a pussy does what he is. His. Nicer via. Father his father's an asshole and he's it has what that is. you know. Your client is. Of Understood Hey my is you say my wife's in labor. Can we postpone this today I'll take the clients would have been okay with that is father's an asshole and he's a Yeah for not standing up to his father. Yeah absolutely. Totally agree. And the other thing if that was the first kid there's no he'll never let that back. Twins twins Oh. Yeah. I. Second Never now, you'd better just ahead and sign the divorce papers bro because four years that's what you're looking at. Actions, but that's fucking horrible like always it's going to be worse than divorce. Jason. She's GONNA punish him. Oh Yeah. It's it's going to be bad times at the elroy AL's it's going to be. Alright next every time, he thinks safes, he's going to put them in liver. Late night not shots while he's sleeping. So I am underweight I'm a literal twig and I have a fast metabolism too. It's not fun at all because I can eat a whole chicken and barely gain weight and the just e comments when people get on my nerves so much. There's this girl. Let's call her s i. don't really know her a lot, but she's friends with someone in our friend group in our Chad. S, is overweight and very self conscious. She's also very overbearing and loves to argue over the little things. So we were video chatting me her and a few other people and we were talking about something and then s somehow starts talking about weight. s over here says that I'm a twig and asked if I diet because of of going overboard if I do so of course, I don't say anything and then s continues and she says she wishes she was like me because I have the easy life at that point my friends told her to stop and she keeps going and asked me if I eat at all sometimes what really made me mad was when she asked if I starve myself or if I had an E. D. eating disorder I told her not everyone here gains we easily easily and that being skinny and healthier not the same thing in terms of health and it's not my fault she's overweight and has a slow metabolism that was a low blow but I was so tired of her little comments she started crying and said that how she's so self conscious of her weight and she was just complimenting me and then left the call a few my friends are on my side but some say that I should not have attacked her on the subject. Am I the? astle edit. Yeah. I'm a girl edit skinny not equal healthy mostly also I'm not trying to say fat shaming isn't bad. Honestly it's worse than skinny shaming in my opinion and I am lucky that I can eat without giving gaining lots of weight but it's annoying sometimes but I don't think eds or complimenting calling someone a twig is in either also saying just eat doesn't work either like damn never thought of that don't say eat less either just don't skinny fat shame people in general were all teens by the way between sixteen and Seventeen. Kareem. If he asshole. No DESERTEC. Take was Aso don't start no shit. Won't be no shit. Jason. Yeah. I mean. She just pointing it back. Right leg. You're getting on me about this. This is like. Don't get on me because of your baggage like yours, staying earlier. I'm totally a thousand percent with Kareem. This other chick would not shut look if you're self conscious about your way, don't be talking about way with people. Unless. You're having a legitimate discussion where you're trying to solve your problems are going back and forth with conversations. Don't if you're super self conscious about something, don't bring it up. But when you're sixteen seventeen, you don't know that yet. I mean that's like. This was her let's in that she learned from the call. That she shouldn't talk about her weight. You know a other people's way you know what I mean like. So twitter. Zia so the the the answer really is is not the whole tree. Goes The for sure yeah. Couple more here. I'm going to skip around this one because. It. The first line is long story and I think I screwed myself here. My my twenty nine year old male best friend nine year old man twenty, eight year old males getting married at the start of October at a small gathering and a family friends bank all catered by his family. He's obviously gay mom is extremely homophobic and poor health that sixty five diabetes obesity family history of heart conditions and smoking. I'd be very surprised if she made it to another election cycle for years, she never liked my friend but let it go. Once I became engaged to my current fiance probably because she thought I might be gay I told her I was going to not only be at the wedding but the best man. At the wedding and she flipped out my dad passed away about five years ago and provided very well for US annuity stocks in two property houses rented out and my mom knew the power that has even split with two other brothers all in here. Well, over five million dollars, her words were if you go to that fucking wedding, we'll see how much you get. Unfortunately, I told you the date before this point and she'll know where to expect me to be on that day I've tried to get her to be reasonable, but she's budging she's Ben a bitter hateful woman for sixty plus years, and she's going out a bitter hateful woman. I told my best friend and he's furious with me as is my fiance. We are all very well off I'm a pharmacist who hasn't felt the effects of covert at all to be honest and she's a human resources associate. We were extremely comfortable in never stressed over money but not millionaires which we could be. I asked my best friend if he would consider a long engagement him and his fiancee propose planning wedding inside of a year and my mom is not going to last that much longer. But he isn't concerned beyond you're choosing your homophobic mom over me that line hurt me and I'm just choosing her money right now and even that doesn't seem like it's worth it. My fiance is said that she knows it's a lot of money, but she says, we have six figures in the bank already and my job has no threat of downsizing or phasing out still I would be set for like and take a ten plus start on my templates your start my retirement and he's not willing to find a compromise at all not that he should have to at the end of the day. Well, I be the ASSHOLE IF I don't attend my best friend's GAY WEDDING At number one honestly more I typed out my question. The more obvious it was couldn't even spin it to make not not like the axel. Yourself Bro least he knows. The here's he it's it's not he's not choosing his homophobic Ma that this is where the problem is. He's not choosing homophobic mom over gay best friend. He's choosing five million dollars over gay best friend. That's what he's trying to do. He's like Bra. So. Here's the deal you had to buy your friend a really really really really really really good. When president to get your free in back after this, Shit. How about this? Here's here's here's what you should have done. You should have done this go look. I fucked up and I'm really sorry here's what I am willing to do. I look I'm looking to inherit like five billion dollars here when she dies if you too can wait. To get gay married 'cause he's referring to it this way not just married, which is what it should be but if you wait to get married. I'll pay for the whole fucking wedding and your honeymoon wherever you want to go. There you go. You do that maybe out what a hundred grand you're getting five million you're out one hundred grand your friends not pissed. But instead, you're like, Hey, man look I know I know I've got six figures in the bank and I'm a pharmacist and I make way more money but you. Too. Say. Say Take Your fucking chances your mom's enough I can not do A. Good brothers if you have brothers that are you're close with in that, you weren't massell. The for can cut you in on the backside like like right like if you have a good relationship with your. Brothers. Like we got your back. Like Melissa. MOMS, fucking. She noticed she's fucking. Immune old HAG. This is ridiculous. By the way I didn't know pharmacists were the stupid. Why are you wire? Are you telling your homophobic mom? That you're that you're going to a gay wedding. And you're going to be the best man we she got. She got him riled up she got them around there. Absolutely. All right Get ready for this one jason my daughter is a handful. The say the very least not in the sense of being a bad kid or anything along those lines. Jackson who listens really well in super respectful and overall an extremely sweet and loving kid. However, she has a really bad habit of not wanting to do anything for herself like to a point where she doesn't even want pick out her own clothing but ridicule anything and everything I choose her father and I split up four years ago after two years he basically stopped making any attempt to see her she's taking this fairly. Okay. So she says she's not. But I know for a fact, the damage a lot more than she makes it out to be especially being a daddy's girl. So she only sees maybe twice a year and this is only when a grandmother his mom asked to have her for the weekend. He lives back at home with Mommy pays no rent no child support and is unemployed. We literally has no excuse. Not to see her. But when she's there, he doesn't hang out with her or anything very traumatic for her as a mother I can see that now I will begin to get her on track and have her start doing things for herself. She'll be doing so fantastic. But then like clockwork or dad and grandmother swoop in and destroy it, they tell her princess's don't need to. Do anything for themselves and they do everything for her including tying her shoes. So when she comes back home, all the processes may progress has made a complete one eighty, but it was a nine year old. So our grandmother and dad had it for the first time in the this year about two weeks ago when she came home, all progress was lost in she refused. To do anything wouldn't hire shoes comber hair, pick out her clothes, unpack her bag nothing. So I calmly told her I would not be doing these things for her and if she doesn't do them for myself, they will not be done. She freaked out this is a first she started screaming about how her daddy told her that she should be doing more for her and how I am neglectful over needs. I'm not even shitting you. She really scream this in my face. So me complete shock uperior irritations at actually you are going to do these things for yourself and be completely honest with you. I don't care in the least what your father's told you who's raising you amber mayor him do you want to be depended on me for the rest of your life and neglect flipping serious? Do you even know what that fucking means? I did swear at her I was heated I literally apologized and I spoke to her dad. The dads in quotes who told me, what that, what happened at his house wasn't my concern and that she's too perfect to do shit for herself. My Mom, who's president for this told me that I'm an asshole for freaking out the way I did I feel like an asshole but at that time I feel like something needed to be said. Jason since Kareem has dropped off. Is She the Astle? Not In the least. At. At the situation man. That is a tough one. I mean. Yeah I I don't necessarily think you should yell at your kids but I on my kids sometimes I mean it just the way. It's just the way that it is. You know what I mean like I'm not. When I say yeah, I'm not yelling like. But it's like the the tenth time you told your to put her underwear on or put her pull Abban and she's running around the house naked telling you to look at her booty but like. You're going to get. Really upset. We have a recording. We have recording of Jason Yelling at his children go. Off. Welcome back Kareem. Makes it is Kareem keeps coming going in and out. Did. Did you write did did you catch the gist of that story? Kareem? Yes and it sounds like what everybody goes through who co parents that adjustment period depending on how bad it is, and then if you're other parent is the parent, it makes it that much harder. So the Ex. Husband in Mama Aso's tax, it's the Momma's answer because she's the one who does. The reason why come he's At home living free free and not paying child support. Yeah. I mean it's not. It's not cool to scream that in your kid's face but I completely get how frustrated you might be at that point after dealing with. Nine year old a nine year. Old is a kid that can. Deduce they can recognize they were like they know words they know context they understand things a lot better I. Mean I'm dealing with the three and a half year old and she usually can get it when I when I when she gets in trouble. Really upset. I ask her you know we have a conversation outdoors WHY IS DADDY UPSET 'cause I wasn't listening. Yes, you weren't listening what which should you have. You know I don't know I. My wife and I have those conversations and she asked me if if I know why she's upset. Build give a minefield question. Nine, years old is not you're not too young she's not being being manipulative. Okay. First of all, I have a seventeen month old almost eighteen month old at home she tries to be manipulative yeah. That is that is something. That's a human tree is trying to manipulate until you can teach kids. About how that's not okay to do that. That's that's sort of ingrained in them, and if you on the other side, if you have shitty parents teach them. Yeah. You manipulate people for whatever you want, and then they grow up to be president. Yes. It was the thing is yet to install those those boundaries at to be. Like they're being pushed from one and a half like especially like when the three four like all they're doing is pushing boundaries on a regular everything nothing they're doing they're doing it to be like, fuck you what are you going to do about? would. You do about it we will do that. You know what trump it out you don't without. Any Do. Do it. What are you doing? Kid Chris has got me to stop doing like she'll be doing some like, why are you doing this cj? She's three Jason. She doesn't. She's she's figuring it out. Man You. You're really getting in there then my. Special she knows things she's getting. How do you feel about Nici? She Superman. He's inside that right. I had the idea that super. The Superman the person that Dan yeah. What about descartes does she think therefore she is. The. yardage. thinking. So I saved I saved the most troubling MIT asshole for last out. Great waiting. I this is a throw away I. Don't know which of my family or friends us read it right now. I recently adopted a morbidly obese cat. She's on a diet and exercise plan and is dropping weight quickly but healthily, the vets that are up with a plan. Sometimes, we cuddle I affectionately call her chunk button. WNBA CETERA doesn't seem to care. She just wants her snuggles to clarify would never talk about human being that. So this is not my place to judge anyone's body. One. Day My cousin came over and heard me call the cat one of those pet names and she visibly cringed Jasna referring to my cat like that since she had an eating disorder in high school and that sort of teasing triggered her. I had no idea. She'd gone through something so difficult. So I told our one at around her anymore started crying and telling me I had to stop altogether and that me using those terms for my cat meant I didn't love the cat and that I was fat shaming the cat I told her I'd consider that. But the vet said the cat was under no pschological distress. She decided to leave. And called me fat shimmer again as she went. I definitely won't use weight related language around her ever again as a trigger Sir by think it's ridiculous to stop calling the cat a chunk when it's just me in the house. So my the asshole I feel like I might be one because of her strong reaction. Kareem. No you Aso. Cat doesn't know that you're calling it fat and the cat doesn't give a shit as long as you love it. And actually the fact that your cat will let you love it. Says a whole lot about U. S. speaks volumes. So I'm sorry that your cousin went through what she went through. Not, be projected that onto everything and everybody. Jason and she the Astle. She's definitely not not the. Chocolate come on I mean it's A cute name for your Cute cute cuddle name for your cat chunk but commute shockers. The cat right yeah yeah. So see save the cat. She spent money to go to the vet and the vet gave the CA- diet plan that sees following diet the next. Exercise she is following. You cannot love that cat anymore. Your cousin maze to go see her psychiatrists doctors conscious. It's it's a it's a whole thing. That's it's it's bad times and I mean I do I. Mean I get the cousin who's like hey I had like okay. I won't use that language around your I get it I, get why that upset you and then to go look you're hurting the cats feelings. As long as cats not eating its feelings at this point, you're okay. Yeah. Now. I joke about my cat half eating his feelings because he's enormous. But. I Don I. Don't know that that's a that's a situation. All right. Let's Let's hold on. I gotTA. Make I don't WanNa hit the wrong thing. Here, it is. Florida. Land of enchantment and crazy. This is Florida. Kuna a Florida man was jailed yesterday on a felony slurpy battery charge. You didn't batter the slurpee. Jesse did investigators alleged that Brian? Duffy who's forty dowse to seven eleven employees with a frozen treat during a nine twenty am argument about the drinks price inside a store in Pinellas Park. Is Nine thirty too early for a slurpee. I was just thinking that. Maybe according to now. Right, according to an arrest affidavit, the surveillance camera recorded Duffy backhanding the cup full of slurpee drink out of the female victims hand the slippery flew onto the victims person the comparable. While Duffy left the seven eleven before police responded the victim. Pointed out the defendants law enforcement apparently after he returned to the convenience store during police questioning Duffy recalled, there was previously an incident which he was being charged too much for a drink but did not recall knocking the slurpee out of the workers had since he hasn't lengthy rap sheet. Including a prior battery conviction he was charged with a felony for the incident seven eleven he's being held in the county jail in lieu of twenty, five, hundred dollars bond. He's been ordered by a judge to have no contact with the victim and he must stay away from the seven eleven where the confrontation. So no more slurpy for you my friend. It is Florida so. It might be like seventy five with like ninety percent humidity, which will make it like ninety five so it might not be early for. Yeah, it's a fair question. This story is so convoluted I have to let. A TV news station, break it down for you. All New Hondas are on clearance from just one sixty know. When. I played it before the show there was no add by the way. One, hundred, sixty, nine, a month for thirty, six month leads. Let's go to Florida lease Honda's. Two guys facing charges after Volusia County deputy say they tried to pull off quite the bizarre burglary plot they ended up taking several items from land home as new sixes Lauren corn found out suspects tried to start a fire with spaghetti sauce in an attempt to cover their tracks. and. Boiled thanks to this ten second Clinton. Did you see anybody all? Town improved over the camera is catching these two men red-handed accused of burglarizing the victims home and trying to burn it down I. got an alert at six, fifty, four call police and. I need you to pay attention to how he says this is the victim by the way. Who in the past is dated both of the dudes who have been arrested for burglarizing. So these are two ex-boyfriends that burglarized the students. So listen to how he says Spaghetti and was here no man who declined to reveal the identity was at work Tuesday morning when it happened. Deputy, say ex-boyfriend thirty six, Derek Irving. Disguised in a bull costume onesie and twenty eight year old John Silva removed the A C unit to get inside. He was wearing a bull costume onesie. I like as you just said that like it was nothing went right on bass the rest of the story. SORTA out they had all kinds of time. The duo deputy say stole the man's TV a C. Unit heater vacuum before boiling a pot of spaghetti sauce and taking a white towel to the STO- trying to make it look acted I'd left the stove on, but who gets up at two o'clock morning scathing deputy stopped the two in the driveway were. SKETTI. They found the man's items in an empty jar of spaghetti sauce Silva claiming he had no idea irving with stealing from the home he started out. With a relationship that lasted about a week victim says they had a fall out of the two remained friends and doesn't know why Irving so angry. For. Four months maybe angry about that or maybe angry because I gave him a hundred and fifty dollars fix. Maybe angered by. The pair appeared in court today. Held without bond for violating probation Silva is being held on twenty, five, thousand, five, hundred dollars bond. Camera in delay Lauren corn six. Okay. There's so much in that which your favorite part of the story. The trying to set the house on fire with spaghetti sauce. And two o'clock in the morning. My favorite part of the story is not how he says Spaghetti. My favorite part of the story was when he starts postulating as to why this guy is upset with him, he says, maybe it's because I gave him a hundred and fifty dollars to fix his teeth fixes tedious. Man. I need to get there. That's cheaper for a dentist. You may not want to go to that dentist. So that's that's for Florida Corner Kareem has dropped off again if you're wondering why he's not weighing in on it but yeah, that's a that's a weird story man that is a weird weird story. All right. Let's. Let's wrap it up. With I don't only small town news. There's no small town news anywhere because of covid. coverted. Covert and Donald trump of ruined small town news. So as Kobe. Donald Trump which by the way donald trump. has made covert worse so. If you love Small Town News Vote for Joe Biden so small town news can go back to being small town news. Time asking. He's he's affecting the podcast now. Sad. I have. My have a sad now. All right and let's wrap it up with this when Jason. For the second time in a week, businessman has been charged with fraudulently securing a Patek paycheck easy for me to say paycheck protection program loan that were then used to purchase a Lamborghini federal agents arrested Lee prices twenty nine and a convicted felon in connection with a criminal complaint charging the Houston Texan res- Houston Texas, resident. he is not a member of the Houston Texans he's a Houston Texas resident. I mentioned I. Recorded Three podcasts today. According to investigators price filed a pair of fraudulent applications for P P. P. loans earmarked for businesses in need of emergency. Due. To the Cova nineteen pandemic price received a total of one point, six, million dollars in P. P P loans for two separate companies. The applications submitted by price prosecutors allege contended that the two firms had numerous employees insignificant significant payroll expenses. The federal probe however determined that neither company has employees nor pays wages consistent with the amounts claimed and loan applications. Instead of using the government funds for legitimate purposes price allegedly spent the loan proceeds to buy two, thousand, nineteen, Lamborghini Urus for two, hundred, thirty, three, thousand dollars. He also allegedly spent P P P funds on a fourteen thousand dollars Rolex watch, real estate transactions, clothing liquor, and a new thousand thousand dollar Ford F, three fifty pickup truck additionally some of the money covered prices, tabs, Houston, strip clubs, and other nightspots. Those were expensive man those were marketing expenses. Right in prices loan application for seven one, three, construction LLC the eighty eight year old man identified as the firm CEO had died a month before price had submitted the PPP application be seven, hundred, fifty, two, thousand, dollar loan received from Harvard. Small Business Finance was reportedly intended to help retain thirty jobs. The dead man whose name appears to have been appropriated owned a wine store in Cleveland Ohio and had no connection to seven thirteen. Construction. According to the complaint now, according to the US government database prices. Price Enterprise Holdings LLC had to loans approved in late June, one from Radius Bank for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars and one million dollars and another from customers bank for between one million and two million dollars while approved the larger loan was not funded according to the Texas Secretary of state records price. Enterprise? Holdings was first licensed to do business in late April. which would have been after after the pandemic. So maybe someone could that who gave him alone the person who gave him too low. Should Be India beside him. Our aunt. And she lived all the banks according to Texas State Court records, prices, vigil offender who's been convicted of robbery and forgery. He's currently facing charges in three separate state criminal cases to involve his alleged tampering with government records while he's accused in a third case of being a felon in possession of a firearm in light of his arrest on the federal charges state prosecutors by all the bond revocation motions and all three pending cases. Now, in late July federal prosecutors announced the filing of felony charges against David Hynes. Of Florida man who received nearly four million dollars in. Loans hines is accused of using three hundred eighteen thousand dollars loan to purchase a twenty twenty Lamborghini hurricane ego. Again how do you get a loan? For, seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. With, the record. I don't understand that I understand any of it. And into business was only LLC than April. I don't understand. Somebody wasn't there rushing through the applications. Residue applications for black folks. They can't even get them money or for you. Are. A lot of people that weren't able to get anything. So. Yeah that's That's the way it is but hey. Hell of a job MNUCHIN. Ella Job Kudlow. ELVA job. Did a great job with pan. Also a great blockbuster film. You made MNUCHIN. Money. Are. That's GonNa do for this episode of the W. T. H. Podcast gentlemen Any final words Kareem. Have a good week. Gets hit. US. In No matter what goes on, we need to get Donald trump out of office. So save all your boosted about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for January twenty fifth. Chason. kind to yourself and others. Thanks Jerry Springer. Excellent to want to each other and you miss the bill and Ted Reference Sorry last week, and this week I decided the Jerry Springer one last week I was really excited that I started using the term face whole. I'm now working on a design for a four face whole t shirts. Possible right possibly face whole mugs. We'll. See. And I have your vote doesn't count in your pocket T. shirts they. Oh. There you go. So, enjoy the post office while we still have it everybody. Oh Man. That's my my mail carrier because we see them every day and he was like up to the door. And I, just WanNa show my sport and say is there anything that we can do to help or assist is like you know? It's really not as bad as you're hearing. Is. Actually the thing that nobody's talking about is that our. Our packages or parcels are way up and we're making a lot of money on it but nobody talks about. This the thing because a lot of stuff the Amazon says, it actually says through mill. Absolutely. Oh, Hey Sushi Brian, he just popped on. You caught us at the end. You caught us at the end. It's it's what we got to say aren't everybody be good. Don't be an asshole if you if you have to ask think about this, think about if you were having the right in to read it and ask am I the asshole how about you preemptively Take that asshole out. Take it out. Take. Your astle outwear. The backyard. Out The backyard. So last week it was face hole this week. Farmer Tad. Next. Glowing. Red. We out.

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