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Dec 11, 2019

Sword and Scale Daily

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Dec 11, 2019

"Hello and welcome to sword and scale daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Wednesday December eleventh. And this is your daily true crime report coming up on sort and scale daily breaking news from Jersey City where police officers were involved in in a shootout that had multiple casualties including one police officer. The suspects and civilians in Birmingham Alabama. A five year old boy was shot and killed after relatives fired at one another during an argument in Iowa a social media entrepreneur was sentenced to fourteen years in federal prison after his plan to force the Sierra rapids man to hand over a domain name backfired. Finally the Chicago area optometrist. Tom Tryst has been charged with the November twenty second stabbing death of his girlfriend. The case has reignited interest in the two thousand eleven death of his wife who passed away after a car collision. The cause of death was considered undetermined. Causes all this and more coming up on sword. Gordon scaled daily happened is through the area Fisher telling everyone stay in. It is the audio you just heard is from chaotic shoot-out that broke out yesterday afternoon in Jersey City. The shootout shootout began as a possible homicide investigation detective. Joseph Seals was called to the scene at the Bay City cemetery and upon arrival it was shot and killed by the two suspects. The two armed men then fled to the Jersey City Kosher supermarket on Martin Luther King drive where the standoff started around twelve thirty PM PER NBC. Four New York. Four civilians were inside of the market. When the suspects entered entered three of them were killed inside of the store? Heavily armed local and state police swarm the scene and gunfire between law enforcement awesome and the suspects ensued videos. Posted a twitter and shared by the media showed exactly how chaotic the scene had gotten some. Tom said it sounded like a war zone with shots. Ringing out from anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes the schools including an elementary school right across across the street from the store where the suspect holed up remained on lockdown and tell around four thirty PM thankfully no children were harmed so as of last night a total of six people were confirmed dead including detective. Joseph seals the two suspects and the three civilians billions. who were holed up inside of the Bodega multiple others were injured but have been listed in stable condition? Law Enforcement was on scene throughout throughout the night. We will continue to follow up on this story and update you on any of its developments. Our next story brings us to Alabama a five year old. To nary more junior was shot and killed in Birmingham on Saturday December seventh police responded to a call about about a person who was shot outside a North Birmingham apartment complex. On Saturday officers found areas on the ground. According to reports sports he suffered a gunshot wound to the head and was transported the Children's hospital where he was pronounced dead Birmingham. Police chief Scott Prater told. Al Dot Com. That two of the boy's relatives shot at each other during an argument and the boy was subsequently. Hit in the crossfire. Neighbors told the news outlet that they'd heard multiple gunshots and the owner of a nearby grocery store said he had to take cover to avoid getting hit. Investigators found multiple shell casings in the complexes. Parking lot an out in the street when reporters asked chief Prater whether Canarias Canarias mom was involved he replied quote. We're speaking to the mother right now and trying to find out what exactly happened out here. What I do know? Oh is that. It's always a terrible thing when you lose a child out on the street. The seems to be compounded during the holiday season. Nobody wants to see that. But when it's a child who is with the person they trust the most and something like this happens. It's heartbreaking to areas. Junior played youth football and was named All Star just mere hours before the shooting in a sad coincidence scenarios more. Junior's father tune areas more senior died. When Mary it was three he was also a victim of gun? Violence he was shot after a feud with another man and his shooting was ruled justified. Multiple people have been detained in. Police are still looking to interview more witnesses in other news. CNN and reports that twenty-seven-year-old Rossi. Laura Theo Adams the second a social media entrepreneur from Cedar Rapids Iowa was sentenced to fourteen years in in federal prison on Monday. Having been found guilty of one charge of conspiracy to interfere with commerce by force threats and violence Adam started his social media company state snaps in two thousand fifteen when he was a student at Iowa. State University at one point state snaps INC accounts on twitter instagram and snapchat and had more than one million followers state snaps collected shared videos and the images of young people partying or in the words of the US Attorney's Office for the northeast district of Iowa videos and photos of young adults engaged in crude behavior. Savior drunkenness and nudity. In two thousand fifteen. Casey a local station aired a segment on state snaps for which they interviewed Adams who went by the nickname polo in the show. It was said that ninety percent of the content on stay snaps was too risque skeie to air on television. Polo responded quote nudity. That's what draws the attention. That's what got it going on. I mean sex sells many of the posts by state snaps. Were captioned with the Hashtag. Do it for state which was also used by followers of the the accounts for this reason Adam wanted to use the domain do it for state dot com to expand his platform. The problem was this domain had already been claimed by another resident of Cedar rapids. The prosecution said that Adams tried for two years for two thousand fifteen into two thousand seventeen to convince the owner to sell him the domain name for naught at one point a friend of the domain owner began to advertise. It's concerts on the domain leading adams to send him threatening text messages containing multiple gun emojis. Eventually Adams Adams decided to take a different approach. He convinced his cousin. Sherman Hopkins Junior a convicted felon who is homeless and sleeping in a shelter to help Pimm in June of two thousand. Seventeen Adams drove hopkins to the residence of the owner of the domain Hopkins broke in wearing pantyhose pantyhose. Sunglasses and hat over his face so he would not be recognized. He was armed with a gun and Taser Hopkins then broke through the bedroom door drag the victim to his computer and put a gun to his head. He gave the victim note from Adams with step by step instructions and on transferring the domain name Hopkins pistol whipped the victim several times but the victims struggled and managed to gain control of the gun so the victim then shot hopkins several times in the chest and once in the leg before calling police Hopkins recovered and in December of two thousand seventeen pled guilty to interference and attempted interference with commerce by threats and violence. He was sentenced to twenty years Adams on the other hand went to trial and was convicted. In April two thousand nineteen in addition to his prison sins Adams was also ordered to pay nine thousand dollars dollars in restitution in Additional Four Thousand Attorney Costs and twenty two thousand in attorney fees. The last two sums were ordered word because Adams represented himself as indigent and used a court appointed attorney during the trial but it was later discovered. He was still making money in in part from states. NAPS which ended up using the domain name do it for state dot com after the break. The Chicago area optometrist is charged with the murder of his girlfriend rekindling interest in the investigation into the death of his wife. Now for our final story. Anthony prayed a fifty five year old optometrist from all Gone Quinn. In the northwest suburbs of Chicago was was charged with first degree murder this Monday in connection with the stabbing death of his forty eight year. Old Girlfriend Margaret Daniel. The charge Renews Interest List in the investigation into the two thousand eleven. Death of Anthony's wife. Bridget pray Margaret. Daniel was discovered deceased in her house in Schaumburg Berg in the early hours of November. Twenty second she had been stabbed between twenty and thirty times. The Chicago Daily Herald reports that hours before her death Margaret hosted a dinner party at her home for guests including freight and someone for neighbors. Pray and Daniel had only been dating for a a few months and this was the first time her neighbors had met him. According to the neighbors who attended during dinner the conversation turned to the topic of death which seemed to upset Anthony. He left the table for an uncomfortable amount of time and seemed aggravated upon his return in the neighbors left around midnight Margaret. Apologize to them for Anthony's behavior and Anthony interjected that she did not need to apologize for him Around one thirty am anthony. praet called nine one one. He told the dispatcher that he and his girlfriend gone to a fight and he stabbed her after she stabbed. ABC him quote. My girlfriend and I had a fight. She stabbed me with a knife stabbed her back and I think she is gravely wounded. He told told the dispatcher. That Margaret was not breathing and asked multiple times whether he should perform CPR when the dispatcher asked Anthony whether he was holding the knife life where the knife was. Anthony said multiple times that the knife was on the floor and quote. We were both fighting for the same knife. Police arrived at the scene within five minutes of the nine. One one call and found Margaret Daniel lying on her back in the kitchen bleeding badly and not breathing. They found a knife in her right hand. Hand autopsy discovered that Margaret had been stabbed three times in the chest and seven times in the back in addition she had cuts to her stomach and defensive wounds to her forearms and hands. Investigators say that in the twenty minutes before calling nine one one anthony pray called three of his his relatives and told them he had stabbed Margaret. Anthony pray was treated for cuts at a hospital and then booked into a Cook County jail. Where where he is being held without bond the murder charge against Anthony Praet has renewed interest in the investigation of the death of his wife? Bridget praet on March first. Two thousand eleven bridget. praet was discovered. Dead after the couple's car which was being driven by Anthony crossed is the center line on Pyatt road in the community of Lake in the hills. Anthony praet claim the car collided with another car and spun off the road hitting a tree three. He told police. His wife was unbuckled when he lost control of the vehicle because she was reaching to get her purse from the back seat. First Responders bonders noted that the passenger side airbag had not deployed the Chicago Sun Times ads. That Dr Mark Wittig the pathologists who conducted at the autopsy on Bridget Praet said her injuries were not consistent with a car accident and she may have been dead before the collision the autopsy found no fatal injuries leading the examiner to find the cause of death is undetermined in two thousand fourteen. The family of bridget parade. Hire private investigator. Bruce Johnson formerly with the Illinois State Police to look into the case on their behalf. Johnson told the daily Herald that he found several causes for suspicion I. The crash was low impact and it is very rare for people at the scene of a low impact crash and not suffer any fatal injuries that can be seen during an autopsy for example a broken neck however when paramedics reached bridget praet she. She had no pulse. In addition as mentioned earlier the passenger side airbag deployed in the damage to the couple's car was not consistent in with a fatal accident moreover one week before the accident Anthony pray called the police on his wife per the Chicago Tribune soon. Anthony told police that he overheard his wife talking to another man in their house and Elgon Cohen based on the conversation he overheard he. I became convinced that his wife of twenty years was having an affair with the man and the two were planning to kill him. When police talked to bridget? She told him that the man was a friend who was helping her study for real estate exam. They were studying procedures in a case. Where a homeowner dies this explanation satisfied? I police lake in the hills. Police spend ten months looking into the accident in two thousand eleven and have reexamined it since most recently in two thousand sixteen but never filed charges against Anthony Praet in a statement released this week. They said quote we are closely flee monitoring the ongoing investigation related to Mr Praet and Cook County and will continue to evaluate incoming information for any bearing. It may have on the tragic death of bridget. praet in two thousand eleven before we leave you. We have an update on the case of bomb. poonam tech's seera. Who is on trial in Boston for the two thousand seventeen murders of doctors? Lina Bolanos and Richard Field. WC Channel Five News reports that Tech Zero with found guilty of two counts of first degree murder yesterday afternoon. Tech Zero was also convicted. Did home invasion kidnapping and armed robbery. The conviction came at the end of the day which saw Tachira removed from the courtroom twice. Due to inappropriate behavior. Jury deliberations in the case began on Monday on Tuesday morning right after he was led into the courtroom. The court officers removed his handcuffs shackles. Texier then leaned towards the prosecutor and threatened his wife with sexual assault saying quote. Hey you better hope I never get out of jail. Your wife is getting expletive. The jury was not present at the time and tech zero was removed from the court in the afternoon having been returned to the courtroom tech Sierra loudly exclaimed. You WanNa know his last words referring to field. He was ordered to be quiet. But repeated the outburst and then use an expletive to describe the victim's death he was removed for a second meantime and thus was not present to hear his guilty verdict. He is due to be sentenced on Friday. And it's facing life in prison without parole. The Suffolk County District Attorney's Office are investigating tech sears courtroom threats and may bring additional charges against him. That's it for today. We'll see tomorrow. And until then stay safe soared and scale daily is an incongruity media productions. Your host was Ryan Williams Research and writing Hagar Barack executive producer. Mike Boudai if you like the show subscribe and leave us a review. If you'd like to write us with feedback or suggestions use the email address daily at Sword scale dot com.

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Hacking in Iran? The Lazarus Group hires Trickbot. Election influence ops. Cryptowars updata. Ransomware in municipal and tribal governments.  Patch Tuesday notes. Do it for State.

The CyberWire

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Hacking in Iran? The Lazarus Group hires Trickbot. Election influence ops. Cryptowars updata. Ransomware in municipal and tribal governments. Patch Tuesday notes. Do it for State.

"Iran says it stopped a cyber attack and that an insider was responsible for a major paycard exposure. Creek bodies baht is now working for the Lazarus Group influence operations both foreign and domestic concern British voters on the eve of general election. The crypto wars are heating up again as the US Senate opens hearings on. Encryption Pensacola Cyber attack was ransomware and so two apparently was the one that hit the Cherokee nation and do do it for state and now a word from our sponsor the upcoming coming cybersecurity conference for executives the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute and Ankara will host. This event on Wednesday March twenty-fifth in Baltimore Maryland on the Johns Hopkins Homeward campus. You can find out more at ISI DOT H U Dot Edu and Click on sixth annual cybersecurity conference for Executives. Learn about the do's and don'ts of risk management with industry leaders and other cyber professionals check out the details at ISI DOT ON J H U Dot Edu Lick on the sixth annual cybersecurity conference for executives and we thank the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute for Sponsoring answering our show funding for this cyber. Wire podcast is made possible. In part by McAfee security he built by the power of harnessing one billion threat sensors from device to cloud intelligence that enables you to respond to your environment and insights that empower you to change it McAfee. The device to cloud cybersecurity company go to McAfee dot com slash insights from the cyber wires studios at data tribe. I'm Dave Vitner with your cyber wire summary for Wednesday December eleventh twenty nineteen Iranian officials. Say they've stopped a very big cyber attack. US News News reports. But Tehran didn't call out the nation responsible or say what attack they were referring to the New York Times independently reports that the breach and exposure hoosier of fifteen million Iranian bank debit cards followed. Last month's unrest in that country the number of accounts involved amounts to a fifth of the country's population appellation Iran's information telecommunications minister denied that the nation's banking systems computers had been breached and said that the incident was the result of an insider under threat what he described as a disgruntled contractor who had used his access to the accounts to expose them in extortion caper the Times notes speculation speculation that an unnamed nation state adversary was behind the data theft the presumed goal of a nation state would be to induce more instability into in Iranian society the already under stress induced by international sanctions messages that represented themselves as being from the attackers were distributed over telegram with the initial initial communique reading. We will burn the reputation of their banks the same way we torched their banks. The burning is an allusion to the damage done to some seven hundred thirty banks during last month's rioting so the stolen paycard data remains for now under investigation security firm cyber reason today outlined a new use for trick bought spreading anchor malware against a select set of targets sentinel labs which has been tracking related. Activity reported reported yesterday afternoon. That the trick about criminal enterprise is now supplying. North Korea's Lazarus Group criminal groups have worked with State Intelligence and security agencies before but this transnational collaboration is relatively unusual. The more common pattern the one observed in Russia where gangs operate at the the suffering of the state under the tacit understanding that they'll leave certain potential usually domestic victims alone and that they'll undertake occasional tasks as the organs. Correct the trick. Cooperation seems closer to a conventional business arrangement than it does to a protection racket trick. Bond has been adept at both both code injection and quiet harvesting of desktop credentials threat post warns that banks especially should look to their defenses. The Lazarus Group has long been involved solved financial crime as it meets tasking to redress North Korea's chronic sanctions induced shortfalls and trick. Bought began its career as financially focused focused malware as the United Kingdom prepares for tomorrow's election business insiders sites experts. Who See disinformation circulated via WHATSAPP as a problem for voters concern about the potential for foreign meddling remains high but not all mendacity comes from abroad? The New York Times notes that that supporters of the two largest political parties labour and the Conservatives have themselves apparently learned from the Russian disinformation playbook operating misleading sites. It's trading in leaked documents and fomenting malicious rumours. What's new of course is that this is being done over the Internet as opposed to the coffee houses and newspapers I that would have been? It's vehicles say the late eighteenth century the US Senate judiciary. Committee's hearings on encryption policy opened today observers versus the balance in the Crypto wars tilting against end to end encryption facebook is hanging tough for the pro encryption side but the Telegraph thinks. The social network is now. I WANNA fight. It will find it difficult to win. That fight is proceeding on both sides of the Atlantic and those in favor of limiting the reach and effectiveness of encryption typically law enforcement agencies who see their work as a contribution to what former FBI director James Comey called ordered. Liberty have gained momentum by arguing that while L. Privacy is all well and good. Encryption has too often played a role in enabling child abuse and human trafficking back in two thousand fifteen. The opium breach captured Richard the attention of the security community and the public at large for both its size and the scope of information taken in the years since the opium breach served as a case study study for those monitoring. The information gathered from the victims. Kevin Lancaster is general manager of security. Solutions that Cassia and CEO of ID the agent. He was among those who were brought into remediate the breach from the outset. When you have an incident breach the first focus? The first goal was always as you know. Identify what happened. What was extracted and then normalizing insecure right so you want to really respond quickly and understand what happened? It's it's always chaotic when you're dealing with an incident but something of that magnitude it's polarized compounded by the fact it's US federal government and it's is GonNa make the news just about every corner of the globe so there's always that very worse just it's really intense. Then you get into program launch and you often you do you reserve eight hundred numbers and notifications for those that were impacted by the incident but began because of the enormity and how much speculation there was the government opium and others decided to release the call center hundred numbers and so we went from really strong response. Times maybe two three or four minutes in the call center to something like three hours four hours as we're recording this We're coming up on twenty twenty and the opium breach happened back in Twenty fifteen so I think it's it's sort of unique in that we have the ability to have that distance in the rear view mirror between now and when it happened. What are some of the? Take homes for you now that you've had time to take it all in to To analyze what has happened in your own. Mind when you look back on it. What are some of lessons you take away from it most of the the large salacious breaches that you have out there and when you're dealing with they very persistent well-funded adversary? Most Salaam could have been mitigated with layers right adding in multi factor to access your. Oh three sixty five so I think part of the takeaway is that you know. Maybe it's maybe was a funding challenge for opium Fed governor in particular their bare minimums that they could have been doing five years ago. Birmingham's at organizations could be doing today to mitigate seventy eighty percent of the attacks that they see on daily basis and so what are the disconcerting things. And all. This is that you still see statistics out there about seventy five. Eighty percent of people still use the same or derivation of the same password written written the broader population before five percent of the broader population. You're using a password manager or some type of multi factor in every single and in any thin- they signed into so just tells you that we still have a long way to go to make these bare minimums standards that is I think part of the positive device products out of some of these incidents looking the nist is coming out with these frameworks and their statements on passwords and password usage complexities. I think looking back. It's like well. That was five years ago. A lot of things have changed. A lot of things haven't changed and so there's good and bat against in hindsight that's Kevin Lancaster he's general manager of security solutions at Cassia and CEO of idea agent the city of Pensacola. It's a Colo confirmed yesterday that the cyber attack it's sustained was indeed a ransomware incident W. E. A. R. TV reports. That's what it looked like at first and in the US at any rate state and local governments have become favorite targets of ransomware nor should tribal governments be forgotten either the eastern band of the Cherokee nation nation also sustained a ransomware attack according to the Charlotte Observer. One that hit sometime Monday. Tribal authorities say they've contained the infestation but that they've also powered down their servers pending a full recovery services are being restored as soon as that becomes possible. Cherokee police have one suspect in custody city in a speech posted on facebook principal chief. Richard SNEAD's said that a member of the tribe employed by the tribal government is believed to have carried out the attack. Chiefs need declared a state of emergency for the eastern band which is also working with the FBI and other federal agencies. They're treating the incident as an an act of domestic terrorism. Yesterday was patched Tuesday and Microsoft issued sixteen security updates. Three of which closed remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities Abilities. It's also the end for real and forever of support for windows. Seven and Microsoft says it's going to display a big full screen message to the dead enders. Here's on January. Fifteenth your windows. Seven P C is out of support read and he'd did enders. Adobe also patched fixing fixing seventeen issues and photoshop reader and brackets and Google updated chrome as it begins rolling out a feature that will warn users if they've got an exposed password word and finally remember the case last year of the guy who attempted to seize control of the domain name do it for state at gunpoint and was thwarted when when he himself was shot in the bungled attempt to make the legitimate owner transferred. The rights to a different go daddy account Mr Sherman Hopkins. Junior of Cedar Rapids Opens Iowa pistol whipped and then wounded the domain owner but in the ensuing tussle the victim Ethan. Do got the gun. Away from Mr Hopkins and in turn shot him. Both men have recovered. and Mr Hopkins is now a guest of the correctional system as you might imagine. Mr Hopkins was not the mastermind behind the idea. No that would have been his cousin Mr Rossi Laura. Theo Adams the second known as Polo Mr Adams in Iowa state alumnus and proprietor later of influencers site devoted to Keg our culture around the university belt his own enterprise would be more successful if only it had the slogan do it for state imbedded in its domain any who the US attorney for the northern district of Iowa on Monday announced that Mr Adams would serve fourteen years on on one count of conspiracy to interfere with commerce by force threats and violence. Well if you've got to do time it would for state. It's time to take a moment to tell you about. Our sponsor recorded future recorded future is the real time threat. Intelligence Company company whose patented technology continuously analyzes the entire web develop information security intelligence gives analysts unmatched insight into emerging threats and when analytical talent is as scarce and pricey as it is today every enterprise can benefit from technology that makes your security teams more productive give than ever. We hear the cyber wire have long been subscribers to record future cyber daily and if it helps us confident it will help you to subscribe today. A. And stay a step or two ahead of the threat go to recorded future dot com slash cyber wire to subscribe for free threat intelligence updates from recorded future. That's that's recorded future dot com slash cyber wire and we thank recorded future for sponsoring our show and I'm pleased to be joined once again by Emily Wilson she's the VP of research turban. LABS CBS emily. It's always great to have you back We are heading into the holiday season here. It is upon us and You had some things you wanted to remind listeners listeners about when it comes to connected gifts a do you know. I think anyone who's who's spoken to me in the last few years has hurt me. Express some of my concerns about the amount amount of child data that showing up in some of these criminal marketplaces and that we need to be thinking critically about the way that children are having their information captured or exploited Loyd by criminals and. I think it's a good time to remind people that while you should be cautious about gifting any kind of connected device and I think my by colleagues in The cybersecurity space would agree. You should be particularly careful when you think about connected devices for children and by connected devices says I mean anything that is going to be able to collect data on your child or the child. You're gifting to that. Might require some sort of account creation these devices may seem harmless and they may go entirely uncorrupted by cybercriminals but the more opportunities that we have to collect data on children the more viable consumer class. They become effectively. And if we're kind of collecting data on them from a very early age sure that's more data that can be exposed eventually. It's more data available to cybercriminals it's more data available to marketing firms and children aren't in a position and to make informed consensual decisions about their data collection in their data usage. And so we need to be careful in the ways that we do that for them. So in general when it comes comes to collecting data about children are more protected. Category than adults are they should be and in theory they are right. We have disclaimers on websites. Or on applications requiring that if you are under the age of thirteen for example you'd have a parent's consent to use a website website or to to use an APP. That's great in theory in practice. There are ways to get around that of course whether from older children who were going to simply say yes. I have parental consent and this is all fine. I'm allowed to use this or it may be that parents do consent and that parents don't understand the implications implications of consenting to a child using say a tablet specifically designed for children or a smartwatch. That's supposed to to encourage physical activity. Really great ideas really great things to encourage learning to encourage fitness and health. These are good ideas but we have choose stop and think critically about what information is being collected. Is that information associated with a child or a parent. How is that information being used by the company that has developed this technology or this tool or this toy? Who are they sharing information with? When they're sharing that information with third parties is that information and associated with a parent or child? There are a lot of questions here that we need to be asking ourselves critically about the things that we as informed consenting adults or using the technology that we rely on every day but we need to be thinking that way about children as well because we don't always know what we're going to be opting our kids into and we also don't I don't know if the companies that are receiving this data are using it or limiting it in the way they're supposed to really interesting insight. I mean it strikes me that this is is this generation coming up is perhaps the first that that has This puts them at risk of having their their data collected from from from the very beginning of their lives very beginning whether collected by some of these devices were describing or maybe that parents are opting them into that collection. When you think about of course you you have a child? You're very excited about that. You want to share that with people and so you share photos you share names and information information you share the time that they were born in the day that they were born you track how much they love a certain toy or how much they enjoy a certain food and all of that information in being shared particularly on open social media networks for example that information can be tracked. You know you have to think about the fact that you're not just sharing information with your friends or with your family your also opting your children into what is quite frankly broader surveillance network and when we think about how how that might develop over the next ten fifteen twenty years as those children come of age. We should be cautious to say the least. I can really see that being being a tough situation for parents where the the functionality of that hot toy at Christmas time you know may may rely on its connectivity. It's connecting with other kids or being able to share information online. You know if you if you disable that then could see there being a lot of peer pressure. That's the whole point of the device. There are I think there are a couple of things to address. Their one is that it is understandable and reasonable to want to get children toys or or devices that are going to allow them to enjoy all of the benefits of technology. It's very exciting to read a book about a dinosaur. And then go watch gotcha YouTube clip of what scientists have imagined that dinosaur might have looked like and moved like right. It's really exciting to be able to connect those kinds of resources and for children who are growing up in a device. Reliant world and technology reliant world. It's important to develop those skills. Just as we develop language skills or writing skills the flip side of that is that there are ways that parents can encourage these children to enjoy some of those devices. Maybe with a little bit more protection. Maybe don't use your child's real name if you need to create an account for a device for example using account generator used something that that is not affiliated with your child or your family in any way which is also a fantastic opportunity to teach children about how to be safe online. Yeah all right. Emily Wilson thanks for joining us. And that's the cyber wire thanks to all of our sponsors for making the cyber wire possible especially are supporting sponsor observe it the leading insider threat management platform learn more at observant dot dot com. The cyber wire podcast is proudly produced in Maryland out of the startup studios of data tribe with their co building the next generation of cybersecurity teams and technology. Technology are amazing. Cyber wire team is Elliott Peltzman Stefan. Very Kelsey bond. Tim No Dr Joe Kerrigan Carol. -Tario Nick Valenki Bennett. Komo Chris Russell John Patrick Jennifer Ivan Peter. Kilby and I'm Dave bittner thanks for listening

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1885: Homecoming Review

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1885: Homecoming Review

"I listened to the black guy who tips cast because rive and care in our hot. And when I wake up I recognize you look at nine before pay-cut home Musavi looking for faith. Now, we're back eleven even bone from the base down scheming. And let me tell you about my life painkillers only put me in my life. We're pretty puts the victim as the highlight of my, mama. I love it. But this would I like Lord knows twenty of them in my Chevy, tell them come and give me give me everything. So and heavy and. Come in heaven knows preliminary hearing from our record Emma motherfucking gangster. And sounds record tell the world. I know is too late. Boy, the girls, I think I go craze downers down time vices day won't you? Please believe when I say, we can you know, hey, what the blackout just park hose rod and carrying your hard over there. Sorry, you sure. Yes. I. No hope soccer. I was looking at the browse. And I was like then I use the right browser. Oh, maybe that's why I went to the other thing. I don't know care. It looks good to me. I don't know. Okay. We're live on Monday. You can find us on itunes, Stitcher pragmatic. Search the blackout tears leave us five star reviews. The official weapon of the show is the taser and unofficial sport is bit about boulevard, extreme and today's podcast is. Wait. What else I will box? Yes, monster. It is. That's right. God I was about somebody. Sponsored by very sexy sponsor, Adam and eve dot com. Tony. This time the spicing owner, y'all. Okay. Going to be calling out vice girls it's going to be so spicy this summer. So most Bice Ave, they want you to spice vice Adam and eve trying to spice you up in the bedroom. Okay. They are trying to get your bedroom popping flavorful, zesty, even. What they're trying to do is give fifty percent off at one idol. Will you go to Adam and eve dot com? You gotta do just load up on item and you'll be dropping lows. Just go to Adam and eve dot com. Piggly anyone item. It could be a sexy. 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I don't even know where to start to be honest with you. We do some stuff over the weekend. We did. So I think the first thing everybody would be happy to hear that. We watched was beyond say as brand new Netflix special. We didn't get a chance to watch it on Wednesday. When it came out busy as you guys have probably noticed, we have been very busy. So we knew we would probably get to watch it this weekend. A shout out. The Chris we were all moving title reviews net podcast man, saying he check. So that's the out we so we didn't get to watch your Saturday because of that. And then we woke up Sunday morning and got information. I do wonder what we could possibly say. That has not been said by everybody. You know, to be honest with you. I mean, we watched it a little later than everybody. Right. Which is finding because Beyonce. I saw like five days, and I don't know what we're going to say there's any different from what the fuck y'all hurt other places. But it wasn't amazing experience. Can I know you say, yeah. Wanted to talk about this. I'll let you go first. Yeah. I do I actually was s stayed up and watched Coachella this. She did last year. And because I'm on the east coast this shit didn't start to like ridiculous one two in the morning. This some shit like dance. I was up half tonight. I took a nap. And when you wash it through Kotel, you got one experience, but and with the Coachella you only seen the first show. You didn't see the second show. And so for me to watch it again with different camera angles and things like that it just gave it a whole different experience. Oh, yeah. I like to say, but I don't want wanna step on your toes. And I don't want to. Oh, my mic something's going on. Okay. Faced a lot to say. But I won't stepping toes. What it and I want you to be able to get all your things out as a black woman. You know, I stop you and champion. Okay. All right. So, of course, the first thing that stuck out to me is anything that always sticks out whenever she does just about anything is. This woman is a marketing genius is don't think people really understand how ever get is that she went to coach L S. She could have. And I think in alternate universe. Where this happened on earth to whatever they're still just as happy as us. But she could've just went there and gave us like her formation world tour performance ambient, just fine. No one would have been mad knowing one fell short change. No one would have felt they owed anything. They will say. Yeah. Okay. I guess we all say she's been doing elaborate show. She's been touring. She just coming opera pregnacy Cole. I'm just glad you kinda coach out, you know. But see didn't do that that she is the first black woman ever headline it, and none of us knew about all this. Shit. We knew she was going to perform. I don't know what the fuck in Indy as our wizardry. I don't have you round her. You can't say nothing. I don't know. If it's the same source ler. That puts the spell of levitating her hair during the during the show's come out. I don't know. Who is like are they selling these things and blood? We didn't know there's not just Netflix special. Right. We didn't know that. We didn't know that. There was. An hour will like we don't even know any of this shit. And so you get the documentary, and you get to our room and supposedly three like three thing deal would be say for Netflixing sixty million dollars. But she was going to HBO and Netflix was like we got we got no excuse me. She made net. Flicks worked for her. I'm not she made Coachella work for her in a way that I don't think people aren't to stand. Like, you gotta think about this. Dozens of people if not more at this point, maybe it's Andrews, I don't know about them much about coach L. But all these people have graced the stage before her headlines headline before nobody made it worked for them like this. I don't even know what the deal is with Coachella, and what other stars negotiate it s not money wise. But as far as having the right to take your show and then monetize it for yourself. Other places like I'm sure most festivals Coachella day would be like that performance happening here we own that. You know what I mean? But whatever see signs she's like, non then, I'm gonna sell this shit for me. Then I'm gonna make a documentary for me. And then I'm gonna put it out for me and get paid for that shit. Right. And it's actually still a big commotion for you. Right. So that's the first thing. I would notice is just that. She went to Coachella was bigger than Coachella Coachella. Do the work for her like, you know, every and I think was funny is her performance initially was so memorable as I was watching the special. I was I I know it's coming nex. I know you say that a eight that about a bitch. I like, you know, like, you just notice her shit like at least the one performance starring you to the other thing Kotel. She she made it. So that hey, look one weekend. Everybody gets to see my performance for. Right. But she did to performances some people saw the second. What's being I heard it was on YouTube? If you live, maybe whatever IRA also, it wasn't on air real people found a way, whatever that was the two different performances, which other people have done outcasted it, right? We woke up late in the morning. Early in the morning. No, she thought of a way to seamlessly edit those to performance together to give you a dynamic light. If got like a magic show for the like, the editing has to be up for some sort of a war. I don't know. And you know, I was watching it. And I was like she at initiate better than some fucking movies. Right, mike. We watched movies, and it was like I've never seen it just that flawlessly because at first I was like ok does she have. A ninja to color because it was pink yellow pink yellow pink, yellow and the way it was changing the movements were actually still flowing. So I thought I okay, I know she did to show. The m I lose, oh, she's going back and forth. Right. And obviously it is going to be one of those savings. What I didn't think I had a lot to say. But I have a lot to say. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And jumping kind of between the but one thing I also want to say about Utah house. She changed chiller. She brought her own a background. She was like we're going to use this this day. Like, I this right here. We're gonna use the and then not only that Coachella camp it and now it's like a monument and people can go take pictures of it with the dishes. Are you talking about the bleachers? Yes. Okay. Yeah. I don't know who'd be built on bleachers. I don't know if it was made by the same person made Thors acts is fucking. In fucking and fairly war because them bleachers strongest, and I went to as we see you like I believe there's give a bit bleachers was out there working. Okay. No giving. But what I was gonna say is it was obviously an ordeal even say she won't be doing this again. It's coming out of the birther her twins, obviously being a mother to blue being alive. Being a pop star tour artists business mogul outage it she's like I think even saying the documentary, I'm not doing this again. Like this the Harz I push myself. This is the hardest like I'm not going to do this twice. So this is the thing where we weren't expecting her to do this. But she practiced apparently for almost a year to get in shape. But to get this show perfect. Yes. Yes. And also she was actually prepared for Coachella while she was actually touring for her other two touring and doing his at Saint, right? Keep in mind. She don't have. I think I can't stress enough to while. I said we're getting she didn't have to do any shit. She could have just done her formation tour perform. Silence there and everyone would be fine. No one will be mad everybody that was fucking great. Is we say she just decided I'm going to give this shit the effort that it of just like the concert of a lifetime. And so in addition to you know, just the fact that you know, what's the plan in the meticulousness of organizing two hundred people on stage at the same time. I didn't realize that many people, right? Can we talk about the HVAC U S static though? Because I feel like what always gets? We're both HEC you graduate. Yes. We're always gets lost in this fucking like PWI HVAC, you shit that goes on online. What always gets lost in all this stuff because everyone's trying to be pejorative to each other is that there is something uniquely black American about the acu culture agree about the black. Greek fraternities was still is something uniquely American about that here. This is not to shit. Anyone else's experience? But it is a black icon experienced is originated here as far as like the things that that we do the education that we have you know, to use our I are testament to resist answer, obviously, a testament to education store in history. There there's all kinds of you know, it was like a subversive way to educate black, folks. And so we are created our own ways our own lanes own like coacher, they're in for her a person that didn't go to college. But I remember when she tore and came to Fayetteville state when she was in desktop so is not. So she's always looked up to eight her father graduated from what so to see somebody. That is the biggest pop star in the world bar and a black woman from Houston. Be so my adamantly like black in black American like so adamantly like I am black. I am from America. I am from Houston. Texas. I am from the south. And she said the end of my country asking anybody can come on that is so powerful because we have been taught in just the general. Consensus has always been you get the be as big as someone like beyond say, you don't get big by being specific to blackness, and you can be in black. You can be the biggest act and be a black person. But what you can't be a biggest act that is for black people and even more specifically for her for black women like you. That does not allow you're not supposed to be able to do that. You're supposed to be like, let me shrink myself. Lemme say why people are great. Let me say black. People are great. Let me say, you know. Hey, I don't hurt anybody's feelings. It's permanent. It's just all women and for her to be somebody. That's like, no, I said black. That's amazing. Another thing I've fucking loved about this thing. We get to hear her in our own words. Correct. She doesn't do a lot of media. She didn't do a lot of interview. So people often pejoratively, and I think LOKI offensively attribute her creativity and her genius to other people around. Yes, no allies to just say this concept. She came up with this she coordinated this. She made this happen. It's always gotta be someone else in the wings. When when she was younger, it was her father. Everybody wanted to give her father out prosper, creative. Genius people started giving me the Javy people were giving it to salons. These aren't this isn't offensive to any of them. Like this is saying they're not creative. But why are we giving beyond? It's things that other people all the time. Right. It's always got to be some about the fact that she just can't come up with this ourselves, you know, her even when she becomes more older and outspoken about her politics and her music and stuff, it's somehow. Oh, no. That's just marketing or it's not real she just winding away. Well, let me tell you something. I don't know if you guys noticed in this country, but. The pro black. She is not as cool as it was just even when Obama was here come on. L Fe activism shit is not our knee streets like they work because I know about trying to get killed over his bullshit. They understand the environment that we're in everybody's saying the referendum that was the election, and I'm not saying referendum in that could destroy here. Locally. No, I'm saying the fact that racist people have been in boating hate crimes have been in bowed. My own hate is no longer thing that people are doing quietly indoors. This is the thing that is loud and proud and out and to see somebody like beyond say go. Yeah. This is not a marketing thing, I wasn't saying I was black because it's cool always say a feminist because the way is because I am one and to see her saying in her own words to see her use quotes from you know, my Angelou from townie Morrison like these are the things creative choices she made to see her those meetings, coordinating this stuff like these are the things that I think. We don't often see and is also washy fucking records all these moments of our life and our work. So that she can tell you this year herself. Because anytime you let somebody else do it. They're telling your story. And when you let somebody else tell you a story, man, it's just we've seen what can happen. Yes. And see her like struggling like talking about the pregnancy and the high blood pressure, and this you name too. I had never even heard of. Oh, no. Yeah. 'cause when you're pregnant they are some kind of diseases and infections and stuff, they kind of only happened doing pregnancy. So to see her bring that up 'cause humanizer like I hear people talk about her. And this thing why people are doing now. And who knows what they'll say after homecoming. But it's this thing where they're doing the like how do we take shots beyond say? Like, it was cool for why people like her, and it was like I'm woke I'm cool. I'll still be I'd say even though she did the cell title out. Even though CD lemonade and she's doing formation. Hey, guys. I'm cool woke liberal white person. I still fuck with her. But I noticed that shit was starting to slide. I'll listen to podcasts shit. They started awesome. Like kinda fucker to-. Right. And which is which is being honest. They were already feeling that way. But it wasn't cool during like the come up deterrent to be on some like kinda fucked this black woman share, right, right? So they kind of a sliding back into that. And then homecoming comes out it's going to be interesting to see what the reaction is to because it's such a big reminder of I'm a black woman. I'll tell them my own story. And this is why tell my own story because I can't trust you to tell it. I tell people what I think I can't trust your interviews. The asking the right questions let me to plucking tale you how I feel about being black high feel about Hughes. How Philo being a black woman and everything I do being for black women high feel about my being being a mother how about being a wife like I appreciate that. She. She's able to do that. And then turn it into her money. Correct. Because is one of those things where funny win beyond say kept a blank slate. When I mean, she was just I'm here to perform, and I'm not gonna say her her music was racially. Not racial. It was just come on everybody. It was it was women. Right. It was single ladies. You know, it was. It was it was like always black that wasn't ever. It was always black. But it was also kind of like the traditional like, I'm black. But I'm making music that if you're white there's no reason to feel uncomfortable. You know, and then there's this Houston part of her that just keeps getting bigger and bigger and now she's Cussing. And now she's happening, right? Because it was a period of time where you never heard beyond say because right now, she's talking about she likes her negro knows, not just you know, what I mean like it's becoming a certain type of light like aesthetic dripping off of it. And then h we see you like that is the biggest love because keeping month. Just like the hashtag them thrown. It's not kicking nobody out. Right. You can why people can go to. Yes, they can get a minority scholarship when they go. If you think you're above that or you think that somehow less institution. So that's why you don't go, right? The nets kind of on you because why won't even apply or know anything about it HEC? You wouldn't be like. Well, I mean, you go to school without white people. That's not true. Plenty of white people was in my classes, come out, y'all weren't in the majority. I guess now, you know, how I don't know. But the point being you had this this experience that it's such a black experience like and other artists have tried to do it. But I think they've done it with different stuff right church. Now, Kendrick does Africa and many artists have done it with Africa, many black people now, I'm not knocking that. I mean that to be. Be clear, I'm not knocking people to do it when they islands, right? But that's not black America. Right. This like HEC uses black America is a singular type of institution. They can't exist. Another place. Right. It is it is created in the outcome of like Plessey versus like, it's not. It's not it can't be created in England. It can't be created in a country that had slavery, but is mostly black. It had to be America that made this. And so this is on March to America in a way that other artists have not done yet. You know, this isn't to say they had no elements, but she completes she didn't like market as did it in college dropouts, right? Like, she like she leaned into it and said, this is they source of pride. You know, the see her talk about how important agency used to institutions are at the end to put that quota there like it was such. It was for us, which is one reason. I don't really get mad. And why people don't know what all she's this. She's. Fuck you is for us. Anyway, we we weren't we weren't waiting on you to approve all, right? Ronnie. Yeah. I know it's the big surprise you. We were not sitting around like I hope they approve it beyond say thing that was written specifically for black women. I hope you were you come around to this blackness like we're good. We're doing this before y'all even pay sheeting tension. Netflix Netflix page before you see shit. So she got the money, right? And we're going to watch it fifty seven times each probably all from the same account. But that's fine. That's fine. Nobody can stop it. But yes, she so she killed that shit. And I was so like blown away by that. Then you get the performance this mega hell the Mike the entire time. She never even went with the Janet Jackson like shot out the fire starter they caught it like the drive through heads at Burger King has like she didn't even use that joint. She just straight up like held that Mike for two hours. Like what the fuck you look at all the dancing and acrobatic shit and all the coordination, and she's like in and out outfit changed. Boom. Right back in your face. It just Mike again, like ballot, boom, negro spiritual. Boom, like an athlete, and I think sometimes people underestimate like is she is an athlete actually when you. And what I said like ask me the reason why I was saying like athletes because you had she keeps her body in good tiptop shape. Right. And to be able to do the things she does moving squat ambandoned helping to bleachers. Dipping shaking as and all that stuff is still singing and don't you? Don't hear no breathy nece. Right. You didn't hear no in her voice? What she would have been like entitled to correct if she will say, yeah. I need a minute. We would've stood what she just straight up. Flawless. And I I was I didn't even take a water break, right? I think what does she says she wait two hundred eighteen pounds or something like that? When the twins like two hundred eighteen pounds initi- started this. I love I love of behind the scenes where you see her starting. And it's awkward she talks about people don't like rehearsing because you're gonna look at you going up you she's showing us. I'm sure like the fuck of she's comfortable with us seeing twenty four seven Cam just fucking up. But like, you know, like the dedication because you see her body look different than beyond as body. Correct. Like and not that she wasn't still fine to come on. I mean, but still you see her body being and you're like, oh, she eight months ago from that back to beyond say shape tiptop shape, you know, in talking about that diet. No sugar. No carbs. No meat. No fish, no some melts, and I tried to die. I did Thursday. I watched I saw her about the died in the article on Thursday. And I said, you know, I'm gonna do those died on that day job. And then I had a coffee, and I realized as I sit on my coffee, I felt that I was like damn oh that was quick grand grand closing saying. And that felt that I'm hungry. I was like yes hunting. Yeah. And so it was his dote to see her like accomplish artist of the blackness of the people that were working with her. The band dancers choreographers. I mean, even the Qatar for Jack White's part was a black woman like the intention now of her blackness is so like meticulous like the dedication to that power is the part that always blows me away because I keep. Thinking my whole life. How the greatest pop performers that were black always felt like they couldn't be too black. You know what I mean? And it's not and this is not shaded them. I get why they felt that way it was conventional wisdom. Don't be too black. You know, people love winning Houston. I remember Whitney Houston, and we I remember shocked she with Bobby Brown because my whole life win said existed in a place where I was like she is transcendent race as they like to do. And here she is, you know, like beyond say is not just talking about blackness her music. But in this creative outlet that is this this homecoming documentary, she's like black black black black and your black asp as black boom. You know what I mean? Michael jackson. You know, people talk about like one song black white he at once on weei late in his career and during his pedophile scandals, and we were like black and white. He's a black man. See guys like that. It took a while. This is not to say we are requested is he a black person. It's just a fact that conventional wisdom say you just don't do that. And makes company why would you ever limit quote unquote, your career by being like, I'm black? Now, what these white folks gone. Right. That was the whole thing. And to see them be like, nah, the say we like, nah, I'm black on black. Fuck y'all still come into my concert Xiao still going to be bumping my music, y'all to be mad. But I ain't doing nothing hurt you. I'm just black. Like this anything like foot white people or some shit like she just black. She's leaning into and celebrating being black woman on this earth from America. And yeah, it was it was amazing to see that. It was just I don't know. I just couldn't like she's she's always a head of everyone. Yes. She is because nobody else's done this. Now, imagine people will start trying to do shit like this. You know, I mean, but let's be honest. The amount of work. We just her put into it. And nobody gonna do that. No. Maybe they'll do something. Like, oh Coachella live of my album documentary ages won't be this year. And and you to get to the place that she is. I'll just almost you got to be working because she actually was like, I gotta go home to my kids, and she was like I'm used to rehearse fifteen hour days. But now I have to go home to my children fifteen hour rehearsals ya'll. It's twenty miles a day. Right. Fifteen hour her sals. You know, I for me personally. I. Really appreciate her filming the meetings. And I know everybody laugh when Jay z just kinda spoke in and was like, okay, you are a white, basically. I think that was anniversary to right there was happy anniversary, right? Yes. Yes. You worked in. Berkshire. Like, she is actually putting it in. And I like the fact that. She was a woman a black woman in charge, and you have to miss her like like, you don't have another option you have to listen to her and she was given direction. And she told you what she wanted what she didn't won't what she wanted to to improve on to let her know what she had to do because he was out. He's fuck as meetings like lag lift is up. So I can be at home doing other shit. You know, I she didn't nicer than that. But I felt that in my spirit, and it was one of those things for mean. I'm like. She's a reflection of that you could be black and be a bounce and people have to listen to you. You know, you can be in control. You can do these things and be a black woman. And I really appreciate the black woman thing because when it comes to black men you quote, unquote, get respect in places in areas where black men didn't. Because if it was a black man that did this Zach same documentary. A lot of people that would be shitting beyond say, we'll be nothing but praises and clapping and clapping Iran, y because it was a man. So when you have a woman there's like we're going to do it like this. We don't do this. I won't have a certain experience for the people because we'll famine this put microphones wherever you got to put microphones this is what I won't. And and I'm going to demand perfection. And I just really appreciate you getting a glimpse into how her mind ticks. Yeah. And then let's talk about the music. Iq because see him was transitions and flow was so fucking good. And it was such a celebration of like black shit. Whatever it is mixing like hits that black people with into her music. I think my favorite joint was what she did diva version of that everybody mad in it like the fucking horns on. She was good right there. We couldn't stop right there. Jeannine going further. Oh what a goat version? But when they flip to everybody. Listen came. It's like everything was aren't to a party. It's like so much. Energy so much energy so much like Houston so much lie down south so much New Orleans. Like so much of the black halftime performance from the bands. Like, y'all know how we do football basketball volleyball, swimming. We don't give a damn to ban going to be there, and we're gonna be body. Yeah. Like, I don't remember the end of any favors state football game. 'cause I don't think I ever stay for one. Nope. But I have seen so many shows. I have seen so much Irv and five formed come. Welcome to Fabio, North Carolina. You're much. Yes. Why I have seen enough? I've heard enough Irwin at fire. I've eaten enough fish fillets sandwiches, white Whitebread mustard. Okay. I've done that being the V lie. Okay. Now for an out. Okay. This is this is cool. I hope the Moi's win pink. Yeah. You've been Pinkett 'cause all the fish gonna be fried chicken Gobi fried. If you 'specially own begin died, you know, be options Nick is gonna be like what the fuck. No. Yeah. You know? Free options. Okay. No gluten free. Everything is better than fat fat fat. But yet it'd be able to see like that kinda get the reverence that it has within the culture, and honestly man like beyond say such a game change it. I haven't seen. Nobody should know HVAC. You censorshi- drive and y'all know how contrary as Twitter Ludd shit on HVAC. Is gotta be like, I'm not like those negroes type like like energy like people have been so proud of the establishment, whether they win or not I've seen people talk about how your make sure marquee is. No, they can go to Hugh. And that's that influence that people have with that platform beyond say such a big deal that people could feel that pride. And because I think too often we get bogged down all the other shit. Right. Right. You know, I mean, y'all remember that? So I talked about them going to talk to Trump, and I'm still emotional about that shit like. Just but I knew they had to do it. Right. Because that's how fucked up it is I hope people like give to ICU. I know she did. But other people do as well. They're inspired to understand that these institutions they will go away, especially under Trump. If we do nothing like it was already kind of. I mean, you guys. I know y'all heard the article seen article about the the white people that are shitting leading their dog shit on the yard of the campus of Howard the interview one of the white news. And he was basically like if you don't like it move out to city Bish this university was here for you. You wouldn't do it at Harvard? Right. So, you know, even if you would man that's why people shit. That's not don't do that shit now on our stuff take your house. But that's the that's the whole point is like that that attitude towards our shit exist. As we embrace that attitude too. It'll be gone, man. It could be going just like that Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump. They not trying to give them people to money to run their university. You know? So I hope courage people too. If you dingo to ABC, you Google ABC you near me fire one dome. Couple dollars, man. I'm not talking about you got to like going there. Right. A million dollar check. But I mean, you know, do a little something for for for your for your phone because it's kids going there right now kids, they don't get a chance that go there. You know, that wouldn't a graduate it in white university because you don't have the support system from white universities, many times the social cost of being black in the white space, many black people who have gone to PWI's we'll tell you about it. You know, which is why I'd never understood the battle between PW is. And we you because it's like man we struggling wherever we go. Every we go. I'll I'll I'll all HEC you doing is trying to reduce the social struggle just a little bit. You still going to be individual? They're still like good and bad the ABC you there still. Other social struggles you'll be taking on, but, you know, first time away from home is a more religious than others. A lot of stuff, you know, the money struggles that universities having stuff. So like this is not to not say like h a perfect. No, it's just to say like they deserve a place. There's so many black intellectuals that people respect they came right out of those fucking schools. Right. Right. Arrows schools, and if people turn around shit on them. I'm like well who do who? Where would we be? You know, we have an t where would we be how many black brilliant minds came right on out of that door, and you should on that door. So anyway out I had to say man, I really appreciate it. Just everything she did. Because it just felt like she was speaking for people, and then obviously musically sonically though in that band behind everything. Freedom took on a whole new freedom sound like a mother plug in actual like like a freedom song like freedom for me. Now is there were all right? Like, hit them horns on freedom, and the dancer, and in the choirs thing and along with it like catering's, not even there, and it just like sonically elevated to such another level, then even sound it to me on our where I'm like. Yeah. Freedom now is like the song where I might put the trailer for your black movies now. Like, let's just go ahead star cut chopping chopping trae Elizabeth on freedom hook at the end where you get to the conclusion of the whatever the conflict is now I'll be going to see your movie. Okay. It doesn't matter. What it's about. Let's show us put freedom underneath and said, I got five on it. I'm going to see two times three times in dough. And I just respect her journey so much because see her blossom fully into her avert. Pro black self that I've appreciated that so much like I'm not a person that was in high before like when bidet was out and stuff. It was always honest, cool, and I understood and respected like all this black girls music black women's music. My wife loves music, not really for me. No. You know what I mean? 'cause I 'cause I'm not I'm not a person who's pejorative was. Black women music. Really don't like, nah, it's dope. Man. Come on. If in that thing is we kind of people kill me with that a lot of times, just let women be happy. And I think sometimes that's a very hard concept for men to understand that times if your wife laws from shit, let her love the fuck out of and give it to her and let her enjoy it. Because you know, what when she happy. You get the fuck what about that? Don't do understand not nine ridges sakes. Just why why would you want somebody not to be happy? Not even just a wife or your girl. But I see do that shit. Our on Facebook Twitter social miata time, where it's like, how can I tease these women about the thing that they're into that? I'm not right. Just happy. They got the band BTS. Now that a lot of people are into and I've seen go out of their way to shit on this. Why? Like what what do you gain by shitting on? You clearly don't listen to or care about this shit. Right. You clearly see people getting the whole entire motherfucking lives to it. Why would you need to be shady about it to them you need attention that bad you'll even take negative attention? That's what it is not thing. Sometimes people have unhappiness within them. So they like if I'm not happy, you're happy. But it doesn't make any sense because you know, put them particularly in the straight relationship. So a woman is just oppose that everything is opposed to the doors man is interesting 'cause I'm saying, even if it's not a relationship, right? Like, yeah. Just like even just in general like people see black women in us share. And they gotta find away to shit on it. Right. It's crazy. You know, you might ninety dating these women, you might not even be you might like it's just something about how find a way and beyond say was that for a long time for a lot of dues. I think and maybe she still lives where people are a little more quiet about it. Because her stepping so hard into like, I'm black motherfuckers is and I'm from Texas, and I'll be listening to rap and I cursed like step into that. You see people totally different about how they come to come at her. Now, they how it used to be. Agreed. So, but yeah, man, I know I love I just love to see her do this. And that's what made me a fan. It wasn't. It was just like the cell title album house. I oh God. Like, it was funny is I think a lot of people like, oh, yeah. The tighter because she was so like, it was such a sakes, our, which I'm not knocking beyond say courses beautiful. But that wasn't it was more about just like, oh, this is this is you you, right? This is you without like a. Manager being like don't do that. Or being like, I don't know. We should like Jisr UB like, no, no, no, no, no, no. I want to make this kind of music. I want to do these kinds of things I'm gonna talk about bucking me me and my husband fucking in the back. It is this car you need to pull role at the partition of you. Don't wanna see it too is. I don't know why drive with wrote the partition. I don't know what kind of drivers guy. You don't wanna see her? Yes. Yes. I do. Before you'll still male. But yeah, that that kind of thing whereas why to see our baby step so fully into that. And I would a lot of people like it's not just beyond saying. But I think with a lot of people. That's how you find people that love you quote, unquote, without knowing you, but they love you. Go yourself you like because everybody wants to love themselves. Everybody's envious of being themselves loving themselves and unapologetically being themselves in front of everyone. Right. And I think for a lot of people particularly black women just we've been kind of trained to be everybody. But yourself, you know, be the mother be to disturb the friend be the wife the girlfriend the only things to everybody else. But nobody a lot of times never ex. You would do you want to be in who are you? And I think for a lot of black women, particularly when they as children. Get older than the house. A lot of parents, go through identity crisis because particular women who am I my life has been wrapped around everybody else. And for the first time, I'm alone by myself. And I might not know who I am. I poured everything into my spouse, my mater, my significant other who am I? And so I think I learned to love who I am. And embraced who I am. And I've particularly as I've gotten older, I've just gotten more comfortable in my skin. And I am why am you either like it or you don't, you know, I'm Corky nor could be weird. I know I can be bubbly, nor could be energetic. You know? I know I I'm I know me, and I know that my personality is a turnoff for a lot of people, but you're gonna have to take this this. What is and I realized that a lotta times, it's amazing. They're black women being themselves as revolutionary. It doesn't make sense. Why revolutionary for you to love yourself? Why revolutionary for you to embrace yourself? Why is it revolutionary for you to have demands like anybody else? But for some reason for us is like, oh, my gosh you Brooke job jail. Oh my gosh. You know, you, you know, you being Bo you're telling people what to do. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And I think that it's a beautiful thing. Win women do it. And when they get to the place where they love themselves because the put too it's a lot of women, but I've talked to a lot of black women. They have bear very very low self esteem this when it was true and that shit is hard. To course. Correct is hard to cost. Correct. Love and your hair is hard to 'cause correct Logan. You're skiing. It's hard to cost. Correct. Love and you'll falls it's harder to correct those things when you've been told everything about this something wrong. Make yourself small make yourself invisible. Make yourself not be seen heard. You know, put everybody else before you is hard to get to the point where you put your first because people become mad at you and Jellison upset in NBS if you put Joseph I because when you put your first that mean, people are going to fall by the wayside when you put yourself first people that would using you and abusing you and lots of people that saw a light. And you will begin to be mad and upset I've come to the poem like us. You had to be mad. You just to be upset because if you jealous of me being me, I'm not the one with the problem you are. But because a lot of times black women are taught not to confrontation because you afraid of the angry black woman syndrome. You know, just any type of of confrontation is considered a bad thing or negative thing. Even if we're not I in a fighting or screaming or anything is considered a negative thing. So, but I've come to the point where if you wanna be free conflict as part of freedom, and that's very hard for people to understand that in order for you to be free for you to be rid really three for you to truly love yourself, regardless of your friends and your imperfections, and how many children you've had regardless of your past. And how people feel about you. You know, you've got to get past that, and it's very harmful for people, particularly if you have very timid personalities or. Added Kerry to do that. And that's one thing that I really did love about beyond saying, I really cannot express that enough about seeing her in charge Lilly did something and something else before we move on. And she said that they did a whole rehearsal without music like everybody would just own. Was there, you know, with their instruments and fully and they just did. So all you heard was boom. And I was like I couldn't even begin to just imagine the energy in there. And I think that that energy was what she wanted to capture and what she wanted to put in what she wanted to give us. That's why she was her own people with the sand and all type of stuff because she was like, I want people to feel this love this energy. This this feeling that we have this unity that we have here, and I'm burying, I I'm very I'm so glad that she gave us a glimpse into her world. So that we could see bet part of her life. It was like you say, she don't do interview. She's very separate. So for me, it meant the world is something else. And then really bumped his to my uncle several times where for you know, I was sitting there, and I wouldn't but I was crying because it was just. Like overwhelming just to kind of everything in all at once. Watching this black woman be free. Do her thing talk about she had a blank slate as she can Linley do what she wanted to do. And. Is a privilege to baby just do what you want to do being black. You know, people don't wanna hear that. But she's at a point in her life when she was like y'all gonna have to deal most people are at a point in their life with their like that. And it was just really wonderful to watch her kind of break those barriers and be like, it's not country as ghetto paean. Do it anybody can do it. And I hope it encourages people to get out and start things in Duke things dream have aspirations and things like that. And also, I think for me tune it was when it was filmed a documentary when it was going through there were hertzel's and watching people's responses to other people. Be magical. You know, like in almost felt like almost like a religious experience because you know, how we do. We who we Holloway jail. We throw shoes we Riveria laugh because that's just part of what we do. And it was beautiful for her to show like the motions on people faces the expressions on people faces to just us being black in the moments where we were just allowed to be free in black. And then of course, she still had child. They're j there and like you say that blew their brew is now they and the thing about this. And these child it was sprawl where you would let y'all Lindley could go on tour and people would buy year. They didn't miss a damn spy even. Yeah. Even like, I said they have blue door choreography with people for us again. It was like a collage of that. And you know, it was funny 'cause people say like, oh, I'm not nobody's in the. If you ask everybody. Nobody's into nobody wants to admit. I'm not a stand. And only time we attribute somebody being Stanford beyond say is when they do something completely uncalled-for and crazy like if they dock somebody if they harass or all of a sudden, this, you know, these behalf stands, and, but that's not everybody, you black you in the beehive, unless you comb, and I know this because let somebody shit on beyond saying front of you and see if you just let shift live most likely, we're going to be like, nah, owed a, you know, and the ones that had an impetus to join in. They some coons real they just love white people shit that much they wanna be down. But like that that's one of those things that you have to step up and be like, nah, KOTA washy gotta cash in a way that other people. Don't right. We gotta be. We gotta be sensitive about Britney Spears mental hell come on. We gotta be sensitive about like, Adele and all the issues of her body. We gotta be everybody. But be honest. Phase don't we not doing this? So yeah, everybody have I watch Obama. Why people talking shit fuck around your stone? You just do not know, man. 'cause you know, you see some it will be fine. If the critise around her we're like more level headed, but it's always from light low key races shit. And it's ridiculous. You know, also load how much she loved her post having baby body shoe of I five these hills now spread out guy. Look look herbs round his ads like y'all about to get all this is. He was like, oh, I don't know. What to do it myself? I can't wait the flight this on everybody wouldn't it when Desi showers out there where her she was like out there like booty shorts. Everybody else had on like pants, but like ties to Iago get asked. Oh, love it. All right, y'all y'all seen these lactating breasts. I don't know you heard about these things with our blackout little Chris bless you will love some some for everybody. I appreciate it that. And I did love the meeting part. I think the meaning stuff was just because she wasn't being mean. But you saw how demanding she was. And also it wasn't that shit. That people do where I'm a diva I can talk to you. Anyway, I want and that's because I'm such a brilliant person. And you're not like it was still like this communal like we're a team we're working on together. But I am in charge is my my name's on his shit. I'm looking at this from every angle, I need this to pop I need to be good here here here and here, and when you see the final like product yet no shit like she gets to get all that credit. Not and she was more than magnanimous with the credit like she's pulling people out on stage at the end, all that stuff, tag people on Instagram. Let's go. She's that credit for being the one to put it all together. Because Lord knows show would have been a flop guess who took all the blame. Right. Right. You know? So the thing is she also let us see that. She's not lazy like she's extremely hardworking person. Like who needs to see that? Right. People underestimate how hard she works. She basically was I had the dancers on one stage that sound people don't wanna stage and the band and another stage it was on three separate sets. And I would from set to set to sit. Practice in rehearsing, then I turn around and meet with fifty managers, then I had to turn around and go home, then I don't around and do it over again while I'm spasms and whatever else is happening in my body. You know, in that's the level of dedication that the average person could not do it would not do. And I mean, keep in mind. She's still kinda is the negative got the job at McDonald's and his giving everybody like extra fries because she put this shit on Netflix, which everybody got. So now, if you weren't up for the U2., you didn't catch on them bootleg strains, you know, you'll asking for to take you to coach our most of us are not bawling like that or even lucky enough to be bottling like that right to then be like, well, then you can experience it in a way, nobody else can experience it on on Netflix. I'm gonna break it down. Like, that's the kind of boss shit that I really be hoping they can do like where you just don't see many black people even in a position to ever do something like this and the see people try to have Pasha's and resentment about it. Then just be mad as she said. Anyway. All right. Come is amazing everybody should see album album har- because I played it. And and literally if you don't if you're not careful, you lily, just you just have a one person party like because it goes from Sony disowned the song. Put put before you know it. Yes, you having a one person party, though, workout music audit type music. All right. We talked about that a long time. I didn't plan a certain amount of time to talk about it. But I did want to throw one more thing. I also watched two parts of the four part reconstruction documentary on PBS, I can't find the first two pars on PBS, but they are on YouTube. So I will be watching it there. Okay. So it was parts. Yes. Okay. Skip gates. Did it is really good really good very education. The reconstruction is one of those parts of history that most of us are not taught very much about. We're kind of taught like slavery ended. And then the Jim crow south starting right? And they skip over the eight or nine years where the south was essentially, you know, forced to give black people their rights and all the things that they did to circle vent giving black people those rights come on. It's really important that you listened to that you watch this thing that you educate yourself because this is they don't want you to know about and a lot of the solutions that black. We will have to racism and oppression. And the things that we get on each other four they've been tried before like in the eighteen hundreds they have tried all this shit. And so, you know, hopefully, people can learn to back off each other a little bit. But. See the bravery highlighted a certain people like oughta be well. Fragile right to see like, you know, people talk about like a Booker T, Washington and. Why his rhetoric was a certain way. Even when behind the scenes he was doing something completely different is really important. Speaking of HVAC us. I mean, like the founding of ACC use the education and importance and the subversiveness of HVAC use a lot of that is because reconstruction to see Jim crow laws in the south and not just Jim crow laws. Oh, by the way, you can also find all four parts on PBS dot org. But not just the laws down south. But like before they were Jim crow laws the things that started like one of the biggest. One of the biggest like impacts and very hurtful to this day. On our society was the demonization of black men as savage, right? This right. So much of it historically as being used as propaganda against us in Wilmington, North Carolina. There was honestly a insurrection that basically it was a genocide of a black city, and it started with news news papers publishing false articles, accusing black men of raping white women. Yeah. These and it was all because they were jealous of the fact that there were black people that were going to be in government. So they went to the town forced all of them to resign at gunpoint. And then started ransacking the town and killed black people in the streets as a flit right thing. I forget what river it was. But they were like, you know, the river Ray, and rare we're blood, and then they took pictures that door smiling. Yeah. It was near. I won't say it was new it was it was. Women. Yeah. My bad. Doc carolina. And so they killed them and took pictures in front of the burned out town buildings and. Government buildings and all that stuff because they just didn't want black to be in power of anything. And this is this is done multiple places multiple times. And I always think about those pictures and half smiling, those white people are and why people are so my grandparents my great, great, great grandparents somebody's, so my, you know, like all those people that was in my state, North Carolina. You know, so. And I guarantee you there's there's gotta be hundreds of these. This is not you can name twelve probably. I dunno black Wall Street. Didn't happen all across the country. I don't know where people have this narrative that racism, quote, unquote, only happens down south even to the day bitch is why people there is racism there. What are we talking about? Yeah. So there's violence was so. But it was like so when you people talking about like, but we would just need to get our own. How can we be trying to get in with the white, man? It's like, well, they kill people that try to get their own kill people to try to integrate. They kill people for Monday fucking business. They just killed people jealousy at one point. They were lynching black men and saying because he's black man, we're looking at white women are sleeping with white women. And they just do it over and over all the time. Right. They were so upset that they would no longer had these sleighs and now, but all the black man, coincidentally happened to be prominent business owners come out. So is this. Oh, just somehow these black people and these black towns black men that are doing little to well Carlo tonight's close a little too spiff. He making too much money somehow, they're alright, but it's a needed die. But that's not our problem, everyone that's black people's problems. You know, they fucking burned out to be wells of printing press. The memphis. You know, like the Emmys facts, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. But it's contextualising there with pictures with actual like here's the article that says like, you know, negro ISM defunct, you know, after they destroyed a black town by killing all these people, and the fact that the newspaper knew that they were complicit in getting these people kill, you know, this is when we talk about whiteness, people think is like an individual thing. Now, we talk about whiteness, whiteness him in mass. Yeah, it has been so dangerous in daily in this country, especially if you are black it is affected you in some way affected your ancestors some way it's why you'll never see me wear one of those fucking. I'm not my ancestor shirts because they were killing black people, and they black people were fighting back and they still killed him. There was more white people than black people, and they were aggressive cases. So, you know. To see this. Documentary, you know, on TV, I like it was so dope. Cause I do. Enjoy knowing these type of things, and I learned about different people. I didn't know about. I forget his name, but the black man who was like a minstrel act who was use the Serb subversiveness of being a minstrel act to get black actors not wearing black face not being cones onto a Broadway. Made a lot of money doing this call to real cones or something like that. And by the time you show up. You don't realize it or why people don't realize it only one of them's actually wearing that Kuhn mak-. The you're actually just watching the play full of black people in this one do and he was like the highest black performer on Broadway, ever and all this type of time. Like, just you know, all that stuff. May I be well the sacrifices she made and. Just reporting about this stuff the danger to her life that this was so, yeah, I I hope people take the time out to watch it. Yeah. I think it was Bart Williams. I think that's what it was even south thing. I hope people take the time out to watch it, actually. What I watched it once? And then I've been watching it again just just because it's so much stuff in there. Like, it's so pack, you you can't really tweet it or you just got to sit down and watch right because everything is like and initiate having. And then this happened the world's fair where they didn't invite black people they should black people in from Africa, but didn't invite any black African Americans to the fucking world fair. And that's when Frederick Douglass gave his biggest lag last speech. Everybody remembers like. It's just I don't know. It was just kind of a really to see to see that. So you guys. Check that out. And yeah, I really, you know, it's all kinds of black trauma shit in there. So you can't handle it. I get it. But for those that can't and don't want to be not not informed. I mean skip gates. He's basically giving you like this isn't about teasing your pain or trying to like make you feel bad or whatever it's really educational. And it's also like I said for me personally, always makes me feel less. Crazy. Correct. Like, I always feel like this is grounded in something these feelings, I feel on the soil of this country is is coming from somewhere. And it's not just you know in my head like there's a history to to this. Whether it's in my DNA, or in my brain or just passed down from people, whatever. So. In the last thing, I'll say before we move onto from this. It also made me think about something when people talk about respectability politics. There was the time. Some instances is still kind of is what people call it something different. But. Respectability politics things was revolutionary at a time. And I don't think people framing in that context just frame it as like a negative towards it like just our respectability politics. But these people aren't stupid. They were looking for two things. Number one. You're living in a society. That says people can't am. I can't. I mean can't anything. We're not smart. We're not sophisticated. We're not we don't have any class. We don't have. We don't belong in white society. Right. We, you know. And so a counter to that for a lot of black people the time was, you know, like oughta be wells and Frederick Douglass too. Because y'all are not as wokers that are not as brave as so let's just chill with that. Before you start coming, folks. You had to people that they they sent out to photograph black people, you know, and is like so back in the day. It's the photographs before people out photographs right? The photographs you just look real steel to the side. And then I guess they take five minutes before it's done or whatever, you know, it in twenty four hours to get it back. Right. But the pejorative nece that we say respectability politics with is one that is just. Let is a lack of context of history in which respect to -bility politics about literally getting respect. Now. Sure is respect from racist people that are never going to give it. But at the time, it was this was not something that have even been tried before. And it was to end it was not just to to gain assimilation. But to prove them wrong to say, you say this thing, but you're not you're not being honest. We have civilized government. We do where these suits. We know how to do business. We are not savages when the newspaper is making up rapes of of women from black men. There is a impetus to be respectable, quote, unquote, as a revolution to the to the status quo to the lie as being told about you is not so simple as you pull your pants up. You won't be killed. You know, it was. Y'all don't wear pants as like these look at my hands. And they'll and it's like, we will you know, we wouldn't be so hard on y'all. If y'all weren't this way. I still know that dude I can't remember his last name was Montgomery, the black dude that was a democrat back when Democrats and Republicans Republicans or Democrats, and he spoke at like, the democratic national convention, I will leave and essentially it was like, yes. Oh, black people don't deserve rights. We not as good a job. We're not sophisticated. Y'all y'all better than us. We savage, blah, and like hurt black people's caused so badly, you know, and this is the they were fighting against this shit, Frederick Douglass fighting against this shit that like I say outta be wells. It's fighting against like you have so many black people at the turn of the century. You know, Mary Terrail like you got people that are like. To us. We're like, oh, here's this. You know, many kinds of it'd be like a more of a lice game person shit sometimes because that would allow them access to shit. They're darker black people couldn't even gang know. But but using that that that that that influence and using that privilege to then help the race and risking their lives doing, so, you know, many people if it wasn't for their ability to pass sometimes they wouldn't even be fucking. We would know their names today. They dead come on, you know, but. All of this stuff, all these strategies, plus versus Ferguson. That's strategy. It's not like, it's always sad. Just why when we learn about it in school. We always learn of it as like year is just as incident that happened in lead to segregation. It's like it wasn't a coincidence. Same way, Rosa Parks on that bus wasn't. No coincidence. Right. So this is one reason I like to read or listen and learn about this kinda shit because I'm like, I'm always wondering didn't know before. And as always kinda give me a different perspective. Because from now on I won't be talking about respectability politics in that kind of way. I it's only a specific type that that. I think is makes people feel like this is the right like in black people weren't acting this way. Everything will be fine. Obviously that's fucked up, right? Like the, but when it stuff like, you know, black people was wearing like. Yeah. Because at the time we were told it was being food that was the revolution. At the time. You know, that was risking your life. Look looking to look into good having too much. You know being to refined warning too much that was risking your life. They were killing people for that shit. So that was the main thing I took away from this documentary that that was a different perspective than I walked in. With was like the catch all that. Respectability politics on Twitter, and social it's not really the catch people think it is. You know, it's a little too loose of definition because. I'll be God. Damned if I'm a look outta be wells in is and be like. Yeah. Respectability politics cysts like, nah, nah. She was risking her life reporting on lynchings. She was she was she got driven out of Memphis. You know under threat of violence, like, you know, let alone like all these black women that were being sexually assaulted constrict labor prison labor, you know, these type of things basically just new versus slavery share cropping people making a mass exodus to the north to only be faced with red lining and more racism. We have tried everything. And I don't think we get enough credit for the ingenuity and the pressure and just the gut damn impossibility of white supremacy that we are up against man, we are a little too hard on ourselves at times because we didn't quote unquote, make it as if the game ain't read all of us. You know? So is one of the times when I hear like when I hear stuff. Yeah. Even without the internet. That's a good point. Jim is those times when I hear people like kinda come at like activists sometimes come in. People trying something different or during the different way and always kind of go. Yeah. But they they doing something while you might not work in my do. I mean, none of this shit has worked. I don't know if you've noticed none of us are really free. They can kill my black ass tonight. The police can just extrajudicial carriage of Justice just fucking kill me. And it'll be on the news tonight as as this negative desert adopts on now. So my just got killed in Charlotte. Like, none of us have gotten over their mountaintop, yet, really, you know, we made so much progress in this country, but is because of that fight engine nudity. The ability to try other things to never be, you know, to never let it be cordoned off and killed, you know, and the only thing that we really get left with out of it is like the hopeful for for unity for some kind of equality one day. So. Yeah. I hope everybody can be a little more gentle with each other. And learn from history man, if you don't already notice, you learn learn it, and then maybe you'll be more gentle, gentlemen, people and less. Let me pass on the next person says the wrong thing or try something I wouldn't try because that that that shit is just I mean, it's been forever, and it's human, but it's just so counterproductive. There's nothing really to gain from it. So. Anyway. No fucking black. We were today. Matter of fact, let's do some guest or rice get right into that. Where's my guest is music? That's right is guest. Now that is time for some raised. That's. That's right. It's time for the race. The number one game. She'll go to all the podcast, man. We read the play news articles from all over the globe. And we as contestants today. Karen and the chat rooms to guests. Raise. And of course, everyone plan is absolutely one hundred percent racist. That's how we do real races. That's what I we started in different podcasts or new podcast, Cali the real racist. Instead of the blackout tips. Real racist. Do we started his day concern a real race racism? It's not show the real racist. We want is really oppressed. Algal planned in about you've been looking for Easter bunny in downtown Orlando fights had a fight and it was caught on camera. And so they caught up with the Easter bunny. Oh shit. Yeah. And had him. Explain exactly why he. Put the hands and say he was had more than a megs. I guess he was having what am as true care. Neom thousand me like maybe he had a hair trigger temper. But yet it caught up. I guess he hip hop. Doughnut. Man. Why could just bounce? But yet they caught up with the guy into his real name is Anton McDonald and interviewed him about why he did it. I think they actually had a video on here. If I can get it to play. Of course, there's an ad I so let's give that the due time, Adam and eve dot com cotija WT butane for I don't you love free stuff. Why would you not want? It think about it. This fight happened in downtown Orlando. Pause and near sack comedy lab on. Oh, so of course, the way for the low behind the scenes to apparently, I'm no what's going on why it's freezing. Like this. But yeah, it was a fight. They've caught it on video of orange avenue. News six Vanessa arises spoke to the guy inside money off one of the strangest pieces of video I've ever seen in my life, Vanessa did he tell you why he got involved in this. Says he and his friends they were out for Sunday funday here in downtown Orlando yesterday was Easter Sunday. So why not bring out the bunny outfit? He said he and his friends were bar hopping. They're going from one to the other when he actually saw the an here along the street. He said spit on woman. He said he wasn't going to by. And let that happen on us to spitting on a woman out hopping mad muscle. Sorry. This. Downtown Orlando has seen a lot. But this may be of Hurst. Guy was just basically, I don't know if he was bullying or what? So then I spit on her, and she starts hitting them and everything he gets them laughs, Antoine McDonald and his friends took their traveling bunny suit downtown yesterday, they had just left one bar, and we're about to go into another when he says, he's everything unfold. He tells us he wasn't going in to continue the fight rather. He wanted to break it up. I was just going in to break it up, but he kept hitting or so then that's what I made in my problem. So, you know, start hitting him as well and Arlanda police officer was able to break up the fight. No, one was arrested McDonald and his friends continuing their nights. But with thousands of people watching the video he didn't even know it was taken. I didn't expect it to go that for I was breaking up the fight. And this bunny suit, you guys is kind of sisterhood of the traveling pants Antoine McDonald? Who you just heard there said that everybody was wearing it at night. But it just happened that he was in the costume. When all of that went down. He said after all of that. He would do it all over again. Just just show that disrespecting anybody is unnecessary and will not be tolerated. So we wanna learn more about Antoine McDonald. Who is this guy? We'll share with you where he's from what he's all about coming up tonight at five o'clock, but for now live in downtown Orlando, Vanessa Risa getting results news six. Was going to get less weird after you explained it. I was wrong. We've posted the viral video on click Orlando dot com. You can look inside. Only Orlando Florida cairn guest the rights of Antoine McDonald. Oh black. All right black. Let me take the chat room. Nobody was arrested. So the guys can guess the bunny costume was white. Antoine McDonald Ronald's black cousin who wrote that free freestyle rap suit. Almost all Florida. Okay. He's he's wanted him. I got five on it. Jordan, Peele nigga bunnies. Super bunny to the rescue. That nigga was hopping mad we stand and ask kicking Bundy who don't fuck with domestic violence nigga with heart harder. Go black black black vendor. Black black Thuan. Black as hell black Bundy Cain hair research black as I said black black man bar hopping white people in a white rabbit super nigga bunny black man, oh, y'all went black one hundred seventy I went black and all the all right? Yeah. He was really hitting that due to it wasn't any rabbit punches. I guess he gave a new meaning to the four was flying. Yeah. I'm surprised that evening. Care at all. What happened man messed with the wrong furry one? Good pie care. I don't care. Why he broke his rabbit foot off his ass. You know? Just open those outfits the wrong furry wanted to get deferred. What does it mean to wrong furry one very, you know? No, it's good. He got he got. That's only. Oh, trying to get to the part of video. Like. Interview him like fresh out the hair was it's funny because this video this clearly happens at night. But the interview is in a daytime, and he's still just came down to why I don't know what partying all night now. Yeah. So don't worry guys. He did kill the man, but he was resurrected three days later. So was fine. All right. Let's go to the next one. A woman fans offer three hundred pound half-naked burglary suspect with a baseball bat like that child's like get Chow I hit with a baseball bat jaw gonna put a home run. That was good. She wouldn't about to strike out. Maybe. Maybe he was trying to see if she was a single. She's about the problem with the double all in the news cycle. Rises in happen. Dennis O. Didn't you? Would have had a grand slam. Now for Danny's. All right. Let's get to the news article or window to see a large police say three hundred pound man, pulling on her car door handle this start in the middle Sunday morning. When Clarisse Ganey said that she heard a noise outside her apartment. She peeked out her window to see a large police say three hundred pound man, pulling on Har door handle and knocking on its window attempting to break in all while only wearing his boxers so Akram my bet. I brace myself. Brace myself. Open used and don't open. That's when Gainey says five foot six three hundred pound and Tonio Moseley charged. Her little did he know she was a high school softball player, sixty five year old slugger. I tucked better hit him pie. Oh, that's when police say Moseley ran to a nearby mobile home park leaving behind his jeans shirt and a sock. He was in his he was in his role. Have no shoes on no-shirt a nothing. Please say canine unit tracked Moseley down inside a mobile home with new pants on and cocaine in his pocket officers brought him back to Ganey to identify him. That's him. Right. This game. He got a big nut on aid mostly was booked in townie jail with two charges of burglary and drug possession. If he glad I didn't have known I would've shot him. But if my right here, go. Yeah. Yeah. Care guess to race of MS gamy. I at I think this is the one I've seen Facebook's to come accused myself. Okay. Recruiters? Oursel- chat room. If y'all don't know I guess the race. I asked him out to be black sauve this off as a black, man. Don't take no mess and Pantelis foods black color lick shots off. Black granny dmbc. Knockout black toenail Moseley was on blow blow? Black granny hang a little heavy on the left hand side black. I have no words black best greens and hood. She deadly got that resurrection day black black guys knocked out of the park. She was black. I just I don't know how to show you how to pick out showing the video. I don't know how to get it to go to the spot way just showed her. But she does she is is that work. They had article. I think I've seen this because they had to Facebook and they had with that bad. It was Hon. Larry's so she looked at ass, man. I'm fucking with the wrong one. He didn't know she was a softball. Bob. Like, he didn't know Sienna bat. The peach obey don't worry about it black go Google, y'all seen it all last one. Let's go to the bonus round. And. That's right. Double the points race in round against Ray. So far care and it's two to one in one accuse but going into the bone. She has missed any. Let's see how she does in the double the points race around. I think I'm going to pause here. So we go to next session and don't get cut off. Okay. All right. Let's do this social media entrepreneur facing twenty years in jail for trying to muscle a domain name. No shit. An emerging entrepreneur same only on the fast track for success is now facing twenty years bars after he was convicted of threatening to harm an innocent domain holder for refusing to release the domain we couldn't just make up. Rossy laura. Theo Adams, the second twenty six years old of state snaps was found guilty of charges last week. According to the Justice department stays NASA features videos of women in thongs and bikinis partying it up in college with one point five million viewers followers states, naps urges people to snapshots and post on on the site to the catch under the catchphrase do it for state, according to Washington Post the incident began in June twenty fifteen after Adams went to the cedar. Rapids home of the victim listened in court Fallon's is e d to request that he said the domain name do it for state dot com. Adams own do it for state number four, but not the F O R, but he fell he needed to other name as well. So he found an address for ED through go daddy's listing and showed up uninvited to the domain owners home. Was there? Adam informed, e that he. He wanted to buy the do it for state domain. But he does not fill. From that point on core. Dogma say Adams continued to pressure ED sale the site at one point he said, he was sell it for twenty thousand dollars atoms. That amount was too high. When Adam sent wanna eat ease friends a message with a gun emoji. Prosecutors. Oh, so then he sent a his one of the guys friends who had domain a message with a gun emoji. It may twenty seventeen now two years later Adams went again eighties house when his brother answered the door yet him symbol tainted some simulated punching by punching his fist into his hand before stating I'm hitting two for the name, whatever it takes. I'm not leaving without it. So shout full force in house party. Still being the domain name folly June twenty seventeen to four two years after the start Adams orchestrated an incident at ease house attorney, bloody over fucking domain name. Adams enlisted, the help of his cousins Sherman Hopkins junior of felon to help him get the website domain Adams's charter giving Hopkins stolen gun tasers and written instructors, get E E J. They put on this one, okay? To transfer the domain name into Adams, go daddy account Howkins broken eighties house using pantyhose sunglasses and a hat does your his face. How can how can busted out eighties bedroom door idiot gun point to computer to begin transfer into domain name all while? Pistol whipped him using the threatening the further harm him if he notify police the two may got into tussle e twisted the gun from Hopkins and shot him several times in the chest before calling nine one one. How can survive his injuries, but was charged by police? He was sentenced to twenty years in prison last June at the pleading guilty to one count of interference with commerce by threats of violence. Imagine. What are you aim for? I get get a domain. Do for state, and I don't to state bid nigga like what are you doing? Adams now faces the same then it's plus two two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine at the he was convicted last we can't guess the race of Rossy, Laura. Theo Adams, the second everybody sounds like everybody sounds white to Kamran. Let's check the chat room and see what you guys believe dude, bro. White cue. What white nonesense is this me only a white mic and make virtual colonizer real life, violent white when the title goes wrong white. Why why why dot com on everything Columbus as white black went three times this sum whiteness eighties B-movie movie? Why why? So let's everybody went. Well, why on this on this for one person and everybody is? Absolutely wrong. He's black. Demand. Recount what's happening here for the one person that got it, right? You get the gawk clap because nobody else thought as she coming. Laura, THEO Adams, the second guess, Laura THEO could have been a giveaway, but I thought it was like some Greek she knows over domain name domain name. Dow domain thugging roll up on their ACT p bitch. You put shit in Mark go daddy account. I know that much from put the put chopper to your s and it's a lot of pressure. Ova domain. They found as we put on that day gas over domains now Pistole living, right one point five million followers, anywhere. Fall that FAM. I'm sorry. All right. Let's get outta here was from sore ratchet nece. A brainer. Demane threatens victim sword. According to the criminal complaint brain, a police a card at one twenty two pm February sixteen to an apartment in Brainerd regarding the disturbance at twenty known men. The victim stated store say that had head buddy him never introduced store stab before. This. What is happening? When you buy editors and talk to the victim who play he was standing in the kitchen when he stores that got into arguments stores dad, then struck the victim's face with his forehead store, then withdrew soared from a sheaf. That was near the kitchen. The victim stated he put himself on his pocket walk toward the bathroom and shut the door store staff following what the source state, and if you call the cops out kill you. I mean, you gotta sword. And I mean feels like I need to call them. Either way. Why in the bathroom the victim armed force in the stores that Amelie began to calm down stores that has multiple prior convictions for domestic violence between fifteen another makeup terroristic threats in two thousand ten. He's also charge anywhere. Twenty eight felony domestic assault owed the traffic, according to court records. This incident involved the same victim when the to physically fighting the complaint stay store stat plus multiple times and head also kicked him a few times February twentieth stores dad was released from the crow wing county jail and must not leave. Stay possess any firearms. Every nations have contact with the victim any alcohol drugs must make future court. Here's they didn't even say couldn't have a sore. Did y'all notice that? Right. Everything else. They'll have a gun, but you can still have a sore drugs. He's he's in your custody because of the sword. We don't take seriously. And it's no we don't our guys. We'll be back Wednesday. We are doing our game of thrones. We cat with Djamil hill. Tomorrow. We may or may not have show. We're going to be a guest on another podcast. And depending on the timing of that depends on right? Whether or not we do a show tomorrow. So until then I love you. I love you too.

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