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"C. Safeway or yes we can is a rallying cry for justice freedom and dignity that was born from the heart and mind of civil rights revolutionary. Dolores wet the chant of Si Se. Puede his been taken up by many movements. From Barack Obama's two thousand eight presidential campaign to the fight for climate justice to the continued struggle for workers rights to Spain's anti austerity campaigns of 2019. Martin Luther King Junior said that the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice we all know that it only bends towards justice because of individuals willing to put themselves on the front lines of the Civil Rights Struggle Laura Sweater who turned ninety on April tenth. Twenty twenty has never left the front lines. She's a force of nature that has transformed the lives of those who grow and harvest the food that sustains each of us creating the phone welcome movement with Cesar Chavez she is the mother of the modern labor movement also came up with the idea that consumers have the power to shape and push industries like great growers to improve farm worker conditions. She then that. Labor negotiations to memorialize will can benefit in the nation's first of their kind collective bargaining agreements. Deloris is a fearless and incredibly effective advocate legislation. She championed the landmark building nineteen sixty to allow people to take the California driver's examination in Spanish. And and she's never stopped last year. She helped enact leads to create California's Fund for safe and affordable drinking water Quetta who describes himself as a born again feminists consciously incorporated feminism into her fight for workers rights and push Gloria Steinem and the one thousand nine hundred sixty s to expand the feminist movement to include issues of race thereby helping make feminism and Movement for all women not just white women from the beginning. Dolores wet has also been an environmental champion fighting to protect workers from harmful pesticides sanding shoulder to shoulder with native Americans at Standing Rock and picking up litter after every rally she led. I Talk About a fiftieth anniversary with my hero and living legend Dolores Wetter Kelly. Working Fourteen hour days with Heff Foundation to make sure farmwork has have access to protective equipment food and benefits during this pandemic. And if you thought you knew everything about Delores also talk about why she loves burning man. Dolores where are you right now all right now? I'm in the belly of the beast. I'm in Bakersfield California Bakersfield and all of Kern county. You are going through really rough times right now. Dolores is a lot of people that have been laid off. I think it's over a thousand oil workers that have been laid off. One of the company is completely. Shut Down Lager. People EARN EMPLOYEES CIVILLY TRAGIC. But we know at the same time. And that's why we see that our air is a little cleaner a usually here in Kern county. We are women the worst areas of pollution for air pollution in the country. And we know that that air pollution really affects not only the physical health especially if the children but also the mental health of children. Here we have Not only to freeways that can make your highway ninety nine and highway five of but then we have all of the pollution that comes from the Agricultural Industry Caesar industrial growers that have not really converted their tractors They're so easy in a lot of diesel. It's a big struggle and when you try to bring to the attention they consider this to be an attack instead of thinking. Okay what do we have to do to make them more economically friendly jobs for people so these are the challenges that we have ahead of us as we try to convert all of the fossil fuel industries into industries. That are more friendly for everybody. So deloris in the late fifties and sixties when you have founding the farmworker movement and and really bringing those issues to the full when whether environmental issues like drinking water and air quality and pesticide runoff. How did those issues fest? Come to your attention right at the beginning at the very beginning you know. I grew up in Stockton California which is also like a cultural area. I was in a field in. I see this what I thought was fog rolling in but I thought how can you have fog in the summertime? Well it was a pesticide residue. That was rolling in. That was one of the first things that farmer who's complained about about the effects of Pesticides. And so we had so many cases of pesticide poisonings. Sometimes Terry crews like thirty. Forty people would been poisoned at the same time. How can this happen? Slow regard for the health farm workers so one of the first contracts that I signed a day. Employers tell exactly how many pesticides they were going to spray and where they were going to be spread out and then we passed legislation to make sure that the appeals are posted of when they sprayed some of these dangerous pesticides and then we work very very hard to get some of these dangerous pesticides restricted and banned forever and unfortunately a lot of pesticides we had because like Didi they were then shipped to Mexico to Latin American countries. And so here but we had all of these farmers could children that. Were being bored with these horrible deformities being born without arms without legs so horrific here you had children in Mexico and parts of Latin America. That were having exactly the same type of affection disabilities that were coming from pesticides

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