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"laura kelly governor" Discussed on KPCC

"Staff is disbursed many of us are working from home to bring you morning edition so we understand that loneliness and social isolation are very real concerns but we will be right here to keep you informed and to keep you company we're not going anywhere stay connected with morning edition from NPR news weekday mornings on eighty nine point three KPCC this is one day and Sasha and Simon's in Washington the nation's governors and mayors are proceeding with their own plans for how communities will re open public life no matter what the president says about who has authority governors are forming a multi state regional committees and coalitions to explore how and when to lift restrictions once the crisis stabilizes some states like Oregon are being cautious and incremental other states like Mississippi might soon prepare to lift restrictions in a moment we'll talk to the democratic governor of Kansas Laura Kelly about plans for re opening her state and leading her divided government in a time of national emergency later in the hour we'll check in with business owners around the country to see if they're getting the aid they need to survive this economic crisis will focus on one block in Denver Colorado that's home to fourteen businesses each is coping and a different way we'll also learn how businesses in Detroit are finding ways to stay afloat but first governor Laura Kelly of Kansas on how her state is dealing with the pandemic governor Kelly thanks for joining us today I'm delighted to be with you governor more than fourteen hundred covert nineteen cases have been reported in your state and at least sixty nine deaths Kansas was one of the first states to shut down schools for the rest of the school year and you also ordered a state wide state home order can you tell me are those efforts having any impact on the number of cases and deaths there well we're sure that they are in fact there been studies done that that showed that the states that closed down the schools the earliest and we we were the first to close it down for the entire school year that that those states were able to really bend the curve flatten the curve and so I think that's why we haven't seen these huge spikes you know yes we have an increasing cases and yes we have way too many deaths but I think it would have been far worse if we had not taken aggressive action early do you think you acted early enough on measures aimed at stopping the spread of this thing well we acted as soon as it was very apparent to us that this was going to be a problem you know we were watching not only New York but we're actually going back and and you know recognizing even when things were happening overseas in China and in Italy and Spain and so we we got our ducks in a row and implemented as quickly as we possibly could so where's your thinking right now when it comes to re opening Kansas what time line do you have in mind or any certain criteria for when you would allow schools and non essential businesses to re open we originally issued the stay home order effective until April nineteenth at that's coming up on us this Sunday my expectation is that we will extend that and then in the meantime we are working with some of our neighbors just yesterday I was on the phone with mayors in the Kansas city metropolitan area and also the governor of Missouri's office later today I'll be on the phone with a governor Poloz from Colorado and we will be working together to form a strategy for a re opening in our region and in our individual states well speaking of your neighbors you know what do you make of governors in nearby states like Arkansas and Oklahoma and Nebraska who haven't yet ordered statewide shutdowns despite the pleas from public health officials do you feel like this puts your state citizens at greater risk well I think it would have been a good idea for everybody to do some stay at home orders you know at this point I am not I don't want to be critical of my neighboring governors but I will work with those who felt the same thing I did that there was a need to to do the stay at home orders of the need to impose the social distancing and limit the size of gatherings it will all work with them as we are trying to return to normal we've got a tweet here from Katie she says tell governor Kelly thanks please I'm on furlough from my job in Wichita and receiving unemployment it has been difficult filing my weekly claim but I've been receiving my check in my bank account at the end of every week your response governor well I'm so glad for Katie we are having a lot of trouble with our unemployment system you know we've got eight forty forty five year old system in place that we were in the midst of modernizing when this hit so we had to put the brakes on that and deal with the old system that we've got it should have been replaced a long time ago I've got the best computer mines in the state all working on the problem right now and I'm hoping that we will be able to come to some resolution and be able to process claims in a much more timely fashion in the meantime we're doing everything we can bringing on additional staff for extending the time that the phone lines are open in trying to beef up their website so that we can handle the the volume I think even if we'd had a state of the art system in place is the volume would have overwhelmed it to just not to the degree that it is overwhelmed are antiquated system we're talking with Laura Kelly the democratic governor of Kansas what's your response to president trump's statements this week about governors and who has authority to re open on Monday trump said he had total authority over when states will re open and then he backtracked yesterday saying states have control your response well you know we've been living under the DA the initial of words from from the president that the you know the governors are sort of on their own here and so we have taken the initiative in in every way shape and form and we will continue to do that I think of the governors do know better then the feds to what what's what life is like here on the ground it's different regionally so I think it makes a lot of sense for governors in various regions to work together and come up with a strategy that that to deals with the issues in their region of so I thought I'd I don't believe that the president has that authority nor should do I think you should exercise if you did I think this is something to leave to the governors when I make sure I mentioned you won a court victory this weekend in your efforts to mitigate the spread of covert nineteen last week G. O. P. controlled legislative council voted to override your executive order limiting the size of religious gatherings and in response used to the Legislative Council state supreme court then ruled in your favor on Saturday right before Easter Sunday governor you know what do you say to your constituents who agree with the Republican led legislative council's move to veto your order saying that it was an infringement on religious freedom well it it had absolutely nothing to do with religious freedom it had everything to do with the health and safety of Kansans and I believe that to be a forty four states when they re impose the stay at home order or mass gathering restrictions applied that churches we did not initially do that but when it became evident that some of the clusters of coronavirus worker in a because of church gatherings we decided that we needed to go ahead and do that to to protect the health and safety of those cancers also that's why we did had absolutely nothing to do with the first amendment nothing to do with religious freedom are you getting enough support from the White House in the federal government and in terms of getting medical supplies and and even financial assistance for people in your state who have lost their job well on the first issue of medical supplies the answer's no you know we we did get our ninety percent of the strategic stockpile okay man that's all been distributed out to our counties that's very different than what FEMA should be providing force you know in the in a situation like this a female ought to be the only customer you know trying to fight in ninety five masks and test kits in gowns and everything else and then ought to be distributing that to the states that's how disasters work in this case they decided not to do it that way we have put in seven orders now to FEMA we have gotten absolutely no shipment you know we along with every other state have been set up in competition with one another and with FEMA so that year when we're trying even to buy off in the private sector we're we're putting in orders and those orders are being redirected elsewhere so we're having a lot of trouble getting that we were really turning to our own industries here in the state and some volunteer groups that have come up with ways to to start making some supplies we were in desperate need of swabs for instance tell me about the financial assistance what do you still need well we have you know the the money has not come down yet we expect it will shortly and we're setting up a task force to implement the allocation of that I I expect now they've done the stimulus three I expect that there will be a stimulus for and there needs to be because there are a great number of needs here at the state level yeah I've been speaking with Kansas governor Laura Kelly governor Kelly thanks so much for joining us thank you very much take care coming up we had to Denver and then Detroit we'll talk to business owners about the impact of stay at home orders nearly a month on obsession and Simons you're listening to one day from W. M. U. and NPR Linda in Wichita Kansas we thank governor Laura Kelly for the fact that she did implement the stand alone more than she did we we turned on the twenty fourth of March from a cruise and we went into self quarantine which was very difficult for my husband and even as we talk with friends as we have all of the understand home order which we so appreciate I've had to explain to them multiple times about how the virus is transmitted and how we or they can be contagious and not know it so thank you very much I think we've saved a lot of lives kept a lot.

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