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"laura  lar" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

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"laura lar" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"Spotify audible and yes apple podcasts. All right so that is the main events arrest of the main car for ballots are neiman gracie as back taking mark lemon jer. That is the co main event alejandro. Lara's back taking on dna bennett. Who missed wade today. saw rogers pounds georgie carquinez. Take on rogers. That's a fun fight. And then the main card open up. With ben paris taking on john jones protege christian edwards who has a lot of potential at five dollars student is an explosive explosive individuals. So a lot of a lot of debut fighters a lot of fighters wanna know owen to the prelims. Some fresh meat so to speak. And then we Experience gets a little bit bitter bigger and bigger and better on the way up the main card so any other bella tour fight standouts you. They just like oh forget the ufc. I'm watching that fight. If i'd go that far we have a gracie popping up we have holland holland gracie will be on the prelims. I think is you his debut. Not miss. I'm pretty sure he's he's not as pro debut abilities beltway. Dsm yeah. He hasn't fought in fourteen years. Yeah well so young. He's only thirty four okay so interesting so apparently tried to have made things sometime ago and guess it didn't work out you can always you can always go home again as it were but yeah i mean. I'm very excited. Of course one hundred and deanna benefits ashamed. That bennett did this weight. And by such a such a pretty wide amount But putting that aside for now really nice competitive fight I think law. I still see lara. Someone who can be like. I know she's had her shot at the flyweight title. She's i think she's still developing. I think this could be a future. Champion is someone who like. She's had her shots. She's been pushed pretty hard by belts. Were already but i think he sticks with it. She has the kind of like skill set and confidential to make it and certainly the charisma that bells who wants a champion someone that they would want to push to the top so Really looking forward to that by indiana. Ben it's always fun to watch so again. It's a shame she missed weight. But that's that's definitely the the other standout fight on the main card sarah. What's what's your eye on spelter card. I mean again i. I actually don't know a lot of these names especially unlike the lower the card. But i really enjoy watching. Lara fight I'm always of course drawn towards watching females fight. I'm invested in it even if it's not my weight class. I thoroughly enjoy laura. I think that she's pretty smooth to watch. You can see that she's improving. She's growing and she's so changing as a fighter bennett while she's fun to watch. I mean she's missed weight quite a few times for different fights and i feel like i'm always know struggling making weight Not really finding class. That seems appropriate for her. She's not that big but now that she can you know she's missing for twenty five. I'm surprised by that so I don't really know what goes on in her campaign behind the scenes But i do think that that this fight potentially could be a tough fight for her casey. You got a wildcard delatour. Fight the canadians Laura lar lar lar. She's a joy to watch and she just has christmas. She's improving She's had some losses but she's she's also very good fighters he doesn't know so i just i kind of i the and i as much as i want to fight. She's had some kind of stinker fights very nice person great personality. But it doesn't really kinda come off intellectual fights so I'm hoping this is going to be an exciting fight The davos these ladies get to show off their whole skill set but i think this is Lars time they really shine and Yeah i like. I like lar. She's She's she's awesome car. Connie and roger should be fun. Rogers one of the more interesting stories and mma after some throw a little spotlight mark. Lemon jer interesting. I forgot about not smoking. Ultra seems to like them new to a new deal. He beat the breaks out of damarcus johnson and his last fight or demarcus jackson But the two prior fights that he had were to champion. Yaroslav amazon and fought julia willis who are two very tough out. it's This stage in their careers especially amazon. Who's not the champion Given them neiman gracie so clearly ballatore wants to do something with him. But it's up to him to to get over that hump and you beat new neiman gracie's got a good chance to do that. One hundred seventy pounds. That should be an interesting fight because lemons very good very good wrestler is good on the ground but neiman gracie. That's his world so can limit your sit. There and use a striking to his advantage can gracie do what he needs to do. That is a that is an interesting fight as well so but to be clear for the return home good main event. It's not the best offering belts are gonna put together here. It just isn't no. This is This this i was kinda surprised. When i found out this in san jose. I i figure if you're going back to san jose is going to be a crowd they're going to. I don't know you but some names on there But it's an it's an okay card. I think top to bottom. You've sees clearly a better card. But this is definitely fights to watch on speller card for sure and i think this bill to a card because like we said there's sort of a lot of less experienced fighters like an old delatour card where like the prelims are very regional. And i think you're gonna it means you're going to see some finishes. I think you'll see a lot of finishes. i know. People sort of equate that with what makes setting card cardis finishes which i don't always agree with but when you have one in one guys facing owen one guys and owen. Oh facing ono. You're usually going to see some sort of wacky nece and that that might be good for the live crowd. The live crowd will certainly be happy. I'm not how how the interest will be from people like tuning in you know online or e live happy. It'd be some you finish than the car v. gitane enough. So i'm looking at this whole thing with rose colored glasses as you should ak rather prince positively after all we do ak you know well you know So again for for those. Who are watching this after the facts. Which all of you now. Who tried to watch us the stream earlier apologies for the technical difficulties casey. The man the myth the legend got it. All put up and taking care of on the podcast number two as well Anything else wanted to discuss casey. You wanna wanna lead us in. Get ready to lead us out of here. Why is that canadian. Not farting in the ultimate fighting championship. She is a premier hundred and thirty five pound fighter. The uc is desperate for one hundred and thirty five pound contenders. She has not bought a manu. This she has not fought arena donna. There's all the names of the top of the list in the in the ufc that she has not fought. They need strong quality opponents. Like sarah i don't get it. Maybe they're scared. they're scared. maybe. Maybe i don't know what's going on. I don't know what's going on. Let's arena donald. She just lost her opponent right. She's gdr gr had pulled up energy and energy injury energy energy injury. Hula serious pull out any energy. And i mean come on when rhonda rousey within the bantamweight division like it was like man. I was all about it as soon as she left as like. Yeah i get. I get him in. The news is on a great role. She's go yada yada yada but the ufc hasn't built up that built up that way class. And you have a woman right here. Who will be rate opponent for any of those women at the top actually has been one of like incest. You all they keep the top names. Keep fighting each other alec okay. What matchup hasn't like number two in the top sides versus bring in those other talents and lose names haven't really changed the fact that mijas back i.

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