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"laura kittel" Discussed on The Times: Daily news from the L.A. Times

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"laura kittel" Discussed on The Times: Daily news from the L.A. Times

"Well, now that we've talked about the real love story of this series, let's talk about Issa and Lawrence now. I have to tell you, I really did want them to get back together, but I also realize that they weren't good for each other up until that point, where you conflicted about having them get back together. Hell, yes, I was conflicted. At the beginning of the season, to be honest, you know, it goes back to when season four episode 8 aired. I was thrilled that people loved it but I had this, oh my God, at the pit of my stomach, I was like, oh my God, people are so happy for them and they have no idea what's coming. We are about to devastate this. Like with this new thing I'm working on. It's me creating happiness for myself. I think. I like you like this. Like what? Like this is new. Keep it up. It's a good look. Okay, all right. And I didn't realize how exciting people would be to see ESM orange reunite. And even me, I was like, oh man, this did end up being, you know, a really beautiful episode. Thank you Natasha Rothwell. So he got a baby, absolutely not. And thinking about, you know, just my own feelings and putting myself in her shoes and being protective of her, I thought that, you know, she made the right decision. And I still stand by the fact that she made the right decision to break up with him. I just had to tell you. So, this means you're getting back with her. No. No. I told you, I want to be with you. But you're having a baby with someone else. But I didn't plan this. I don't. I don't want this to happen. And, you know, we had different endings in mind and as the season progressed, and I became ECD. You know, it's one thing to write for her and then to become her. You know, I found myself missing him and I found that in a sense we were denying Issa her happiness. You know, one of our writers, Laura Kittel was just like, you know, with that episode, we basically said that they're soul mates. And to deny Issa her soulmate is, in a sense, denying her her happiness. And I think they needed that time. To grow apart, Lawrence for sure needed that time to reconcile his relationship with canola and to see the blessing that Elijah was in his life and to grow on his own. And I think separately, as they had done before, they became ready for one another and I think so much of the themes of the last couple of seasons have been that happiness is a choice. And Issa daring to be happy with Lawrence felt fitting to me. But it was a journey. We both went on journeys. Happy birthday. Thank you. Hey, John. Oh, is this for me? He wanted to decorate. That right there says Issa. Doesn't. It could. Thanks, John. There we go. Was there the scenario where she ends up with Nathan? There was a scenario where she ended up with Nathan and then there was a scenario where she came home and you heard a voice that you didn't know who it was. That would have killed me not knowing. I would have been like, no, I need to know. Yeah. Well, as someone who spends the moments after each episode curled up with a Twitter comments about it, people have intense feelings about their relationship as I'm sure you know all too well. Has it surprised you? How strongly people feel about this dynamic? I mean, yeah, it's surprises me, but it doesn't surprise me. People project so much of their own feelings onto these characters, which is part of what makes the show what it is. And I, you know, princess and I and the writers have discussed at length, you know, how much we know people are going to have so much to say about this decisions and you know, they always have, but at the end of the day, if you went with best for these characters, these characters have chosen what's best for themselves and you can only be happy for them. Well, to get back to your point about Isa choosing to be happy and daring to be happy. Her ending is really hopeful, you know? She's experiencing success in her career, her friendships, her love life. She's feeling better about herself worth.

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