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"laura simpson dolar" Discussed on This Week in Tech

"I'm saying maybe a little more Couple stories before we go and thank you all for being with us And thank you panelists for being with us One-storey before we go a harry. An are residents of the bay area. I just wanted to point out this story in the new york times this week. Headlined tech workers who swore off the bay area are coming back. Anybody who has been in the bay area or san francisco or anywhere in the surrounding for any amount of time remembers. How many they actually they remember when they lose track of how many times the bay area in san francisco is declared dead. I have lost track. It happened when i moved here in the early nineties. It happened in the late nineties during the dot. Com crash happened in the late. Two thousands during the financial crisis. It happened again during the idea that everybody's leaving the bay area and everybody's leaving san francisco and they'll never come back and everybody who's here goes Probably not and then when you set your watch wait for it. Wait for it. Oh here's the piece about how they're not actually leaving or if they did leave. They're coming back. I you know. I don't really have a lot to say about this other than it always happens like this. This is just how it is. This is san francisco is a city and this is a region founded on the gold rush People russian to get rich and some of them stay and some of them go and it's kind of a weird place but there's value to be here and so every time i'm just saying if you see san francisco declared dead again take the under. It's probably not going to happen. And some of the people who did move like move to san jose if your new home is forty five minutes away from your old one you really have not made a big life change A lot of the people move to To to reno or or truckee which is right on the nevada border which is not quite the same or having a vacation house up there and relocating temporarily like it's not california's a big place to so people can relocate out of the city centre to a place where maybe they can afford a house Which they've been doing for many years since time and memorial know tons of people have moved up to truckee tahoe. That's that's not a nutrient. So i'm just saying San francisco's never over. It's just never over. Everybody will always think it's over. It's never over. It always comes back. It always will. It changes all the time and people do leave but new people come and that's just how it is so anyway Really a dog bites man kind of story. The tech workers are back and finally last story. My friend glenn fleishman is Really interested in lots of quirky things including old type. He recently bought a replica of gutenberg. Bible it's glenn you if you know you know you get it but this story is so good and i wanted to point out to people. It's a story from antigone. Journal dot com. It is called. Laura epsom filler. Fail killer tale if you've ever done any desktop publishing or seen weird things post on the internet that don't make any sense you might wonder. What is lauren epsom. Dole or sit on it this strange. Latin ish text isn't quite right for latin. Where did it come from. Why is it here. Well this story tells all and the story is really pretty great because it turns out. They're also great pictures of like Bags of food packaging. That never got. The actual tax law is filler text when the regular text isn't ready so you have a bag. That's food and drink. Laura simpson dolar. Saddam it sounds great family special laura some dolar saddam it the idea there. Is you replace that with the real text later. Sometimes people forget but it's a great way for designers to maka page and see what it looks like taipan. This story though is amazing because it finds that this particular order of latin occurred in a very particular book that was an addition of cicero that was published in the early twentieth century that that was widely distributed. And probably somebody somewhere in the late sixties because that's what originated. It is not from time immemorial it is not from the time of the romans and does not from the time of gutenberg. It's from the late sixties. Somebody was like oh we should probably have some fake texts to put in there just in case and they picked up a used copy of this latin by cicero and they dumped it in there and then changed it. The other great part of the story changed it to add some more english issue punctuation and word endings so that anybody knows latin looks up and goes. This isn't latin. This doesn't make any sense. And they found the actual literal page number in the cicero Book the in this particular edition that contains the source text. And there's actually a sort of a second page a little later that they kind of glommed. I i love this stuff. They're like like the fact that somebody on the internet went to the trouble to find out the origin of laura epsom text. Boy it gives talk about our first segment. This is what gives me hope for humanity that this kind of this kind of stuff is going on. That's great company. That did was lecherous at which some of us get nostalgic about because they made these sheets of rub on letters which before desktop publishing richard useful Yeah and so. They needed some some greek texts. We call it. Greek text even though it looks latin. The idea of filler tax now modern modern journalism students in the like no that we generally use things that are misspelled words so that our spelling checkers. Catch them things like. Tk you see that. A lot or lead spelled led or deck spelled d. e. k. Or other words that are should be real words but they're misspelled so that everybody knows that's not right. You shouldn't put that in the newspaper tomorrow. You shouldn't post that on the website but back in the day letter set needed some sort of generic text and anybody who knows what is. It's just like i feel like this is such a great origin story. I assume that this was an ancient printing practice into. That's the late sixties in london. Hope i remember. I took a. I took latin as my as my language in high school..

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